Pillopaus Project

Detroit Ambient, Detroit Techno, Deep House, Ambient House producer since 1993. Tracks released on Looking Forward (it), Planet Rec.(UK), Bottom Line Records(usa), and self released on bandcamp.com.
Growing since 2000, playing with genetics since 2003. Selecting for resilience and strength, pheno hunting for flavour and aroma. THC % isn't the most important thing, just a part of the equation email for info at [email protected] Find us also on IG: https://www.instagram.com/pillopaus_genetics/ and seedfinder: https://es.seedfinder.eu/database/breeder/Pillopaus_Genetics/
cat dad, musician, medgrower, e-racer.
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music - writings - travel? - truelifehacks - huh? You tell me.
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Jun 2015
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