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Why Gaming is Important (read if you don't game)

gametestplayJun 3, 2018, 6:46:51 PM

I have clear memories of loading cartridges into the Tandy Color Computer from Radio Shack and trying to hook up an Atari 2600 to the back of a TV while I was still in diapers. This is when there was setup required in order to play video games, which probably gave me the patience and delay-of-gratification work ethic I have today; and is one of the reasons I entered the gaming industry-- to encourage parents to play more games with their children instead of beating them with a wooden spoon.

Downland for TRS-80 CoCo 2 (circa 1983)

Video game journalism from industry outsiders brushes off gaming as nothing more than a distraction and time waster, and even gets blamed for making kids lazy or aggressive.  I found playing games to be helpful in the development of troubleshooting, sportsmanship, and social skills. When I have children, I can't wait to teach them about math, computers, language, and the dangers of drug abuse through retro gaming consoles.

I started working on the NES MEGAMIX series for several reasons: to pay tribute to the composers and developers who were often overlooked for their ingenuity, to showcase the gameplay and music in an accessible and interesting manner that respects the viewers' time, and to share tips and historical info that would otherwise require a lot of searching. The Nintendo Entertainment System is the first console I received as a child, as opposed to being born into-- and it still provides me with everlasting entertainment that I still haven't experienced in its entirety (There were over 700 games released in The West, and much more if you count Japanese and unlicensed ones).

Then there's contemporary gaming, with so much depth involved in any given title that it would be virtually impossible to cover everything, especially in games like Dark Souls or Grand Theft Auto, so I'm going to continue my journey of curating games with exceedingly awesome soundtracks, and mashing them up in a way that gives listeners a taste of what to expect without spoiling the whole package.

I might not be able to play every video game out there, but in the meantime I can continue building a database of the best gaming music there is and syncing it up. There are many other retro systems that I'm considering diving into, but would require more support to increase my output. So if you're interested in seeing more content, all you need to do is start a dialogue in the comments.