Some links I found helpful; SUPPORT AND BUG REPORTS FEATURE REQUESTS - When you have an idea to improve Minds MINDS FAQ This is MY channel. You have YOUR channel. What I say goes here. If you throw trash here, I'll clean up, and then make sure you never dump -here- again. BIO: 50+ female, Introvert personality type, married - straight. Anti-misandrist. Reading, information, research, current events, sci-fi, some horror, online MMOs (LOTRO). My feline roommates, and of course family. Independent politically, NOT the party, but voting my own conscience. Religiously independent, believe something, or someone, may have created the universe, but subscribe to no one person's belief path and don't expect anyone to follow mine. ON CULT BEHAVIOR ================== Choosing to assist with the aims of one group or another is normal. When people NEED a group they tend to become cultists. They treat the group like a religion. Left, right, democrat, republican, liberal, center or conservative - whatever - if you cannot own up to what is wrong with your group, then you are treating it, and believing in it, as though it is a cult. It just shows a lack of conviction in yourself when you have a NEED to belong so badly you change your core being. ================== As long as what folks do doesn't hurt, maim or kill another, or others, more power to them. I have an extreme dislike for anyone, or any ideology, who calls for division and expresses hatred for those who try to end human created "lines" that divide peoples whether religious and/or political systems used to control and gain power. I fight against their attempts to social engineer the free people of Earth. I am for parity of opportunity across ALL lines. parity 1. The state or condition of being equal, especially as regards status, political, social, and economics. If it becomes clear you are pounding a pulpit to splinters and not making an attempt to understand, or trolling me, I will give up attempting to have a meeting of minds and block you. Back in April 2018 after a fall and total hip replacement. Recovery and rehabilitation are coming along fine.
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J.D. B.A. Writer and independent intellectual with a focus on applied philosophy, empirical history, and practical economics. Editor-in-Chief of the National Economic Editorial, contributor to American Greatness.

A thinking man hoping to rise above petty differences and tackle the ever-present threat to free speech that exists today.

I started this channel after I had to unsub so many "truthers" that fell for the oldest trick in the book; divide and conquer/illusion of choice 2016 election. On top of that the powers that be started with the fake news psyops. If it isn't operation mockingbird CIA approved then it must be fake? I will inform of the proven history of the lies we are brain washed with from birth. I do not want you to believe; I want you to question and research for yourself. The truth WILL set you free. It's about time.

Understanding Russia with a Russian. Find out more about Russia (from culture & art to politics & history) on my blog:

SW, United States
Oct 2016
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