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Lucid dreamer, writer, content creator, and general-purpose explorer of consciousness.

Have you ever had a dream in which you knew you were dreaming? Lucid dreaming is the scientifically validated phenomenon of being consciously aware while dreaming. Freedom. Entertainment. Self-improvement. Open the door to new possibilities at Dreamt by Geo Bell. "Stay lucid!"

Hello Everyone, I'm Daniel Love: The Lucid Guide - I'm a dream researcher, bestselling author and educator. I explore our universe using the philosophies, techniques and science of lucid dreaming. I'll cover topics such as lucid dreaming, virtual reality, science, philosophy and any other curiosities the cosmos has to offer. We'll stay grounded in science but fuelled by the passion and wonder of the imagination. ★ PATREON SUPPORT: ★ MY BOOK: ★WEBSITE:

Maxwell Hunter UK artist, oneironaut, perfectly spherical head. Creating artwork and youtube videos centered around things such as lucid dreaming, mental health and LGBT topics Youtube-

The Official SecondClancy Minds channel. I make videos on the internet and spend way to much time doing nothing.

NASA on Minds fan page.

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