I am here to teach a Universal Plan. The name of this Plan is One Wholeness Now. I understand so much about this Plan, I have Become this Plan. Because the Currency of the Universe is understanding, in order to Become the Plan I had to go through a period of re-evaluating everything that I learned believe was real. Everything I believed was stripped of the false understanding that was supported with my belief, until the only thing that was left was truth. During this period of time, which lasted for more than 25 years, everything that did not serve the understanding necessary to Be the Plan was stripped away. This means that the limited internally programmed value that I was attempting to preserve was stripped away. I lost my home, my car, a child, and the false integrity that I had built my limited body life on. Because it is impossible to devalue the truth, as untruth was stripped away, what I was left with was a meaningful understanding of the purpose of life. What I can say is that the purpose of life has nothing to do with what we have been programmed to believe. The only way possible to strip false value away is to replace false value with real value. The mind is most powerful. It will not allow an individual to take something out of it without replacing this empty space with a Higher Value. Even at this, the exchange must be done with utmost care. Hence, instead of taking anything out of my mind, I learned to exchange my physical experience with a miracle experience. Hence, miracles began to slowly replace my limited body experience with an unlimited miracle experience. Because the best way to learn is through an experience, by learning to consciously turn over my limited body experience for a miracle experience, my conscious understanding began to slowly change. The miracle understanding that I share is often misunderstood, simply because people judge what they understand based on what their body experience taught them in the past, and most body experiences are filled with deception it is simple to see the many deceptions that individuals consistently explain to themselves and others. Any past deception will lead to an illusion, and we are living in a world that is full of illusions that people are constantly attempting to fix. The question is, if it is an illusion, how are you going to find any kind of truth in it that you can point to as reality? The answer is, you can't. So, here I stand with a Universal Plan that is offering to bring whole new understanding to our world, and no one cares to listen because they believe their body experience carries greater potential than a miracle experience. Still, hope springs eternal, and I will continue to deliver the message that there is hope beyond this linear illusion that people continue to support, even though they do not want what their illusion is showing them.

Mother, Grandmother, Massage Therapist, Artist, Grower 馃挌

It's hard to make up your bed while you're still sleeping in it. Hard to make up your mind for the same reason. -Robert Brault

Working hard to make a difference in this weird world. Wide awake and non too happy about what I've learned. I am a voice for the voiceless. Working hard for Animal Rights, Human Rights, Native American Rights. I have been fighting to save our Wild Mustang horses from the governments intent to destroy them. I also am very active in saving my beloved Pit Bulls from the sick cruelty and main stream media created stigma that they and their owners face. I am here to share what I have learned and to learn from others who are aware of what really goes on in this twisted world. Those who are closed to learning the truth can stay on fb and look at pics of people's dinners and remain blissfully unaware of reality.That bubble burst a long time ago for me. I am an activist, a warrior for those who can't fight for themselves.

Hello, Thank you for checking out my page. I am new here, and it looks like I'll be staying.

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Jun 2015
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