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Elie - My Story

We Give HealthAug 30, 2018, 10:54:06 AM

   Hello everyone, this is my first post on our blog. And I have so much I want to tell you guys. I don't know where to start...

   Well, it'll be the best to start from the beginning and tell you how I found this idea - to start write this blog and what is purpose of 'We Give Health'. And who we are.

   Before I start to tell you my story, I have to warn you and I want apologize, I'm not a native speaker, as you can see :) So, my story and writing will have various shortcomings…

My Story

   My name is Elie and everything has began in 2004 - 2005 (I was 16 - 17 years old) when I became seriously ill. How? What happened are you asking?

   I was almost healthy for my whole life until my sixteen. I did ballet, I was playing the guitar with my pop-group, playing basketball, riding a bike or skateboard and I did athletics. I had a lot of energy and I used to do a lot of things. Simply, I loved everything where was some action. But suddenly, everything was gone. My life has changed.

   As you know, almost all parents want only the best for their children. And this is what my parents wanted, too. They wanted to protect me against illnesses, so they bought me a vaccination against hepatitis A and B when we visited my doctor. I received the vaccine against hepatitis A and B after recovering from a common flu. But because of that, I caught the hepatitis and I started to be ill with it. And nobody knew it. But what was worst - my immune system collapsed and vaccination destroyed my genes which produce immunoglobulins in the blood and on the mucous membranes. So, in layman's terms, my immunity dropped to zero and my body couldn't fight against any viruses or bacteria as it should. Nobody told me what happened to me, or whether if can ever heal. They just prescribed me some blue pills. And then, I received a paper where the doctor described my illness with a paper telling that I can't receive foreign blood in case of any accident. Immunoglobulins were a foreign substance for me, and I could die on a thick anaphylactic shock.

   I was shocked and I was really on the bottom. I was seventeen years old and I was sitting at the doctor's waiting room with retired and elderly sick people. I was alone and I wanted to cry. I started to be sick all the time. I have had a ban to walk among the people, I couldn't visit theaters, travel by public transport, to go to the school or to the stores. I should be at home, to be in a safe place against foreign bacteria and viruses. Teachers at school were bad to me and they didn't understand that. And a lot of my friends, too. I often heard that I can not be ill if I am so young and I faced a lot of inconvenience. At this point of my life I suddenly knew what does it mean to be seriously ill and how heartless people can be. It was stress and pain from both sides. When you find out that your friends weren't true friends and when your health is gone. My life has changed.

   So, it began... Every year, starting from autumn to spring, I was always just sick. Diseases were countless. I didn't recover from one illness and I caught another one. Every year, it got worse and worse. In just half of the year I had fifteen times an angina, the same number of times an influenza, two months in a row urinary tract inflammation, when I just urinated blood and I took chemotherapeutics. Frequent inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract... Because of that, I began to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. My bones and joints were in pain and I often couldn't even go to the toilet. I hadn't energy for that. At night, I cried in pain and I wanted to die because I felt bad. Biggest risk was that I could catch leukemia at any moment. This torment lasted for almost ten years.

   The biggest help for me was my big love Thomas. I met him in summer 2010. And the second one was our lovely cat Christopher who we met in fall 2011. We found him together as a pitiful kitten on the street. He was so skinny and ill, paradoxically after vaccination, too. They both were my psychological support when I wanted to give up. Thomas carried me to the toilet in his arms because I couldn't walk how I was exhausted and he did many other helpful things, so our love was tested.

   For these two souls I chose to be here.

   Everything was on the top/peak in 2014. I felt really bad. I visited my doctor (immunologist) because of blood tests. It was bad on the paper, too. I asked her if I have any chance to be healthy again? She told me that she wants to be honest with me, so according to her I have no chance to be healthy again. “It can't never happen”, she said. “Because science apparently didn't know how this disorder arises, so they don't know how to treat it. Immunology isn’t completely explored area.” She said, “scientists examine with a mass more common diseases" like cancer and others. I asked her if anyone in the world was healed with this disease? But her answer was: "I must be honest with you. No, it wasn't.” And then she said it will be worse and worse with me in the future. The fact was I had from one to three years before I will die…

   It was for the first time in my life when a doctor said me the truth and was honest with me, after eight years of my illness. That was what I needed to hear! It was something for me! It was like a smack to my face. Oh, my! I knew it somewhere deep inside of me, but until now I still had some hope that some doctor will find some miracle pill and everything will be OK again. How naive I was! In this moment I did a resolution to myself that i will be healthy next year. And I will be the first one who will prove it. I woke up from the dream and realized that no one will help me. The only one who can help me is me.

   So this is how it all started. I was lying in bed at home, I felt bad, but I really wanted to be healthy again. So I started to find information on the Internet, what might help. Don't think I didn't do that in the past but now I felt it's different. It wasn’t so easy because information were fragmented and I had to put everything together. I studied the body, organs, herbs, soul, I was meditating all the time, and I did detoxification techniques. Everything what I found out I was immediately trying and practicing on myself. I hadn’t time think about it only. It was an intensive work on myself for a long time. I managed to get such a knowledge and understanding of body, mind and spirit so I could heal myself in one year as I had resolved. When I started to practice it, my condition began to improve gradually. As I used more and longer time for my methods, I started to have more and more energy and I was healthier and healthier. I started to walk again and I ceased to be ill and had a new energy, which I've never known for many years.

   I started to be as my old myself. Finally it was me again! Now, I don't have to pretend I am fine (like in the past) when I was in a society and when my best friend was called "make-up".

   When I healed myself, I started to help many people from my country on the Internet. They wanted to consult their illnesses with me or wanted to help personally from me. I started to evidence a lot of people who needed my help and I wanted to help them, so I was sleeping 4 hours a day. Nobody has been rejected, each was an acute case for example with cancers… I wanted to help everybody personally but it started to be impossible for me. With respect to my past, too.

   So I realized that I have to start writing everything what I know and what helped me on my path to be cured and happy again. I would like to show you that everything is possible and so simple when you open your mind and arms and if you will believe in it and want it. And I believed and wanted to be healthy so much! I wanted to travel so much, but doctors said I can't because of the risk of infection and death is too high for me. So, when I cured myself, the first thing we did with Tom was we traveled the world!

   My illness was really a school of life for me. And I know for Thomas, too. Hand in hand with my illness we found a higher knowledge and link-up with our Mother Earth. It was life school for us. Now I can say thank you (up there) for everything what happened. We know the real value of life. Love and health. Love to everybody - to the people, animals and nature, to yourself…

   So, we hope this blog will bring love to hearts, healthy body and happiness in soul to many people. To your hearts, to your lives, to our Mother Earth, because this blog will be for everybody who need it. And who will be open.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

   With Love Elie ♡