James S. Bray

The only openly-atheist lucid dreaming personality. Author of The New Frontiers of Lucid Dreaming.
Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

All assets on this page are free for commercial use! All I ask is that you either vote/comment/remind/subscribe/wire enjoy :) If you're feeling generous, you can donate below! ETH 0x318d24d442B51AFC1d09aE4a595cD47Ec975fA10 BTC 3BvT3fyA5wo1hDP1QUDCs1n8gwfFLkRYTV XRP rhVWrjB9EGDeK4zuJ1x2KXSjjSpsDQSaU6 PAYPAL [email protected]

Antuan Koval
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Founder and President World Movement: "Dinasty of Christ - Creaters Culture of Generations". https://globax.top/334295

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Lucid Dreaming & Astral Travel I'm a consciousness explorer that advocates alterered states of consciousness for personal change. I have been researching, experimenting & documenting my own personal experiences since 2011. Follow this page for hints & tips on exploring various sleep states whilst also staying firmly grounded in science.

Elie Estella
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Open minded travel - fashion - food - nature enthusiast. Environmentalist and Therapist The very first blogger on Minds. #SeeWhereIgo Every day new travel inspiration All content is my original #OriginalContent My other channel: https://www.minds.com/WeGiveHealth My story: https://www.minds.com/WeGiveHealth/blog/elie-my-story-881837716105814016

Psychopharmacologist Psychoactive Substance Connoisseur #EndTheDrugWar #LegalizeAllDrugs Fellow Drug Enthusiast?! Join the rest of us; https://goo.gl/CNLS3r

Mar 2017
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