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•?((¯°·._.• Ќɲ๏ώℓ€ďǥ€ ɨ$ ρ๏ώ€я •._.·°¯))؟ We come from different walks of life and here we are sharing the information we want to spread to each other. Freedom of speech is a Right we have taken for granted on the internet with authoritarian Governments restricting our access to websites that inform the general public of the truth and with unbiased and unfiltered information being a right within a click of a button it shouldn't be anyone's right to restrict us access from this information. We all came here with the same mindset of adopting a new & alternative method to communicate and share information that wont be blocked by some algorithm. Anarchist + Pagan

Self taught artist. Mom of 1 amazing child! From Seattle, WA 🌲💖 Trying to follow my dreams. People can be anything they want if they work hard enough. Help me prove that to my daughter! Follow me on InstaGram: @_sophiawolf1715 Add me on SnapChat: @Shewolfninja91 Email me at: [email protected] for commissions or art trades 😜💍 Buy me a coffee at: for 3$ get a thank you gift from me. 10$ digitally draw your name 15$ for hand drawn head shot 25$ for digital head shot You may now donate to my bitcoin if you support me as an artist. 1GNQSAU99WbQc1muoCL2ep64YSWQ2dXVJH

"We're not here because we're free. We're here because we're not free. There's no escaping reason. No denying purpose. Because as we both know without purpose, we would not exist." ― Agent Smith

I enjoy online poker tournaments (micro & low stakes), collecting vinyl records, and meeting new people. I enjoy making videos to a point, and I'm having a good time exploring social media alternatives. Recently I've become interested in live streaming (mostly poker oriented) and I plan to start doing some of that. But I also enjoy making vlog style videos and may one day find my passion for songwriting again. I was in a car accident as a kid and was injured badly including losing my left leg. I'm presently recovering from a health crisis as a result of several ailments and injuries. So I expect I will discuss my recovery from time to time.

Apr 2018
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