Compendium of Inaccuracies

Diffusing awareness into your bones. Removing words & feeling within...

hello and welcome to my mind ^^, I'm a french artist (sorry for bad english). All the pictures posted here are my work.

A project for teaching the value of that which has been discarded by popular culture, through the reclaiming of waste, and production of value from trash, which can be upcycled. Society's wasted potential is our resource, and our intention is to share the wealth.

The only thing I know is nothing.

I dream sometimes of a place were the small voice makes big waves. I want equality and a place I am proud to call home. I'm done with a paradigm that endorses the failed attempts at control. I'm big on learning and trying to improve myself with no end. For the most part I enjoy hanging out and laughing at random anime and comics or debating physics and consciousness.

Weblog on Data Management, Data Recovery, Computer Forensics and Security, Internet Law and Security, Copyright help and so much more.

Jun 2015
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