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MindsGaming_LateNight is a part of the @MindsGaming Community. This channel is used for more adult posts to view adult group listings go to @MindsPorn or the community website's adult area. http://mindsgaming.com/ Adult content is not a priority in or community is this page may be left unmaintained from time to time, feel free to contact the main community channel to change the most recent image. #MindsGaming #GamerClan

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https://ethereum.network is dedicated to foster and improve the #Ethereum and the whole blockchain ecosystem. Here we post its most important news of the day.

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On this channel I'm [email protected], mindsblogging the news since 2016. On @GailMcGowanMellor, under my own name, I'm writing an unauthorized history of Minds as it unfolds. An investigative reporter with a Pulitzer'nomination (rare for an independent), a medical writer (who founded a cooperative medical writing company with clients on three continents), and teacher (I taught in high school and college and was an early coordinator in the un-schooling movement), I've been a political activist since the early 1960s, because "inactive citizen" is an oxymoron. On a computer since 1977, I've been on the web since it was born in 1989. With courageous, adventurous children out changing the world, having just helped raise a grandson, with my husband aka best friend, I founded a small community in an improbable oasis that we're working to save in the midst of a metro area. There, the guy I love creates anything that I can imagine, and I grow things and write... Channel Policy: Doxxers and spammers -- including thread hijackers endlessly bleating about unrelated pet projects or hatreds -- are at minimum boring. Bug out. All others: thank you so much for being here. Documented disagreement is terrific. So are discoveries. So is laughter....

NASA on Minds fan page.

I post pictures of women #DealWithIt Biggest Donaters This Channel: @BluePaw 210k Second Biggest Donater: @UmbrellaMan 160k Biggest donations: @Andredal 50k @john 10k @KootenayVince 5k @huy_guitar108 10k @SnapperTrx 14k @LaRevolutionEstEnMarche 8k @Dryde 6k @maniek115 7k @BasGosen 5k @KenClark 17k @aoirthoir 5k @MarkSalo 5k @Bagaway 11k @Tyler-Too 6k @ChevyThunder 8k @Gallcobair 6k @vendetta500 7k @TBFW 6k @Niewykonalny 6k @Samboliah 5k @Jokerjim1957 5k @Goldcomplex86 5k Thank you for the donations to: @eugenenon0815 1k @scottychams 4k @scottcbusiness 1k @ohassee 1k @riveredge 1k @Nataku 1k @RBAnder 3k @Hrhemand 1k @SkyhawkSG1 1k @Shianp 1k @milsco97 2k @NathanLam 2k @trayoncounty 1k @bikos_gr 2k @wiciur 1k @Thien7761311 1k @Anhathai 4k @sorearm 1k @delastman 1k @Naishsr 1k @nguyenanhtu 1k @micrbu3825 4k @HoangNguyen18 1k @glenmoore 4k @pinn 1k @eloe79 1k @EyesWideOpen2017 1k @TheAmericanBrother 1k @JosephWiess 1k @Marcin84 2k @KindTorment 1k @ReedIndeed 1k @HAIVAILON 1k @betokupper 1k @kraysek 1k @WernerRosas 2k @RavenousGalahad 1k @SleepingDragon 2k @Therealcocksmantools 3k @KennyRichman 3k @fuzzhead 1k @TheGrayAlien 4k @ChuongNN 1k @LeonLaGrey 2k @Xenontheenigma 1k @somekindofwonderful 1k @Scum_Time 1k @5iF3R 1k @SickOfFacebook 1k @Lukitun 1k @Carre91 1k @smileypb 1k @Xenontheenigma 1k @JamesAkin 1k @JormungandIX 1k @DaveGreem 4k @leec4123 1k @JamestheJust 1k @eyeCandies 2k @JokerSATX 1k @N4nudity 4k @jayjacobs92 4k @beachcomberb 2k @RevengeOfThePatriot 1k @MelesioTorres 1k @arianto71 4k @Lord_Dilly 1k @Repeat 1k @maximo0696 4k @AmericanEric 1k @BinhVu 1k @MattHavoc 3k @Kdawgthegreat1 4k @RobotPirateNinja 1k @ObservingLibertarian 2k @TOPI_Wolf 1k @dartagnons 1k @diamondhide 1k @slownlow25specv 3k @sorensong 1k @Vendetta50 1k @KiCiaran 1k @AlfaMorales 2k @Aimanhahaha 1k @CJSpud 4k @Thuring 1k @SwittersB 2k @robrus 1k @NeoTheatre 1k @xrayman1963 2k @SweetSinner 4k @Duyle7738 1k @c5c5c 2k @Shalashar 1k @Tomcast 1k @ABSISD 3k @SSuiteOffice 3k @mcpop57 4k @bigace0001 1k @Lincoln_Martini 1k @superbum 4k @ztamizzen 2k @frockman232 2k @Romeowhiskey 1k @LordShooter 3k @Peacenik7 4k @smoeman21 3k @Inquisitor_Firebrand 3k @aethelweard 4k @Coreyjr1971 2k @conchitocobar 1k @erodphx48 1k @Khuongvo 1k @herphelp 1k @leimogne 1k @deciferone 1k @RealMindsChan 1k @freedomporn 1k @martin_k 2k @logix89 1k @TurianO 1k @DerekJones 1k @steph88 1k @twerking4soup 1k @marcshort 1k @EMZTsInfamous 2k @eroticstories 1k @unkn0wnuser 1k @Meinhair 2k @nookie_jones 1k @deejf 1k @rockjocky 1k @JamesWillingham 1k @Hunter441 2k @Brad0325 3k @twobolts 1k @Baola 1k @Samurai74 1k @Raydogiii 1k @dabdd 1k @Atrielis 1k @miso60062 1k @jeffli 1k @ranchonmars 1k @Alnitak 1k @raythemixer 1k @MrAnderson51 1k @vilegoat 1k @chapelsauce 1k @jasonewaldfisher 1k @Djuff 1k @CrystalMiku 1k @redheadclichelover 2k @t_james 3k @cryptopunk 2k @Quangnguyen2707 1k @DarkTemplar 1k @MedicMark 1k @zeroscope 1k @5tarl0rd 1k @DamianP1990 1k @eduardolmf 1k @MiguelSara 3k @showme_whatyougot 1k @hung_q9 1k @VuDuyCuong 2k @authorlord 1k @johngraysky 1k @Outbound101 1k @Keffus 1k @Elygantthings 4k @tnguentertainment 1k @Toddj501 3k @serje 4k @JohnE9999 3k @himahaddad 1k

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