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As the son of a son of a sailor I went out on the sea for adventure Expanding the view of the captain and crew Like a man just released from indenture As a dreamer of dreams and a travelin' man I have chalked up many a mile Read dozens of books about heroes and crooks And I learned much from both of their styles

“Reading a book gives us somewhere to go when we stay where we are.” Here they say Mason Cooley said this. I look and I do not recognize his name. Not a surprise, I suppose. Me being in a dark room without light writing this one more time. I mean well. My awaking happened May 19, 2016, in La Paz, Bolivia. I had been on earth according to the Internet on the Sagittarius arm. Of a galaxy supposedly 377,000 light years across. I was on the outer arm of that galaxy and in 2016 I knew that no known black holes had been discovered. Meaning? Either our technology is or was or will be not as good as here. Or that information had not made it out to science magazines. Now, as is or was or will be a statement. According to the internet on that earth, the age of earth was 6.5 billion years old. Meaning? Well, here today the Internet infers that this earth is 4.5 billion years old, which is a lie. That would mean I come from a future at least 2 billion years older than here. In yet? I remember writing a poem on Cosmofunnel about the death of earth. I wrote about how earth’s galaxy was to collide with the next galaxy in 365,000 years. So? Well. Here the math is 4.5 billion years. Makes one wonder. Are you mad? Yes. Let me agree with you here and now. I am mad. Insane? I doubt that. Mad, yes, but not insane. So where was I? As yes, my room. I am here for safety of those that plot evil. Why? Most likely I would do something stupid if let out of my gated room with gates and five doors. Like what? Tell you a story?

A story? Yes, a story about a time. A time story? A story about reality and time. So a reality story? You are mad. What makes you think I want your reality? A reality about space, time story. Space time? What has that got to do with anything? Space time has a lot to deal with reality and the system of things. System of things? What do you mean? Are you going to go Jehovah witness? No. I argue with them and after a bit they left too. Why? I won the argument. How? Awe-inspiring stories? I doubt it. Showing them sermons that make no sense in this day and age with the bible they have? Seldom works. Math? Yes, math.

How so? If I tell you I have experienced the rapture so many times that I wonder about reality you would laugh. The first 80 day’s journal if I could get to would explain in more detail what I did and who I wrote and well. Let me be honest who I freaked out. Freaked out? I am a writer. I was a poet. I attempt to write poetry here. In yet, my greatest works are lost now in some bizarre future that can no longer exist.

What do I mean? The future is gone. This is the past. And you are living in my dream for today. Laugh with me. Lol. Laugh all you want.

The book Being and Time 1927 by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger can explain it more than I can. What has being and time have to do with living in your or specifically my reality? Well. This being the past. And I not really knowing I was becoming a space time traveler. Or believing or knowing about time travel outside of conspiracies that is part of the story I am going to tell you. Why? In hopes you change your ways? I suppose that would be nice. To get something off my conscience? No. My conscience is or has its own problems. Your soul? I doubt your soul is on my conscience. Unless you did me wrong or knew of me for 45 years. I doubt anyone really is alive outside my valley of experience these days. Then why write this journal? Same reason I wrote the other nine journals which are censored or not written or destroyed. To make me think. To make me wonder? To make me believe and hope? Hope? I wonder about hope these days.

So what is it I want? The argument against this book? You are not 4.5 billion years old, Clint. Sure, sure, I don’t feel a day over 50. Your body has always been here on this earth, Clint. Sure, sure, this body had been here always. Your memory and poetry are bad. Here I would disagree on the memory part. You see my journals. Where ever they are now or were are to be at. I documented pretty much where I saw what I saw so my memory would have something to look at. And as for my poetry being bad? Even here my poems are read. Not like they used to be. But nevertheless my poetry being even bad is read. Okay, your stories are worse on this earth, Clint. Well, to be honest, I am a rather wild writer. You see, I wanted to be either a cook or a pirate. My cooking is illegal in my household. Why? It causes dreams. My pirate stories? I write them and a few people remember them. So few readers out of 3 million readers that used to be. Used to be? Yes. Time. What is time? The past, present, and future I suppose. The past is always the past for somewhere in the future; you see. And the future? Well, that too is a past for me at present. How so? That is the mystery, is it not? My first journal “Help, help, I have been kidnapped”. I thought I was only going to parallel realities. Then those parallel realities changed dramatically. Spelling, history, color of my eyes, stories. Ah, yes, stories. That is the most difficult part, the stories change. Example? I give my date that I picked up my future wife from the airport. I wrote about it several times elsewhere. So repeating it here will not be so bad, I suppose. I picked her up after a miracle. I got on the highway. Headed into Seattle to our hotel room and a neat place I had found online to eat at. I had my printed directions and drove accordingly. Only problem 3.4 miles turned into 5 miles and still no left turn. Suddenly the sign says “Welcome to Canada”. Now the problem. My wife is from Bolivia. She is a naturalized citizen now. However, then? No. So I got off at the next right exit. Drove back to the United States. I am not adding more detail. So what is the big deal? Seattle here is 150 miles due south of Canada these days. I doubt I could be on the highway filled with buildings in Seattle and drive accidently into Canada. So you are mistaken. Laugh with me. This is where the Jehovah Witnesses in 2017 and my wife get involved. My wife at that time remembered this occurring. And the Jehovah Witness being from Canada had a length discussion with her. So math wise Seattle from Canada 150 miles. So? Well. I went on to explain the rapture.

The rapture? Are you sure you are not a Jehovah witness? No. They do not believe in the rapture. And surprisingly, after fact checking, neither do I. Time travel occurred. Policies, laws, judges were bribed. Evil was allowed to flourish in a past. What do I mean? My world abortion was legalized in 1967. My US of A had 365 million citizens in May 2016. I was counting people in each state for some wild ideas I had on election process. So I knew that number. I also knew the world’s population was 8.5 billion. The 8th billionth child being called a baby girl in India in 2014. She got a free college tuition. Kind of big news in my world. But what has that got to do with this reality? Nothing. On the first few days of my venture in time, space reality. I watched the world’s population fluctuate from 6 million to as high as 9 million on www.deagel.com. I was in a panic and spoke with lots of people. And at that time there were lots of people in a similar situation and they spoke of how their worlds were ending. One lady spoke of her world having 12 billion people. Her story included how a CO2 gas cloud came out of the Atlantic ocean. Wiping out much of Europe, the east coast, and Africa.So what has this got to do with the rapture? The twinkle in the eye per the bible one will be taken and one left? I thought I had been left behind. And math wise I did not enjoy knowing that, so I went hunting. What did I hunt? Deagel.com, CIA databases, a number of other places. History like I said changes. The number of deaths in the US civil war. My reality as a meme showed 545,000 in my timeline. Here a similar meme shows 654,000 however if you look at citizens the number could go up to 1.8 million deaths. Wild. I thought I had found where people went. War? I kept on looking. My shock was first at China. You see, in my reality China never conquered any part of Mongolia. Here in the 1920s evidently they conquered a good portion of the country. I expected to see a bigger population there. But no. In 1973 with the US allowing abortion. They murdered 500 million more people with abortion. Wild. I kept on looking and found Pakistan in my reality 2016 they had 750 million people. Why did I know this? I had reasons. War was something I followed, and the question was if and when China and Pakistan or India went to war. Who had the numbers on their side to win? However, the issue was Pakistan does not allow abortion. What happened? So again, back to databases. The CIA database on who watches the most homosexual porn. It turns out that Pakistan allows homosexuality here. In my reality? They stoned a lot of people. Meaning? I had found the reason for less people. Sexuality had been changed. Why or how? I kept on looknig. During my travels I found Montauk project. Which in turned lead me to Anderson Time Institute which over time added more detail on time travel. Meaning? Well to begin with few countries time traveled per the website. Then India, China, Japan, and England were all added. When India was added that was when it dawned on me. India had some how changed one of the muslim religious leaders and thus the less population.

So, time travel, the rapture, reality, time, and why I think you all are a figment of my imagination in a dark room? Yes. I suppose I should continue on that topic. So, with the rapture put out of my mind. That I was not so evil that God had rejected me. And 538 friends failing in the least to be concerned that hey, I am gone or might be possessed by some third world being. I got more involved with reading on time travel. The insight full reality that time travelers have changed realities. To be specific several times made me question why? I am here and evidently I do not change behavior. If so, someone should ask the evil corporation to pay taxes. I mean come on income tax pays 93 percent of government funding. While corporations pay 7? Made me realize that much of time travel has been used by corporations. Specifically? Well. One specific. On my world May 18, 2016, the news announced Bayer was to purchase Monsanto for 66 billion dollars. Here they purchase the company much later and for a much less price. Almost like they know how much their lawsuit will cost them.

So this is to be about time travel then? Sort of time, space, reality, Belief in Time, and a soul searching for a meaning to life and why cheese sucks so badly in these past realities. Yes. I suppose that is my plan. To tell you a story. A wild story? Yes. To change you? Maybe. I doubt really I can change anything. I picture you being enslaved by the corporations. I mean I already see that 93 percent of your life is paying them through stimulation packages, tax breaks, incentives to. To what, actually? To stop creativity. I mean, when is the last major advancement in personal computing? Where are the virtual reality machines or holographic reality centers? That is the secret, is it not? Their patents are already in the patent office. This reality is on a pause, sort of speaking. A pause for what? Well. If I am the future and my future is dead. This being the past. Means each reality as Belief in Time points out reanimates for a soul to pass through. A soul? Specifically, those souls stolen via an evil plan to stop the last final day of judgment. I thought we were not going down Jehovah’s witness pathway. I am just telling a story. You can stop. I mean, this is your reality, not mine. My reality is after all in a dark room. This? This is not my reality. So the plan is to change the past? I can warn you. I can not change you. Warn us about what? The mark of the beast in the bible. For those into Scientology the movie The Time or becoming a battery to an evil corporation. Or for those into Star Trek the Borg as a hive mind setup so that all creativity is owned and operated by a person that may or may not like your music, your writing, your taste in pizza. Come now some futurist you are warning realities about what they are or have already been warned about time and time again. Do not stop being human. Live Humanity. Stop being EVIL. So do good. Be good. Sounds like a broken record. A repeating record whose reaction does not seem to cause an outcry by churches seeing a corporation patent the mark of the beast. A time loop shouting out to humanity HEY being human is not all bad. We have pizza after all. We have music. We have art. But for how long? What am I saying? Think. Think before thinking becomes illegal. A stolen meme? Yes. But think. Think human. Think. The attack on humanity is already here. If you pay attention, the small elites are either controlled by an outside influence or mad. The rich openly say they want to change your DNA. To cause you to be paralyzed. To stop you from reproducing. Why? Profit? I guess. What profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

So time travel, corporations, reality, the end of time. Anything else in this mad story? I suppose I could point out that on some realities they did find Amelia Earhart’s plane. In another reality already I had the links and now that to is censored. But that journal is now censored and I wonder which part freaked reality most. The part of wandering mind through the plumbing of time. When Clint had to ask himself. Going from the top Sagittarius world to a Pegasus world to Orion arm to Orion spur, to an Orion nebula column. That awkward question on plumbing. And where exactly does a soul end up in reality of moving, possessing other people’s bodies for a day in their lives? Does that make me a demon? Possession is 9 tenths of the law. In yet? I do not feel all that evil. I could be? Sure. I knew people in my world. What does that mean? Think if you told a person a story. What power does that story have over you? What? Only so many people can listen to great crimes and great people trying to find someone to talk to. Kind of sad. Really sad, really. Some of the greatest minds and stories in reality are lost. Not because the people do not want to tell them. No. They are lost because people do not have anyone to listen to them. So you listened to them? Sure. I usually gave them a story for a story. I had or have or will have more stories. Whether you believe them or not is up to you. And I? I can listen. I am after a bit older, at least according to the internet than the average person.

So people tell you stories. They did. They do. They will. So what? Well. Think about reality. Think how in one reality one of your deepest secrets might not be so deep. To a copy or a person so close to you. That well a soul could step into your shoes and they know everything that you did or do or are thinking. And well. Tell the story to a stranger. No one does that. You would be surprised. The lonely people are all around you. So? What one story can do to you in one reality can change you reality in another forever. What do I mean? I will tell you a story. For my life of me, I never understood why someone I knew wanted to live where she lived. I knew she loved the people. But for the life of me, the culture sucked. The people were mean to her. And I can honestly say I did not enjoy the environment at all. I called it hell. So imagine for 45 years living with this person. Then visiting her on another world. And she tells you a truth, a story that makes this whole stupid living in hell make sense to her. Still does not make sense to me. And you realize. She was once in love. That she loved someone else and for whatever reason ended up with your father was or is wild. That I knew now that her mind had been swapped out for her to hate my father these days yes. That she knows she is traveling as I Am. At times. She does not talk about it anymore. Why? When people have one thing to say and say it. They tend to reserve themselves. Why? I have no idea. Secrets in one reality make people free in another. Sort of like that lost plane found in one reality and not here or currently here. Who knows? Tell me a secret and wait. Then ask again and sometimes I will tell you the same story. However. Where you turned left or stopped or did not say this is this or that is that. Well. Someone so similar to you to be your clone said “Well, I did this”. And with that, your whole life could be changed.

My most recent secrets were told to me by someone that is old. His memory is that the Battle of Hastings happened in 1006, not like here in 1066. Say what? Time change? No. I think the best reality television program these days that explains it is Westworld on HBO. Some realities were sped up. How? Anderson Time Institute talks about satellites placed in an orbit. That could hide and slow down earths reality for a time. So he came from a faster reality? Sure. What was he telling me? He told me he was older than I. Which is in some sense is a truth. Not the truth, but a truth. We discussed odds and ends. He confessed to be a magician. I was kind of disappointed. Disney was a magician. Here I see magic is used wrong. However, his claims were worth listening to. He finally got upset and de friended me. Why? When I pointed out that a certain CEO that he was acquainted with broke a seal in the bible. And that the bible was being forced to respond to prophecy. Kind of sad. His remarks was that his friend in college did not know about Revelations and the mark of the beast. I was kind of astounded and told him again a name. What is in a name? A name can make or break a reality. So with that name he de friended me. Sadness. Change. People need to change or they end up in some looped reality in which the end is awful or horrible. Depending on how you see humanity, I suppose.

So what do I see the change to be? I guess the mounting danger is nothing new to those that watch the news. Plague a hoax or reality? The mark of the beast slavery to a corporation or loss of humanity? Earthquakes in California? Volcanos in Bolivia, Montana? Nukes in Minnesota, New York City? The mounting forces of evilness are all there. Predicted both by Christianity book of Revelation, and wildly by Scientologist that were told to listen to their movies, and by Ayn Rand or Star Trek Prime Directive do not harm humans. In yet? Do I see the forces of reality trying to work against evil? That is the wild part of the Montauk project story. One that is even older than 1006 battle of Hastings. You see when souls were stolen and hidden among the universes galaxies the objective was to assassinate Christ by placing an assassin within heaven. Thus the story of a man that can not talk when meet by God and asked why he was not wearing the right clothing. God is all powerful. His reality is well is real. All this? All of this? If this is just my imagination fine no problem. If this is part of a story that is real? Walk away from doing evil. Stop being evil. Do right. Why end humanity, and the worlds because of some delusional story that one man can own the world or worlds for a time?

What is my plan or recourse to evil? Tell you a story. Hope you read it. Most likely the censors will have it hidden or deleted before more than a few dozen people will read it. Storm the castle? No. I am not into that anymore. Action is for those that are bold. Pray? I pray. In yet? I am unsure of what will happen in each reality. Why? The bible has changed for me again. Not for you. No, your bible has always been like it reads here. For me? The changes are significant. There is a narrowing path. Will I make it? I repent daily. My dreams are more vivid. You can only wake up with your mouth tasting of blood so often before you realize something as a time traveler. If this is not a dream, then when I dream might not be a dream either. So what? Christ statement anger is the same as killing. Adultery in your heart is the same as sleeping with another mans wife. If this whole experience is not a dream. A wild dream that I wake up to someday and say wow to. Then I would say you need to change your ways. The path to humanity’s destruction whether it is through vaccination, or computer controlled sterilization of the population or not allowing people to work or eat is evil. Change.

People fail to ask me why? I mean, after all I have just told you that the future is dying out. That this is a past a, andnd it seems bent on a final battle with the creator of realities. Why change? Is or are there stories after the final battle where Psalms 2 happened for a time? Yes. Do I know those stories. Yes. They are not happily ever after stories. People die. We all die. The horrible realities are already told to you. People not having children and humanity dying. Vaccination plagues from Britain. Wars and rumors of wars. Are there no good alternative stories? To be honest, even Star Trek teaches that they keep on exploring after all their achievements. Why? They are looking for that part of them they lost when rejecting God. Surely some will find a path to God. I have a sad realization when I reread the bible again and the answer along with the answer I was told by a fellow time traveler is no. Change be good. Walk away from evil. Believe in Jesus. Why? The end is coming.