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Melomane Millenial Moderate Modification Maven.

If you used to be on, join me on: As you join my journey, do join my group called #INTRODUCTIONS to quickly introduce yourself: The ultimate intention is to surpass Google but for now I am keep my dreams alive in dream-bits, support your boy Terry!

I serve the proud Kekistani People as foreign affairs minister.

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Dancing the line between here and insane. Holding my head and my breath in the rain. Laughing hysteric'ly, hiding the pain. But, mostly, I want to go home.

Fighting corruption throughout the country. I found the biggest Ponzi scheme in the state of NH called FRM. I have found corruption at all level of government.

It's not in the box. It's in the band.

Bane sexual, Kool Aid Kin, footsoldier of Da Patriarchy, and I have nice eyes. I also make videos for Youtube

Producing and disseminating content pertaining to Politics, Economics, Culture and the study of Cycles. If you would like to voluntarily support my work you can do so @ Useful links; (computational knowledge engine) (Analysis Behind and Beyond Government Economic Reporting) (Helping you tell the other side of the story) (Index of Economic Freedom measures economic freedom of 186 countries based on trade freedom, business freedom, investment freedom, and property rights.) (Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis.) (Ghostery detects and blocks tracking technologies to speed up page loads, eliminate clutter, and protect your data.) (HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox, Chrome, and Opera extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.) (Startpage search engine, the new private way to search Google. Protect your Privacy with Startpage) (Take control of your data) (An open source OpenPGP compatible encryption system. Provides data integrity services for messages and data files by using digital signatures, encryption etc) (P2P encrypted communication protocol, that works completely decentralized. ) (Is your computer keeping you up late? f.lux is free software that eliminates blue light to ensure your circadian rhythm isn't disrupted) (Professional quality historical charts covering global stock, bond, commodity and real estate markets as well as key economic and demographic indicators.) (Global Stock Market Valuation Ratios; P/E. P/B, P/S, Shiller P/E etc) (Forecasting America's Destiny ... and the World's)

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