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Growing since 2000, playing with genetics since 2003. Selecting for resilience and strength, pheno hunting for flavour and aroma. THC % isn't the most important thing, just a part of the equation email for info at [email protected] Find us also on IG: https://www.instagram.com/pillopaus_genetics/ and seedfinder: https://es.seedfinder.eu/database/breeder/Pillopaus_Genetics/
Autoflower Connoisseur. Steel Worker by day and Grower by night. Twitter: @MedicalGrower42
Hello Minds! My name is Nada and I am here to fill your newsfeed with pictures, art, memes, and another content that I can create/dig up. I'm a avid videogame collector, and have curated an extensive game collection. I am also very into heavy metal and movies, specifically horror movies. I have amassed a large metal band shirt collection and have started a modest metal record collection, with a primary focus on my favorite bands. Hopefully videos or a podcast will follow in the future, but before I can get those up and rolling I figured I'd start small and gradually expand the channel over time. After all if you're gonna eat an elephant, you need to do it one bite at a time.
Dong Tab is a professional designer
Decentralisation will free us!
3 Monkeys Smoke & Vape Shop is the smoke shop in Roseville CA. We are one of the leading stores of CBD oils and CBD products in Roseville CA.
cat dad, musician, medgrower, e-racer.
Anime is Life !!! Storm Chaser, Chemist by Trade, Ex Pro Disc Golf Player, Centralist Libertarian . Freedom 2A, Free Speech, Much Less Government !!
May 2021
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