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Mother, Author, Permaculture practitioner and Dancer, I follow anything that calls to my soul and meanwhile I write, write, write ♥ For more posts by me, check out my website,
Truth seeker living in Colorado. I don’t follow or promote any political, scientific, or religious ideologies. Pro-Palestinian freedom. Always looking to expand my knowledge and experience. Question everything.
I am a cook, amateur bartender, and bridal representative. I will talk with, listen to, and/or share ideas and experiences with anyone. I like to hike, listen to live music and stand up comedy, get creative with food dishes, try any food (unless it involves insects), drive, organize everything (parties, businesses, my room, etc.), travel, learn, and I am especially into neuroscience. Chat with me, tell me about you, help me learn!
Finding simplicity and mindfulness in our modern lives. Join the community of freethinking individuals centered around exploring all aspects of life. My mission is to bring compassion & personal growth to a million humans. You’ll find posts and quotes about happiness, change, mindfulness, minimalism and more If you’re searching for best quotation, discover famous deep quotes of all time. Browse collections of inspirational quotes, life quotes and love quotes.
I am a writer, public analyst and Economists.
Scouse poet extraordinaire
#LAWOFONE. #MAGA, #QANON, #WWG1WGA, #HAILTOTHECHIEF, GAB: jsmistro, Twotter: jsmistro. Part of the great twotter banishment just after POTUS.
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I am a very responsible, sincere and caring person. I am a very romantic and healthy man. I am a man who already understands the value of one a woman. I may not be a perfect man, but in my heart it is full of love and kindness.
honestly person, and very understanding
Feb 2017
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