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Raising Prices, Not Performance (Adjust This! ) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingJul 5, 2019, 11:54:21 PM

Minds recently raised its prices for the Minds token smashing the old spectrum of view value. The raise in price is not only substantial to base users and smaller accounts but comes close to what Facebook charges for a view.

“The average CPC for Facebook ads (across all industries) is $1.86 and the average CPM is $11.20; however, costs vary greatly. Businesses in industries with high competition or those producing poor quality ads will see higher CPCs. Facebook currently has a minimum daily ad spend of $1.

Now if you are not familiar with the terms above (CPC, CPM) CPC stands for cost per click and CPM stands for cost per mile. These terms are the industry standard for views or advertisements for websites, however not for Minds. Minds doesn’t provide its users with any metrics of actual interaction or charge based of what is actually interacted with, only what is seen passing the screen on someones computer.

This is why in the form of performance between Minds and other social media sites or websites that allow users to create “ad-space” Minds is falling way behind. Users have no way of actually knowing how often posts are interacted with, if they are being interacted with or when users are interacting with them. In other words Minds has no metrics on there boost for the user base that is now paying pretty close to Facebook prices.

Of course with the new enforcement of content in general, Minds also doesn’t surpass Facebook in what you can promote with the advertisement network with mass content filters for NSFW, Politics and more promoting your boost on Minds is all over the place with no sight of transparency on what a view is or how these boosts and views affect our channel, interactions, or products in some cases it seems safer to currently spend your money where you know its being put to work, and nor just seen.

With the downgrade of the newsfeed removing a boosted column, as well as the general algorithm hell that Minds calls the discovery page, o and did I mention mass complaints of not seeing subscribers / subscriptions posts it seems Minds is moving not closer but more distant to a true advertising network.

I Think minds needs to completely re-evaluate the way they charge and distribute views and provide users with transparent metrics on what they are spending money (tokens) on with a per click (or per interaction) ratio. I do not see raising the price of tokens fixing the issue of bot farms with mass free tokens that promote and abuse the boost network, and feel this is only hurting the smaller channels and advertisers, while not providing them with what they need.