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Journalist (sports, politics) born in Germany, living in Berlin. Football and soccer (I call it soccer for you, Americans!) are my specialties, as well as German and American politics. My website: http://www.mindingfreedom.com

Just a man trying to make his way in the wasteland

My name is One, Gamer Girl One! If you want to support me, please visit my shop on Clips4Sale and if you see something you like, buy ↪ https://clips4sale.com/109386

Author of "Paying For It With Pride - A Monger's Guide to Pattaya" permanently banned by Amazon but now available via http://gumroad.com/mongerdiary#videos #movies #adult #erotica #social #nudes #pics #repost #popular #trending NOTE: Any censorship was done by the original poster due to restrictions on other social media platforms, not by me

...discover your inner mancave today

I make videos on YouTube. I'm an extremely passionate fan of free speech, so if you want me to talk your ear off, just mention free speech and I'll emerge from the shadows, citing legal cases and whatnot.

Here's the deal: I post babes and every now and then I put something on blast. I give you my time by posting, you give me your attention on the blasts. Deal? Subscribe. In case you wish to know the names of any of the beauties posted here, in most chromium based browsers simply right-click the image then select "Search Google for Image" or it's equivalent and there you go.

My group: join and post anything you want (and showing people 18+ age) https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/633802419897114638/activity Maybe you can pay me an ice cream? Just in case, my Bitcoin address: 1GtRn93uQQkz9vLU31Zoc2AYS89VYafeEk

Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.

CIS white attack helicopter shitlord and card carrying member of the patriarchy. FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO #BareSwashplates

Antifeminist commentator. I try to laugh at/debunk mainstream political insanity. Originally on YouTube, now branching out as the purge continues.

Feb 2017
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