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Passion For Gaming

#MindsGaming Jun 3, 2018, 8:35:51 PM

O where to “Start”? I would say way before the start button for sure. From the time I was a kid games were my favorite activity. I enjoy all types of games both video and physical, literally horseshoes to hand grenades :) 


Video Games


Video games are really my relax time and stress release.  I don’t discriminate and have a wide range of systems so my game libraries are pretty extensive. I enjoy PC and console gaming, although I spend most of my time on a PC one of my all-time favorite PC games has to be Stronghold. If I am on a console I’m most likely playing something in first person like Halo, AC, Metal Gear Solid, or GOD OF War,  just to name a few.

I started building gaming “clans” before on-line was a thing and you linked PC to PC in what we called "LAN" parties  with beer-pong, darts, and whatever other game we could think of, I think it was around this point I found how fun building activities was just as fun as playing in them.  


Physical Games

I am not sure I know how to turn down a good game of paint-ball but would enjoy a game of chess or billiards (8 or 9 ball but I can scoot) with a drink just as much. Now that I have a child I get to enjoy going back to the good old “tag you’re it” and kick the can as well, but any game outdoors I pretty much enjoy during the summer Sharks and Minos is one of my favorite pool games.


View on gaming

I think everyone is a gamer at heart, I mean really can you say that you don’t play a game? Life is a game in itself and everyone should enjoy it and play it to the fullest, some days you just want to through your controller and that's okay as long as you can pick back up and press on and continue to play. 


So where did all my enjoyment in gaming start? Well its hard to say really but I hope it never stops, having the ability to make almost anything into a game and enjoy the activity is something that I hope to continue to get better at. I think that gaming is not used enough in daily life from learning games to work games making general tasks more enjoyable. Gaming wont ever go out of style, Games can adapt to almost any situation, I am really not sure how I would play through life without gaming. 

Gaming On Minds

I play often on Minds building our community #MindsGaming ; making custom gaming videos, community videos, informative blogs and play in many topics with many players, make sure to check out other gamers who made a play with us on this blog!





Game Over

I am not a pro gamer or career game reviewer I just enjoy gaming for what it is and the gaming arena in itself. I think many of the (political)  gaming issues are played out and overrated and many are forgetting the love of the game. I hope that our community can bring that back while staying relevant in the gaming arena make sure to drop by our website!


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