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Time??? I am no longer sure of time.. Distance, speed, and time all seem a little surreal these days.. Calculate speed, distance or time using the formula d = st, distance equals speed times time. Time can be entered or solved for in units of secondes (s), minutes (min), hours (hr), or hours and minutes and seconds (hh:mm:ss). What seems like a billion or more years..

When you realize the government that supposedly put a man on the moon. Lost the position of the earth in space.. That awkward moment in time.. https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1267172552548528128?focusedCommentUrn=urn:comment:1267172552548528128:1297558295699001358:0:0:1297566528647991298 Seems odd. But what is the real distance to the center of the galaxy? Is it 1985 reference of 27,700 light years? Or 1990 reference of 30,000 light years? Or 2002 reference to 25,000 light years? It is only a small subset change they cry. 2300 light years?? Please folks - one light year - equates to 6,000,000,000,000 miles.. and 2,000 of would mean 12,000,000,000,000,000 (For most space objects, we use light-years to describe their distance. A light-year is the distance light travels in one Earth year. One light-year is about 6 trillion miles (9 trillion km). That is a 6 with 12 zeros behind it! https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/light-year/en/) So for us to move from 30,000 to 27000 to 25000 light years away from the center of the galaxy would mean we traveled back in time.. What? Well in out life time we should move a total of 0.2 light years in an average 66 years.. and moving 2000 to 3000 to 5000 light years means we moved back in time..


n a matter of weeks went from 750 light years to the nearest black hole ie nebulas are black holes folks.. to 655 light years.. that on an average life span of 66 years I am only to travel 0.2 light years.. and I have traveled 100 light years in the past few weeks is a marvel.. The Helix Nebula is a planetary nebula located in the constellation Aquarius. Discovered by Karl Ludwig Harding, probably before 1824, this object is one of the closest to the Earth of all the bright planetary nebulae. The distance, measured by the Gaia mission, is 655±13 light-years

The Helix Nebula is a planetary nebula located in the constellation Aquarius. Discovered by Karl Ludwig Harding, probably before 1824, this object is one of the closest to the Earth of all the bright planetary nebulae. The distance, measured by the Gaia mission, is 655±13 light-years



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The center of the galaxy is about 27,000 light years that way, and the edge of the galaxy is about the same distance that way. https://phys.org/news/2014-02-earth-galaxy.html

Really? SO that statement makes diameter 108,000 light years across or 27,000 from center to where earth is supposedly at another 27,000 to the edge 54,000 and figuring symmetrical 108,000 light year galaxy not 100,000 but wait

It is 8,122 ± 31 parsecs (26,490 ± 100 ly) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galactic_Center

What is the real distance of 1 that is ONE light year?

distance that light travels in vacuum in a second is

= 3 * (10^8) meters (approximately)

1 year

= 365 * 24 * 60 * 60 seconds

= 31, 536, 000 seconds

therefore distance that light travels in 1 year will be

= 3 * (10^8) * 3, 15, 36, 000 meters

= 94, 608, 000 * (10^8) meters

= 9.461 * (10^15) meters

= 9.461 * (10^12) kilometers

FOR those that into big numbers

9.46 trillion kilometres (9.46 x 1012 km) or 5.88 trillion miles (5.88 x 1012 mi)


1 light-year = 9460730472580800 metres (exactly)

≈ 9.461 petametres

≈ 9.461 trillion kilometres

≈ 5.878625 trillion miles

≈ 63241.077 astronomical units

≈ 0.306601 parsecs

SO being off by a factor of 1 light year is a long long long way off. To be off by 20,000 in size of the galaxy or more makes the question does anyone really know where earth is in the universe a really really big question.

I mean just one light year is a bit off, but to be off by 100, 200, 300, or 20,000 light years means Space Force might not hit their target if fighting anything within the realm of this reality.




Disturb us, Lord, when we are too well pleased with ourselves, When our dreams have come true Because we have dreamed too little, When we arrived safely Because we sailed too close to the shore. Disturb us, Lord, when With the abundance of things we possess We have lost our thirst For the waters of life; Having fallen in love with life, We have ceased to dream of eternity And in our efforts to build a new earth, We have allowed our vision Of the new Heaven to dim. Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly, To venture on wider seas Where storms will show Your mastery; Where losing sight of land, We shall find the stars. We ask You to push back The horizons of our hopes; And to push into the future In strength, courage, hope, and love. (attributed to Sir Francis Drake -1577)




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Speculation on Mandela effect- the dead are reanimated to bring back stolen souls that already went through tehir personal hell.

To help you understand. Mirror realities?

Think of a reality where your soul was stolen.

Then you lived in a reality according to Montauk Project when I started listening no one got into heaven.

Think at one time your soul was to get into heaven.

Then you lived in what is close to hell for so many years.

You died or dying.

You are experiencing the last 10 minutes of life.

Your mind is taking your soul back to your body.

For a day of judgment.

For a time of judgment.

What happens to those that die along this trip?

That is the issue with Drakes equation 10 to power of 200

Earths were made by God

And I have heard enough of how they die to realize that there are more earth and realities from where MacAuthor nuked Korea in 1950s

To where JFK told people in Texas after his visit to NASA that US has been contacted by aliens

For some hell for some vomited back to redo this again

For some heaven for a time

The issue seems this is a matrix a game

And as a game piece you will be judged in the end. Seem sad.

I would have played a much better game of life.

I think I tried however I fear I failed.

the sound you hear is the plates of or mirrors that between teh sun and earth. The reality is reanimated for a time. Meaning your body here is not the same as yesterday. Nor are the souls of the people you deal with. That is about all I can say. Time is a question of my mind?

I wonder about my mind?

Memories of wandering different realities.

Eternity stuck in the mirror worlds.

time is not on my side.

I watch worlds die and wonder.

Memories of hate and vengeance are not cleared up

Eternity is wild watching evil yet again

And no one seems to fight back


Dares? Sure, I can dare you. I take the dare almost every day since I awoke that day in 2016. Why? I expect like many people you are not from here. And if you are not from here and I am not from here. We have different stories to tell. Dare you tell me your story? I can tell you mine. I ain’t from here. That got me a trip to the shrink. Who stated I was living past lives. He wanted me to waste time with him. Scheduling me for one appointment after another. If you have read me, I dislike wasting time. So after the fourth appointment I proved to him he was dead. Kind of sad. But a truth. There were reason people did not dare me to do things in my reality. So you want to take a dare.. Fine, I dare you to take my test. And if you pass congratulations, you are from here. And if you do not pass? Well, we be traveling spirits to a dead past that died so many years ago that no one knows or. ANd here is the kicker for me. In a closed time curved loop, this reality just happened a moment ago to catch me to write this absurd story to you.

What color is the sun? White, Yellow, Green, Blue?

How close is earth to the center of the galaxy?

How old is the earth?

How old is the universe?

Big Bang song is it 13 or 14 billion years or million years or thousand years?

Jiff or Jiffy Peanut Butter?

Captain Crunch or Capt’n Crunch?

Abe Lincoln was a senator or just representative?

Japan is off the coast of China or Korea?

JC Penny or JC Penney is the name of the story?

Sketcher or Sketcher the brand of shoe?

Vote on the second Tuesday of November or the First Monday of November?

How many states are in the United States?

Russia has already told US that if attacked they will use nuclear weapons as a defense strategy.

North Korea was given two EMP satellites from Russia in the 1990s that hang over Atlanta, Georgia, and California.

Biden was arrested for trying to visit Mandela.

Trump said lets vote day after Thanksgiving.

Obama says there are 58 states in the United States.

Bush Jr says that Mandela was killed by Saddam.

And is it Sadam, or Saddam? Where was he captured? Was he hung or firing squad and what prediction did he state to the president when he was about to die. I know. Do you?

Dares are something for me. Dare I tell you more? That your world died a long time ago? How could I prove that to my shrink? Oh, I can listen and learn. And? Most dead people want to get something off their chest and they talk and talk and talk. And? Thus in one reality they will tell you one thing and in another reality that is their secret and in a third reality not a big deal to go into that secret and in a fourth reality?

You decide to tell the shrink his secret and diagnosis him and he does not like that. Not many people do. To be toyed with? Not really toying. Just annoyed that no one dares to talk with me these days about their personal lives. Their stories. Why? The first time a story is told is something new. A second time something changes you wonder why and third time with detailed questioning you can find out that the dare you took in the first place was something you either should or should not have done.

The dares of late?

Read what is in your vaccines.

Several of the elements I knew were outlawed in my reality, and here they put them.

Why? I suppose Revelation 6 plague and death would be my speculation.

The same with the coming wars with China, Russia, Turkey. All pre-planned in an attempt to change reality of these worlds. Why?

Who knows man’s reasoning for wanting to escape fate. Personally was not much of a pirate or rebel. I was more into thinking and wondering why fate was fickle. And now? I realize that fate is real and that to escape fate is not the best desire in my good nature of surviving. what do I mean? I have heard of the stories where and what happens when they nuked Hawaii in December 2017 plus or minus moments or billions of years ago in a closed time curved looped.

Dares? Did I take dares in my reality? Not at all. You see in my reality fate is real. What does that mean? Chaos or chance is not fickle or real. Meaning? Everything I did or do was written down and someone is reading it to me and I or you are doing exactly what we are told to do. So daring you to do something is like pre-arranged story telling and? Nothing is new under the sun. Dare me to answer how did they do this?

Simple. In my reality the galaxy spun much faster than here. How much faster one cycle of the galaxy was 1,000 years and on the outside of the galaxy it was much more faster. Here? They say 230 to 250 million years earth travels around the black hole. And in my reality?

That is the funny part of my galaxy was much larger 377,000 light years and? We had theories of black holes because we could make them in labs. However, in all the telescopes and all the math equations we had there not one single black hole was discovered. Why? Probably because we were going to hit the galaxy sooner by billions of years and they meaning black holes had dissipated.

Dare I go on? How about you comment below your test scores and tell me are you from here or not? Dare I tell you of the worlds I have seen or stories I know? How about we exchange one for one. After a while you might find out something new. I dare you.



Poetry Time Travel acrostic

Time Travel is something to think about these days?

Indeed, that light can be bent from the future to a past has already been proven in labs too.

Memories of me being elsewhere is something too.

Eternity seems like I was born on Sagittarius.

Time traveling from elsewhere, I suppose there and back again a story from Sagittarius .

Reality, passing through Pegasus, Orion's arm, Orion's spur, now to Orion nebula.

A time traveler has issues with reality times.

Vivid lives with other people, places, and now searching did they ever really exist in these times?

Eternity, a question on my mind as a time traveler these days.

Living, loving, and realizing that I am not real is much wilder for me to believe these days.


https://www.andersoninstitute.com/.../Closed_timelike... traveling man stuck in a loop or waiting for his body to be back his body for the day of judgment hell is real. that much I know. Will I really see a heaven? Well waiting 4.5 billion years seems like a long time. https://www.minds.com/.../to-watch-the-walking-tree-and...

Into space was light multiple by time quiet. Not many people ever listened to the person, to begin with. His statements were based on reality fact checked with WikiLeaks. His bazaar hatred for the current presidential candidate was based on facts that she stole money used it for terrorism and he was left without a job for two months because she was an unethical liar who was stealing the election from another senator. His grief was total. He worked his butt off by Facebooking, writing people, and messaging them to vote Bernie. He even went as far changing his party to vote primaries for Bernie. For what purpose? After the election, he was attacked by Snowflakes. Calling him an ass. Why? Because they hadn't a clue who he was or what he stood for. Even after writing letters online to Senators, Representatives, posting their content for everyone to see. The Snowflakes were mean. For what purpose? They had not a clue as to why they were attacking anyone they just were nuts. The sadness was the guy eventually called his dream of no war in Syria off. He realized that the Snowflakes were fighting for war with Syria. Why? Who knows why liberals think war is good. Shame

This is speculative poetry about the meaning of life and all that is for the human race

Around 70 billion years ago there was a race

Between angels, demons, giants, and the human race

First there was Adam and Lilith which separated the races

Adam first chance did not agree with him at all in this race

Lilith ran away to where she was caught in the Dead Sea

There she was caught and seduced two angels of a different race

From there an agreement of death to some of her race

She agreed to a thousand a day dying each day

She agreed to wonder the earth seducing mankind race

Second wife speculation here was made by the Creator while Adam watched

She was made as grace and beauty she was mother of the fae race

Adam watching her be made rejected her kind of race

I speculate here that she was a pretty race

So Adam felt alone and was the human of his race

The Creator caused him to sleep one day

That day was the fall of the human race

The Creator toke from Adam a rib for his race

A hard and forceful creation for the human race

The Creator crafted Eve for the human race

The Creator did not allow Adam to see how she would create the human race

So Adam and Eve were the start of the human race

Speculative thoughts on the human race

So the two of them were in Heaven to start the race

Both Adam on side of the garden and Eve on the other side of the garden taking care of the place

When Eve’s two guardians left her alone in a guarded place

Now here is a back story seldom discussed about this place

The Son of the creator were angels of that place

If one reads how walled the Garden of Eden was in place

One might see a guarded place

The Creator created an angel so perfect and grand

That the angel challenged the Creator for a grand

The Creator threw down the said Son to this place

Along with a third of his race

There in this new place

The grand angel of Death toke its place

For you see Death is Satan name of a race

There this grand angel devised a ploy to trick Eve of the human race

He beguiled her through use of a serpent race

The serpent had been in charge of this Garden of Eden place

Both Adam and Eve had usurped the serpents place

So a fallen angel worked together with the serpent race

You see the fallen angel could not get into this Garden of Eden place

So he used the serpent to interface with Eve

He made her promise to fed Adam a fruit of that place

He made her think thoughts of evil were good for the place

So Eve toke a fruit from that place

Forced Adam through blasphemy to eat of that place

Now speculative here this was the beginning of the human race

The Creator seeing such a site gave a promise to that race

He would send a Messiah to save that race

For who should ever believe in him would be saved from the race

Now here is some fun about that race

The Messiah for the human race

Some say Jesus Christ saved the human race

His teaching though few still survive in place

Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself in this place

Speculative how is a question of race

Prior to Christ was Abraham of a special race

The Creator was with him for fifty years in a cave place

Abraham’s challenge to Nimrod destroyed the tower of Babel that evil place

From reading it is speculative that the tower reached two miles high in some place

The Lord destroyed a third by fire, the Creator drove the tower down by a third of the place

From that place came a few more interesting speculative races

Some of the people the Creator turned to monkey in places

Some of the people the Creator turned to ghost in places

What a weird dream one has in the end times and places

So questions to frame in this state of mind are places

What has all this got to do with this here tale in place?

I am tired so I will state it in place

Christ Jesus story tells of the pottery questioning the Creators design why have you made me thus

I speculate we are here to be vessels of spirit and soul not lust

We the human races are containers of spirit filled races

Whether demons, spirits of ideals, thoughts one can not trust

We be the containers of such places

The truth is scary when you realize this waking up in the night with such a dream

Makes a person want to scream

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Time. I have been traveling time for the past few years now. No one believes except my shrink which I have proven myself to time and time again. I wonder if I was a great writer or story teller why I cannot put together a story that is so impressive that people read it until the end. I try to believe me with 2,000 plus pages, sic now seven journals, tons of censorship, and other items I wonder why? I mean it is not like I have much else to do or say. I write I wrote and then I found out what I the main problem, and I am unsure what to do about it. The past few weeks I have been trying to figure out, what to do about missing pages in my journal. At first, I thought maybe I deleted them, so I printed them out. Then my mind blanks for a moment say a day or three and my printed pages are gone to. Drama for me. Did I write them? Yes, I am sure I wrote them. Do I rewrite what I wrote? So I try, and the identical occurrence happens to mean if you are at 379 pages and when you go to print again it goes back 270 pages. What does that mean? AM I in sometime holding pattern and/or was the person in this body not experiencing the alike activities? So I think and realize there are many mes. We write the same stuff. I can tell the difference usually between my congradulations and congratulation posts meaning for sometime I have been trying to figure what is the problem. So, I put my mind to thinking. With 10 to the power of 197 or 200 depending on which reality I read and realize I am undergoing someone else's reality backwards and that soul had either neither the experience or a story to tell that or those pages. Which is awkward for if I am not the sum of my stories and experiences, then what am I? I mean I can handle that I am not the story teller of my story. God is the story teller, and he tells the story over and over again, and the only change is whether you are a weed of the evil one or a seed of the planter who sowed the seeds. I can understand the results of several stories also, which is awkward which because I shall not experience them in yet I remember them being told and look for those people and no longer can find them nor find what I wrote about them.


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Speculation on age and time. So, I traced my journals from 6.5 billion year old earth to 5.7 billion. To 5.3 billion year old earth where everything was in chaos. Those of us suffering from the Mandela effect noticed everything was up in the air. The reason I believe and my opinion is some worlds cheating got too greedy. Say what? The system of things was meant as rules for God to not discover cheating in the parallel worlds. Meaning? Say you take a wonderful loving little boy and put him in his hell. Pavlov style by forcing him to do what he hates so much that the only relief he gets is to do what he hates? Sounds awful, you know? So what do the other realities get for causing pain and suffering?

The reality is according to Zechariah, which while I grew up was Zachariah. A full 33 percent of the game has been changed or Pavlov-ized. Meaning? From my understanding. Those people with great childhood who would have grown up to be mighty people. Their childhoods were a living hell. Example? The parallel world’s music frequencies and speed are different. Meaning? Imagine you married the love of your life and her voice was music. Then for three months suddenly she sounds like a bitch from hell? Or you were speaking normal in your reality in yet it either was too fast or slow for the world they dumped your soul into body? Causing people to say slow down or think faster. In the 1960s through 1970s, almost a full 25 to 60 million people. Had this experience just what I am talking about. Now the government making the switch so people hate their spouses. Because they sound like a bat out of hell whistle or something another. The children were to have wonderful homes now are in a single family home and to make matters worse? Think Epstein and crew. Think of close to 10,000 to 100,000 each year disappearing to be someone’s lunch. Sounds evil beyond anything Stephen King even writes about in yet? If you look at the missing children and people report you realize. That somewhere between 1970 to 2020 some 3 to 8 million people just are gone. It is like all of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming. They just disappeared. In yet no one seems to bat an eye. You say but the FBI. The FBI agent investigating Hillary Clinton. As for an example for tax invasion committed suicide while dancing on a dance floor in public. You think I am fibbing when I am talking about evil? What most people do not realize about the thief or the extent of the crime is how much money I am talking about. One estimate at 23 trillion dollars. Or all of the social security fund plus 3 trillion dollars spent on the war against terrorism. If you look for example, war on terrorism cost 6.5 to 9 trillion dollars. And supposedly killed 800,000 terrorist. If you do the math, that is 8,125,000 dollars to kill one bad guy at the low end. I am not sure how to say the ineffectiveness of the US military is but they should be able to kill someone for a lot less. That seems like a lot when you consider Vietnam they could kill one person for 35,000 dollars. What am I saying? That that US government destroyed their own populations lives. To create some sort of world. Where evil people ruled over the majority of the population. That were put into some sort of Pavlav system where evil wins?

Yes. That is exactly what I discovered at an earth where John Von Neumann lived to be until May 1957. His very last paper ironically was dealing with math. In something mathematically similar in game theory. It dealt with a story line. The statement was if set null is possible or impossible to a confirmed statement. Say what? Meaning in game theory the idea was to win more than you lose or make sure a balance of 50–50 so there is no unbalancing act. Causing? In this case, God, to hear about this evil. And according to the book of Revelation comes down because he heard how evil the city of new Babylon is or was. Meaning? John Von Neumann’s computer program exchanged souls. To realities where they were perfectly set to be 50 percent good, 50 percent evil, so time would be held at bay. Or more specifically, the souls of the living did not cry out too much for the end of reality. Sounds absurd, I know I argued with a lot of people against it. Now they are all dead. Or ending up in some other reality, but the conclusion of the system of things is pretty much a generation. What does that mean? Well, I think that means my soul is going back to its original body for judgment day. God has pulled the plug on this reality. But come now, surely you jest?

1. Kingdom versus kingdom. Yellow vest, Hong Kong freedom, and Bolivia anti Marxist. These were all trying to start bible Kingdom versus kingdom part of the bible. To stop this. The CIA in these evil worlds and other has moved the movement. From freedom to some bizarre black lives matter movement. Where they have killed more people destroyed property for corporation paying them. To destroy property for insurance fraud. And basically misuse that verse to fix their mistakes.

So? There attempt to blackmail a few people have failed in some areas. What areas? I can assure you if I spoke of what I have heard. No, it does not matter.

2. The future is dead. According to the bible. Paul states the Gentiles that can be saved. Until something happens and then will be called back into a branch of the tree of life. And that branch of the gentiles will be burnt up. Again, I say this with some confidence. Meaning on December 2017 in some realities Hawaii was nuked and those realities which were a future are gone.

3. The signs in the sky. Blood moon I do not recall that in my bible but here the blood moons indicated Jesus Christ return. I have seen either 4 or 5 or 6 blood moons. I am no longer sure how many. However, May 2021 is supposedly the next blood moon. So? August 31st there will be a huge change.

4. The real end of 2012. For those that study calendars most are designed around seasons and stars, and cycles of the moon and sun. The only one calendar supposedly accurate. In this reality is the Ethiopian calendar which the year here 2020 is 2012. And September 2020 is the real end of 2012.

5. What signs in the sky? First you have to look at the links. Realize the sun here has been hidden behind a mirror since 2003. It is why the sun is white here, no longer yellow. Say what? Meaning in my reality, Katrina hurricane happened in 2003. There the sun was yellow still. Here due to my next statement the sun has been hidden behind a mirror since 2003.

6. We are going back in time to where our original bodies were and our souls were stolen from to be judged. So? I would repent more often and pray more if I were you. The end of time is something to watch. To see a mountain move daily is awkward and write about it and no one believe you? Well, I am me and you are you. What am I saying? This might be your final chance to make amends. Ask forgiveness before something evil this way comes.

7. So all those divorced people are part of the 33 percent tin Zechariah. That had their lives screwed with by the government and corporations? Well, that is only part of it. The next part was the government made prisoners out of 14 percent of the population. How? Making smoking a weed illegal. Sounds stupid in yet the democrats did just that. They punished people mercilessly for smoking a weed. If that is not even the worse part? Due to the Pavlov style life style forced on people that are single. Thus making them raised in a single home. A lot are alcoholics and due to democrats moral superior of shutting down whore houses? Thus causing the epidemic of rape and homosexuality wildly increased. Am I blaming just one party for all the ills of the world? When I look at who sponsored the laws. And put in place said laws and those enforcing those laws and prosecuting those laws. Yes, I am blaming them.

8. So the government is playing a game with God, trying to win or cause more pain? What has that got to do with today and the rioting and looting? Well, Revelations New York City go bye and the two reasons? 1. Epstein files at the federal court house and 2. Clinton library in New York City.

9. Speculation why Clinton Library? It holds some program management office files. That was not destroyed in 9 11 due to it being presidential records that caused a lot of this shit.

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Time. The realization that the time traveler details on time need to be more detailed and formulas will need to be developed in the next chapter of the novel makes me wonder. What is time. If energy is nothing more than light. Matter is light after all stuck in a frequency. What is time? The film of Gods watching life? In yet, you would expect a film of Gods to have a better ending than the end of time of tribulation sees the time traveler telling people beware think do not let eternity pass you by because of evil vaccines and frankencoin currency of microsoft being implanted into your body. Watch for the seasons and times. Be ware take care.. In yet what is time if this is the past tense of where the time traveler had been. Walking in the valley of death is a bit more complex. Sure I am sheep in yet I feel more like a bear these days. Does that mean I don't end up on this timelines wolf pack? What is reality? Energy? Moving through time. Matter as light stabilized by frequencies that are breakable. Why? What happened so long ago that the stories are convoluted. What is time? If each time is set per the sun which seems what time is defined by the sun on each world.

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So few believe the old stories about human and djinns these days. Where the djinns were spirits without body aye for a time. And humans without magic were preyed upon by the spirits. The Muslims hear their old desert stories and some laugh. While those that knew the original stories of the mirror worlds knew the truth. It was a horrible truth.

Billions of years prior to humanity and djinns intermixing there were original worlds. Not the mirror worlds where humanities souls were banished to. The original worlds held a God a divinity that conquered all. How?

In today times? I suppose to update the story would be the sun is the movie projector of a great technological kingdom. Where one day in that world is well. According to closed time curved loop reality life times within other mirror worlds. So?

Think of it as a movie where all the parallel stories are told. Where you went left while another you went right. While another some how flew and another dug and the third sat down and just laughed.

Meaning? Well, this is just one of many realities. That humans and genies or djinns were part of a conquered races of immortals. Or close enough to technological Gods to be called Gods and their stories or film on life. Well, their stories were told and retold until the director of the film of life got what he or they wanted.

So djinns and humanity conquered and real worlds versus mirror worlds. Was there ever peace between the two races?

Depends on how you look at peace. There was sex. Adam had the angel of death wife a few times. While the evil one to humanity had Eve. Her first time she conceived Cain and Able. The two were special enough that God was concerned about both of them. That one killed the other one seems to be a legend in most religious context these days.

So? Well, Adam and Eve first child was Seth. However, Adam laid with his first wife to Lilith and from there several demon were born. If one listens the first vampire stories come from legends of those children.

Meaning? Legends and myth when both God discovered the evil one or the angel of death had tricked Eve. He castrated him. To get even the angel of the fifth level of heaven and the third level of hell. Did a treaty deal with the conquered race of djinn. Which were after all his followers that had surrendered in a war so long ago. Just thinking about it brings me a headache.

Humans with their technology. While if you want to remember a real war imagine more than 100 percent of heaven angels as djinns. Big and powerful magic.

Magic so rough and powerful that most magicians try to emulate even the words or spells end up mad. Laughter. lol.. So, let me see a tale of humans and djinns working and living together? Yes. I heard of that tale.

It happened before the last cycle which was a long time ago. That cycle of reality God got tired of humanity and djinns. And did not separate them like he did during Noah's flood to the humans. I think I forget Ogs flood to other realities.

In that cycle of realities the djinns got their reality and humanity got their reality. Instead of destroying the tower of Babylon God left both races alone to see what would happen.

In those closed time curved loops where humanity was left alone. Humanity developed into what you call the aliens in space these days. Or demons. Reason? Something dealing with sex again. To make life last longer most of humanity gave up on sex after a fashion and became. Well they reproduced by cloning which can not be survivable. What about the realities that did not fall into those realities? Their horror stories yes I remember them. No that is not part of this story. This story is did djinn and humans ever get along. And in my memory no. Those with all the magical or superior technology power. Always wanted the illusion of physical substance. While those with physical substance or clay wanted power of the spirits. That putting those two races together creates Cain and Able.

So Cain was able to father children from human women and? His offspring always seemed to be cannibals. They can not stand mere humans. While humans for their part? They are desperately seeking something. What? How should I know. I am just a story teller locked in this story at present.

So human and djinns getting along? No. What about humanity just getting along with humanity? Without God? That tale is a seven million experiment that fails in a future reality that I heard. The failure is that for all the technology and all the superior ideas without God or the purpose God has for a soul. Souls leave humanity and wander. Meaning? Imagine a bunch of soulless humanoids without concept of sex but wanting to survive. For what purpose? Just to survive I suppose.

Humanity on its own fails. When humanity is with djinns one envies one for their power while the other misuses the other one for their. I suppose for their pleasure. Such ugliness that humanity and djinns can not get along together. Thus without a third party separating the two racs and making sure one rules the other for a time.

What about the illusions of humanity running worlds without God? Meaning where Montauk project sneaks evil souls into heaven? In the disguise of good folks and murders Christ?

Yes. I have heard of that story and realize a truth that was once upon a time told to me by someone. All that matters is who controls time. God can control reality and play with reality as much as he wants for as long as he wants in the mirror worlds. For example? I personally believe via internet that I have lived on a different earth. Older and a lot farther away than one could imagine. In yet? Here I am today typing on this keyboard. In a parallel reality in yet. I realize this has to be the valley of the shadow of death. Why? Certain things that worked do not work in death and believe me I have investigated them. No one pulls the rug out from a dreamer without a dreamer finding out why.

So. Humanity and djinns living together in peace. Yes. I have been told there might be some. However that story is in the past. Which I am going to see. Meaning this is still a future that does not exist outside the mirror worlds. And? I speculate that humans at a certain time in the future will rule over the djinns or fallen angels for a time. Will that be peaceful? No the prediction is a rebellion again after 930, 970, or a 1000 years. Depending on which reality you end up after the end of September 2020. The real end of 2012.

I had just moved to town. Exploring the streets, I came across a bookstore.

The sign intrigued me, so I went in. The front counter was unmanned. And not a soul could be seen in the shop. were

I went to the first shelf of books. Wild. Indie books. Hundreds of them all printed. Opening a cover of a book titled: Bolivian Time Traveler. The book immediately impressed me with the adventure story. A writer trapped in parallel spacetime worlds. Traveling back through time to watch the end of the time of tribulation. The author. An expat from Montana. He wrote about how he had awoken been kidnapped from his reality. And lived day by day in parallel realities so close to him that few people would know the difference.

Setting the book aside. I turned to the next book. The Mystery of Shade and wood stamps. An introductory book to Chiaroscuro. Turning the page. They delighted me to see the dark printings of master works. The light caught the edges of the sculptures. Making them look shadowy.

Reading more into the book. It gave details of the first painter to use this technique as an Apollodorus Skiagraphos. The mystery here was the book showed old photos of his work. However, from the dates ascribed to the photos and works shown made me think this was a fictional book. Reason? Some of the color photographs were in Russia in the early 1900s. To be more specific. Czar Nicholas’ personal library collection of antiquities was in some subtitles. Reading more into the book. The author seemed to show that the library still existed and that KGB still had control of it. This made me smile. KGB had not existed for some time now. So I looked at the published date 1969.

I suppose the book could reflect what the author knew. The book ascribed a certain magic to some paintings. Reading on. The author followed up with a story. Of Skiagraphos last known painting according to the author. There were three photos of Czar Nicholas. One holding what looked like a miniature vase detailing hunting with dogs. A portrait of some man. And a temple.

Reading farther into the book. I discovered more detail about how the technique had gone out of style for a time. Then reappeared with Leonardo da Vinci. Here the author again showed photos of works from the 1900s. One with Czar Nicholas holding a lovely, shadowy woman. Subtitled Mona Lisa. The book in Russian subtitle also had an English translation. Which seemed to show that Czar Nicolas held at one time a miniature Mona Lisa painting. Then the next photo showed a larger version of Mona Lisa. Seemed to show that they took the photo in Saint Petersburg 1903.

The book went into details. How the KGB was hiding some of the more notable Skiagraphos paintings from earlier times in a cold vault. The author detailed how underground vaults and cities were being prepared. To keep humanity’s history alive. Now, I knew this was getting into fictitious reality. Why? The author detailed how Stalin had put together a plan to hide the best of the best communist. In cities underground. Then to use Russian resources to build large cities hidden so that no satellites could see them.

Seemed to show that the USSR considered prepared for an invasion from space as a likelihood. Let alone that. But the author spent a chapter detailing how these cities of the shadow. How they would or could be constructed in secret. From key cities in Russia’s underground railroad.

Someone evidently used the paintings as subtitles secrets. This was to hide how the USSR used two million slave laborers. To carve tunnels outside of the great Russian cities. Into underground bunkers designed to withstand attacks from space and nuclear war. The book went into details of the shadowy realities. Seemed weird to me.

I read the next chapter, which became even more of a shock. The author wrote a complete story of how two of Czar Nicolas’ daughters escaped. Then lived in the shadows outside of Russia. My rough memory of the chapter.

The tale of the princesses from memory, mind you. The author of the book named Jack.

The group on the train is a combination of US and British soldiers with train men from the states. Jack got to know the brake man. He learned the entire group was off to save the Czar Nicholas II of Russia and his family.

The train adventure was something out of an old medieval war story. The train, being a steam engine, would puff and stop due to the lack of coal. Several times along the way they put the whole attachment forth to cut wood, and or look for coal. Jack was useful knowing a little Russian and Yiddish from his grandfather. Jack also got to learn how to slow the train down by applying the brakes going downhill.

One time people were out searching for fuel for the train. A group of locals dressed as Mongolians attacked the train with swords and arrows. The sentry with the steam-powered machine gun made temporary work of them. The British had to bribe both the White Army of the Czar, Bolsheviks, wild revolutionaries, and the Red Army of Vladimir Lenin. To get through the Siberian train railroad. Bribing into the White Army was easier said than done. A lot of the old Czar’s military felt betrayed by the Czar by his lack of leadership. One White General even ordered a bayonet charge against the train. While it was pulling away from a station. The tale of that ride brought me back for several visits to Jack, the junkman in Terry, Montana. There was the Japanese army of a million men who were taking up positions on the road. The bribe was a jewel the size of a baby’s fist to the general in command. Different groups attacked them several times. They held the train with three machine guns and a cannon.

One of the more memorable tales was. When Jack’s train had to back up fifteen miles because of no side rails to let the train of General Kaledin by. Jack’s wild story here was more reflective in his face. Talking about how hard braking downhill was easy, but keeping a whole train at a steady pace. Sometimes on how going backward in snow was terrifying. After that he was tired however because he knew some Russian and Yiddish he was forced back to work.

The tale Jack had. Described as General Kaledin. Then invited the officers, and he was drafted as their messenger for a night party. The party was like a medieval banquet inside a train. Drinking wine, vodka, and dancing with women. His tale was of several professional night ladies. The dancing, singing, and drinking more vodka and spirits than he could remember doing so in his life. All he did was watch. According to many medieval tales, the General was not such a good guy. During the night, General Kaledin required an extra bribe. Which the Brit paid several costly jewels and another ruby the size of a handful was the description.

After that the train went to two stops to find the Czar. The first was a lost venture. Meaning the Czar had been moved, and the second was Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg. They reached Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg. This time an American office, a British officer/royal, and Jack, as a scout, went into Yekaterinburg. The British officer spoke flawless Russian, however, no one in public wanted to speak with him. Jack took the lead, asking for some bread. Jack was a quick child. Knowing some Yiddish allowed him to ask the right kids around the train yard to find the family. Upon getting to the house, there was not much to the tale. The officers bribed the local official. They were preparing to leave with the entire family. However, the family doctor said they could not move Alexei. The Czar would not go without his son. Finally, the four daughters could go. Getting back to the train yard, there was a run-in with the locals.

One daughter was murdered there. Jack’s description was not of an execution. More like a disagreement with the person accepting a bribe. Then that person trying to retake the four girls. Anastasia Nikolaevna got separated during a melee between the Brit and five Russians. The Brit pulled out a sword and rushed the Russians, cutting three of them down and forcing the other two to flee. Knowing that name Anastasia, I asked what happened to her? He said Anastasia was next to a building when the local official pulled out a pistol. And five men rushed the Brit and were being restrained by the Brit when the gun went off. They shot Olga dead. Jack only said that after they had shot Olga that Anastasia just was not there. One moment she was and the next no sign. There was snow, so he looked but could not find her. Anyway, after looking for a few minutes. Both officers, Tatiana Nikolaevna, Maria Nikolaevna and Jack, got back to the train. That was Jack’s saving a princess tale.

The fighting on the way back across Serbia was a wild tale. Jack, on over one occasion, was put in charge of brakes for the train. While the regular trackman went to sleep. Or was repairing parts of the train which kept moving as fast to the east as possible. There were three melees that Jack gave great detail about. First was when the Red Army in front of the train required that everyone get off the train and be searched. The diplomatic papers and bribes were not working this time. So the plan laid out by the Brit rather was to engage the Reds upon seeing them and open fire with the machine gun. This was the plan. However, the Reds brought only a few soldiers to the train. Someone easily bribed them when the wrong officer was in charge. Pulling out of the blockade. Things got crazy and the machine gun was used, cutting into several soldiers of the Red Army.

The train moved along for hundreds of miles without seeing a sign of human life. Then suddenly there was a vast amount of people escaping the Red Army. The melee here was more sad. The people, Jack, said the people were just trying to escape the cold. But their numbers and rioting were slowing the train down. They ordered the soldiers on board to clear a path, which they did with swords and bayonets.

The final big melee was between the Japanese and Red army. Which had sent several thousand troops into the area to secure the railroad? This part was interesting in that the Japanese at first deferred to the General. That had let them pass through the first time. But during their passing a new General arrived. He was more honorable or had not been bribed and was trying to retake the train. The melee was short of the machine gun, cutting down several hundred soldiers in an open field.

The book said that the British officer married Titiana. That Maria ended up as a missionary in Africa. The book tale was fun.





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