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What is a Gamer? (MG-Log #7) #MindsGaming

MindsGaming Community Jul 8, 2017, 4:02:44 PM

What is a gamer, well let us think for a second, no really lets talk about this. In this episode of MindsGaming Logs we talk about our thoughts about what is a gamer.






Thank you for watching our video (Mostly bullshit edition!) 


Types of Gamers



A gamer who uses competitive gaming (tournaments, leagues, etc.) as their sole source of income. This does not refer to someone who games all the time and attains some level of skill; being a pro gamer means you use it as your profession, and that you actually do earn money. In the USA, there are few pro gamers, and those that do exist usually make all of their money from prizes in tournaments and leagues, with some income coming from sponsorships. In Korea, however, there are actually leagues with paid salaries, closer in format to baeball.


Hardcore Gamer:

Someone who plays video games as a primary hobby. They tend to spend large amounts of time playing games, often in excess of two or three hours a day.Hardcore gamers tend to care less about graphics then casual gamers. While some specialize in a single genre, they typically have fairly diverse taste in games, frequently playing a wide variety of games from different genres. They'll often seek out obscure and older games, based on word of mouth or positive critical reception. Hardcore gamers put good gameplay above all else.


Amateur Gamer:

One who engages in gaming as a pastime rather than as a profession, but will take some donations for time.


Social/Casual Gamer:

One who plays on occasion mostly with friends or just to pass time.


Board Gamer:

Someone who plays a table -top game that involves counters or pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked surface or "board", according to a set of rules.



Someone willing to wager money or something of value (referred to as "the stakes") on game without a pre-determined outcome.


 Athletes Gamers:

a player who is game; especially ; an athlete who relishes competition in real life games using talents and skills without use video game type reality.


Our conclusion: A gamer is someone who enjoys playing a game, weather it be a first person shooter, a board game, or marco polo. If you enjoy playing a game, and think you’re a gamer then you probably are a gamer.


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