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A Unicorn Coming To Minds? (My Recommendations for Uniswap) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingMay 27, 2020, 5:23:42 PM

Maybe you have stop by and read some of other blogs about cryto and found your way down the path to swapping tokens or "liquidating" them to another asset like ETH (Ethereum) or BTC(Bitcoin).

If you have you know that we recommend Uniswap for liquidation from Minds tokens to ETH, BTC and more.

Well it looks like soon you may not need to travel down the rabit hole of liquidating your tokens, Minds may be bringing Uniswap to the network!

This would allow you to liquidate your tokens directly from Minds without using third party sites and inputing long token ids and information.

In my personal opinion this is the biggest thing well from the launch of Minds tokens, and we have some recommendations on how we think it should be set-up for users.

Our Recommendations

1.) The swap option should be directly below your current token value in wallet nex to the "Buy Tokens" button.

2.) The default exchange value should be in ETH as Minds tokens are based on ETH, however this should be able to be changed via an easy drop-down.

3.) A process layout for user understanding should be published for transfer fee and location of swapped tokens.

4.) A total value of swapped tokens from the time you have been on the network and the total vaule of the swap should be present for all cryto available to swap.

"Our Design Sketch"

Just a fun sketch


I’m looking forward to being able to liquidate tokens on the network and hope you are just a little as well, Make sure to subscribe for future blogs, and support our channel by sending us a token or two we can swap later!

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