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Mostly mens rights advocacy through drawings and prose. Some wine and music. Unashamed caucasian smiler. Wallowing in transcendent hetero-normative mumbo-jumbo. Links: Howling at a Slutwalk Moon: Vol 1 Paperback: Vol 1 Kindle: Vol 2 Paperback: Vol 2 Kindle: Vol 1 Illustrated Paperback: Vol 2 Illustrated Paperback: Redbubble shop: Visit my blog: Check out my youtubechannel: Check out my bitchutechannel: twatter: Gab: Minds: Flickr:
Views30.02k is a website dedicated to archiving the Constitutional Sanctuary movement spreading across our country.
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Teacher of NASARA GASARA QFS and end Time studies you're free to DM, no hello go straight to the point.
Think you're an accomplished shaman? Check out the source code on reality, and see if you can handle it. Inin nemilizpohualiztli ca yancuic pohualiztli in huelquizaliztli in achtotlaca ihuan achtocihuatl intlacatiliz ipan Inic Macuilli Tonatiuh, Nahui Ollin, tocahui. Inin nemiliz pohua in totatah, tonanah inpehualiz, nican, Anahuac. I tired more than once to tell you, to communicate what I know. You did not or could not listen. You can not show to anyone what she has not seen. It's time to pull the cosmic trigger... Support ETH: 0xeE9f5aB4faeCBe30012f675Bb938031BC51bB49B
Twitter says I'm too controversial to be heard because I keep saying men are human. Go figure.
I am my kids' Dad (Preston, Andy, and Michelle) as well as my wife's hubby (Jordan).
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IT professional & trainer, game enthusiast and proud anti SJW shit poster. BitChute - YouTube - Gab - Twitter - If you like my content you can offer your support by donating on Patreon, MakerSupport, PayPal or via cryptocurrency: Patreon: PayPal: [email protected] Bitcoin address - 34tFLHF9ptZnWP8jbcibqn5cz9hgVucF8s Litecoin address - LXFwqZ7hWTNVkTcV771P5p6LWz8H5Mftoh Dogecoin address - DQrNXsQe6GVhQXmLoJbD2eNFBx9STiz9SC
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