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Minds.com Bans Founder #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingDec 17, 2021, 10:17:04 PM

The social media site known as Minds.com, founded by users from its wefunder campaign on the basis of free speech and the ability to speak your Minds has banned a site founder from the support chat rooms. 

This not only violates the sites content policy, that is linked in the sites terms of service but also goes against its founding principles for providing a free and open place to speak your Minds on the network.

You may ask what the founder did. They asked for information on the boost network protocol for rejected boosts, the sites form of advertising. This is where users can spend cryptocurrency known as Minds tokens they have earned on the network to promote their content. 

As a founder of the site they have helped implement many features, including the the decentralized chat rooms, it's said to see the leading alternative social media site engage in such actions against one of its founding members of the site. This only brings the question of what other abuses of power are being preformed on the network. 

Still the founder insists Minds is the best alternative to to major social media sites and challenges other users to recommend a social media site the fully follows their own terms of service.

" Minds is still the best, but I'm willing to explore other social media alternatives that users trust and know they hold up to their own guidelines". - #MindsGaming 

I expect as with Minds if the creator of finds a better and unusable alternative they will employ it and their community layout, this isn't the first time they have been banned from providing their input on or about a social media site or asking questions about it.

"We always just keep grinding and pushing forward, trying to find the best next thing. We joined Minds before it was a leader in anything we don't need to be viral we just need a place to be our-self and holds up their end of the social contract, I wont hold my breath"

The founder is clearly looking for another home so will you be the next social media site built for the users by the users, or are we forever stuck in this mass social empire.




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NOTICE: Written in third person for meta