Randy Ross

Constitutional Nationalist www.ParadoxChronicle.com www.RossBook.net

I an open minded preson just want to see change in the world

I am a hillbilly with an education. I am a skeptic who holds strong political opinions. My opinions were not formed in the many classrooms of higher education, but through life, through the Marine Corps, through war, and through living in West Virginia where I have seen the best in people and the worst despair anywhere in the United States. My opinions are my own, if you don't like me, convince me I'm wrong, but if you plan to do that, please back it up with evidence.

I am tired of the constant attack on straight, white, Christian, men. I have made this as a place that I can point out the attacks as I see them.

One Part Age, Three Parts Liquor. 100% Arsehole. I am a firm believer that facts do not give a flying furry frog's arse about your feelings.

I am an organic farmer and an aspiring progressive politician

Hey I'm just a guy just trying to his idea's out to the world, but please remember I'm only human I'll get things wrong sometimes so please help learn and became a better person with respect.

Jan 2017
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