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Tipping The Skale #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingOct 5, 2021, 3:45:25 PM

The integration of Skale into the the Minds platform has the opportunity to bring real creative culture back to the platform.

Skale, in the simplest terms is a blockchain. This will allow users to easily send and receive Minds tokens cheeply on a blockchain.

This will reduce one of the major flaws with Minds rewards, the gas fee. Although you will still have a transfer fee, this will most likely be in Minds token and hopefully a very small amount.

The ability to send and receive tokens on the blockchain will be a huge advantage and bring the possibility of many other integrations to the platform.

The Possibilities 

Adding a blockchain expands the possibilities of the future of Minds in many ways. Here are just a few things it could bring.

1.) In house trading
2.) In house Airdrops
3.) Nfts 
3.) Creator Tokens

That's right we spin this all the back to creator tokens, because with a blockchain the chance for creator tokens grows. A blockchain would allow Minds to mint creator tokens and bring real creative concepts back to Minds.

As the value of creator tokens would be based off content, the top tokens or channels would rise to the top, and the biggest profit gain would land in finding new creative channels who token is bond to grow based off content.

Tip The Skale 

Remember to tip the Skale and fight for creator tokens. Minds needs a new better system for rewards and pushing creative content, Tip the Skale!


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