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Upgrading Channel Boost -Create Networks {request by #MindsGaming}

#MindsGamingNov 23, 2018, 11:56:54 PM


Lets upgrade boost and create networks!  I'm not sure if you knew but Minds has a cool little feature called "offers" where you can boost a channel a post to appear on the users news-feed. Now this is cool and all but I think its it is not used enough and needs a major update. I would like to suggest an  upgrade to Minds for this feature to create full independent networks. 

Channel Boost - Upgrade



I would like to see the channel offer feature upgraded with a few features so a user could wire a boost to a channel and it appear on a rotatory like the current one Minds has on users news-feeds. This feature would have to be turned on in by a user to display the rotate. The upgrade would allow users to act as an independent network that could approve boosts to the users channel, on the basis of;

1.) Boosts disappear once views are met, unlike the current system.

2.) Channels could refund or boost views that they couldn't meet to the network if they meet terms.

3.) Channels could refund views in token value for views not met.


Tools - Needed



To manage these boosts users would need a few extra tools;

1.) A dedicated notification system for boosts, much like remind

2.) A approval process for boosts, much like the current.

3.) A rotate feature on the top of channel feds {when turned on}

4.) A refund views option for boosts to the channel.


Boost- Channel Layout




The general steps that would happen for a boost to a channel would consist of the following steps.

1.) User selects post from news-feed to boost

2.) Selects "Offers" {Rename networks?} to boost to a channels network.

3.) Boost goes to channels approval Que

4.) If channel accepts boost, boos goes to channels rotate tell;

1a.) All boosts are met

2a.) Views are moved to Minds boost network

3a.) Views not met are refunded. 

Closing - 

In this way we can create independent networks with boost feeds inside Minds, a networks inside the network would reduce the stress on the boost system enforce the open sharing of information, and improve the network, channels and content as a whole. 

For an example as a gaming channel my boost feed would most likely consist of gaming content on rotation that users could view that has been boosted to my channel with all my posts, reminds and everyday content below these boosts. Each user of course could create their own type of network on channels encouraging more interactions with channels and users, topics and more on Minds :) 

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.

-Abraham Lincoln"


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