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By the list of the "new" racism in the Metro article, the Metro is racist for just publishing. (See: Seeing racism in something that isn't racist.)
They're desperate for people to be racist. Their victimhood politics demands it. Their narcissism demands it. And their pocketbooks demand it. They cultivate an abusive, co-dependent relationship, with the people they're pretending to help; while using them, as an army of useful idiots; who, unwittingly, carry out someone else's divide and conquer strategy. They need some people to see themselves as victims. They need some people, they can use as their boogeyman scapegoat. And they need some people to see themselves as the the superior, benevolent rescuers; protecting those poor, helpless, inferior victims. (Gotta feed their messiah complex. Gotta keep that donation money flowing.) Their politics is inherently divisive, and they need to feed the bourgeoisie/proletariat - oppressor/oppressed narrative, any way they can. They use age, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, and any other demographic difference, between people. All they need to do, is convince a few, useful idiots, that their situation in life, is the fault of people who are different from them; and that to fix the problem; they need to abuse and take from, the chosen scapegoat. They present themselves as being kind, caring, generous, and anti-fascist; all while using the same strategies, the German National Socialists (and the Soviet and Chinese Socialist) used to demonize, steal from, and eventually murder their victims.
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