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Minds Going From FOSS to OSS (“Why yes you’re on-chain")

#MindsGamingSep 3, 2019, 11:02:22 PM

Minds.com has had major issues with the boost protocol that most users would call the backbone of the system. Minds Solution, well apparently it’s to make it a paid to play program.

Currently users see a lot of rejected and refunded boosts, well if its not an on-chain boost that is. On-chain or boosts that cost ETH to make are still accepted on a regular base from Minds while “free” users of the service are put on the back burner as peasants of the network with mass boost rejections and refunds as the boost system “can’t afford” to advertise the post.

Minds admins tell users that because less users use onchain accepting these “few” or whale users is not an issue at all, however if you worked for your tokens on the network try again tomorrow or something. Minds is now more focused on promoting paying users on the “free” open source program making a general bias and discrimination against lesser financially capable users.

Whale networks are nothing new, allowing users with the cash to mass promote whatever they want while smaller channels that are trying to grow naturally  on the network (in this case using the reward system to boost) get ignored and just are not “worth” the time for Minds.

This new protocol is essentially making Minds an OSS (Open Source System) over FOSS (Free Open Source System) putting money before ethics, users and contributors to the network that gain tokens over buying and don’t wish to pay to promote on a “free” reward based system.

Minds has tried to ease the issue by limiting off-chain boosts to 5 tokens a day, and have brought back the boostfeed to the network accessible from the newsfeed page, however this just hasn’t done what they need it seems as they still struggle to maintain a FOSS network.

Thanks for reading as always, please remind this as I use off-chain tokens as well :P

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