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The Minds Survival Guide (V3.0) #MindsGaming

MindsGaming Community Aug 2, 2018, 1:59:25 PM

 Welcome to our Minds survival guide, this guides purpose is to help you get started on Minds and solve and answer the most popular issues and questions about Minds.

This is our personal recommended helpful links, please feel free to comment on anything that you feel needs to be added.

*Please report your issue in Help & Support or our recommended user run help groups if these steps do not help you! This was last updated  NOV. 15th. 2019

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Chapter-1 Intro

About Minds.Com

Chapter-2 Creating an Account

How to create an account on Minds.com

Chapter-3 Features

Website features for Minds.com

-Chapter-3A Blogs

-Chapter-3B Videos

-Chapter-3C Images

-Chapter-3D Groups

-Chapter-3E Messenger

-Chapter-3F Video Chat

-Chapter-3G Conversations

-Chapter-3H Blocking

-Chapter-3I Boosting

-Chapter-3J Pinned Posts

Chapter-4 Installing

Installing Minds.com

Chapter-5 Docs

User based docs on:


-Community Owned

-Open Sourced

-Open Development

-Free Speech


-Missing Docs & Info

Chapter-6 Tokens

Minds ERC-20 Token

-Chapter-6A Setting up you wallet. (MetaMask)

-Chapter-6B ERC-20 Tokens

-Chapter-6C Rewards

-Chapter-6D Paraphrase

-Chapter-6E Boost

-Chapter-6F Wire

-Chapter-6G Token Demand

-Chapter-6H Minds Token Documentation

Other Useful Links  from version 2.0 -

*Not all links in this reference were published by our channel.


Yes you can boost explicit content this covers the rules.

Your Minds Boost Console: How To Use It

This covers how to use your boost console & track boosted posts.

6. Reporting Accounts

Email [email protected] ; please request this feature in support and bugs.

Blocking- How To

This covers how to block channels

  Minds Tutorial walk-though.by #MindsGaming

Video Upload -How To

This covers how to upload a video

Supporting Channels

This goes over how to support other channels

  Password Reset 

Other Useful Blogs:

Moving Away From Facebook

8 Basic Essentials to Get Newbies started on Minds.com

Our Opensourced Handbook

"The Minds Handbook"