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➝ My Linktree: https://linktr.ee/SovereignLightWarrior ⚑ Join the Battle to Reclaim Personal Powers Ignorantly Surrendered, Claim our Sovereign Rights, Unslaving Humanity! Freedom begins with a concept — a state of mind. The mind, once freed, then goes on to pursue physical freedom as well. In John 8:32, Jesus states: "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Freedom comes from truth, and cannot come from central government — itself being a fraud, and its methods primarily lies, tricks, and deceit. Freedom for man is expressed perfectly in God's law as it sets guidelines to protect one's own freedom without violating the freedom of others. God, by teaching us His law (truth), gave us the means for freedom. Jesus reiterated it. Truth leads us towards freedom and away from slavery. Freedom, like truth, is not inherited. It must be learned and preserved by each generation. The pursuit of truth, freedom and happiness is every man's birthright and individual responsibility. It cannot be transferred or deferred to another or to a government. People who don't accept individual responsibility, and won't strive for their own freedom, are known as slaves.
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Philosopher Gnostic "The truth does not grow from your speculation and phantastry; but he who understands his own nature in the light of Nature possesses true knowledge. It is not sufficient that we should have a theory of the truth, but we should know the truth in ourselves." - Paracelsus "The end and aim of the whole universe. Surely it is that which is desired of all; and, since we have concluded the good to be such, we ought to acknowledge the end and aim of the whole universe to be "the good." - Ancius Boethius

This is the OFFICIAL In5D channel. Someone else has stolen the In5D logo and name without permission.

It's true, productivity is up and the economy is booming! Welcome to the Golden Age of Propaganda! (Disclaimer: none of the pictures on this channel were made by us. Also, feel free to understand that most of the posts are humor, thank you!)

A body made out of soil lended form mother earth,A fragment of mind from the universes consciousness and using ''his'' spotlight to dance with this all © i don't own any content . It's not my personal work, unless openly specified so.

My chanel is dark to protest the protracted inoperable state of minds.

Conspiracies,bizarre history,cover-ups,and more.

Philosopher, Hermetist, Gnostic, Kabbalist, Mystic, Theurgist. "Nature's laws move slowly and imperceptibly, yet surely and exact, and the time will certainly come when man will be forced into consciousness of these laws, whether he will or no. Nature is no respecter of persons, and those who will not move and progress, in harmony with her laws of advancement, must, of necessity, pass out with the old." - The Light of Egypt vol. II, T. H. Burgoyne "….the time has come for humanity to know certain truths concerning the spiritual background to the physical world. If people are not going to be prepared to accept these truths out of their own good will, they will be forced to learn them from the terrible events that will happen as time goes on." - Rudolf Steiner (Fall of the Spirits of Darkness: Lecture 4: The Elemental Spirits of Birth and Death – Dornach, 6 October 1917)

Student of life, down to earth and still hopeful in humanity;

The Temple, ("The Upper Room")
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