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I am a Carmelite Friar and minister in the Catholic Church. I am not perfect, but I'm trying to witness to the joy I have and share the gifts I have received . My YouTube channel is:  Please subscribe.    #Prayer #Spirituality #Meditation #Catholic #Religion #Carmelite

READ THIS BLOG FIRST! About that Deus Vult TRAD life for Christ the King and Country ☦ Isaiah 6:8 ⚔️ #SlavRight Instagram: All links and IDs are real, but I am NOT the real Faith Goldy. I'll post all her videos here, and when she decides to grace us with her presence on minds all she has to do is ask nicely. @Darwyn

Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Exchange Ideas. Let's start discussions about issues without having a political agenda.

Ordinariate Catholic

The Young Turks perpetrated the Ottoman Genocide of Armenians, Assyrians and Pontic Greeks. Cenk Uygur has a long history of Armenian Holocaust denial. The main aim of this channel is to educate people about Cenk's abysmal record, to get Cenk to finally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide (hopefully on or before Genocide Memorial Day the 24th April) and to put pressure on The Young Turks to change the disgraceful name of their show.

Abolish The Education Systems Of The West. All Are Marxist Temples Of Dogma.

Apr 2017
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