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Hi! I make Stuff! Have a look:

I came here to read shit-posts and pick your brains and I'm all out of reading material. I'm a Conservative Creative, Jesus-Believing, Intelligent-Design Evolutionist. There's things about me you wouldn't understand. There's things about me you couldn't understand. There's things about me you shouldn't understand.

Artist My goal is to devote myself to creating a type of artwork and storytelling the likes of which have not existed prior, the abolition of materialism, and the opening of my own mind and those who wish to do the same. I've been working on graphic novel titled "The Funnel" since Summer of 2014 and it's still unfinished. That is except for the first chapter, which you can read on behance (or on my website, whenever it is that I will actually get a website):

Dharma - Philosophy - Esoteric Arcana - Dank Memes - History Geek - Ancient Anything Trolls get blocked and their idiotic comments get removed.

Feminist Wit. One of the wittiest feminists on sosh meed today. My current Oppression number is 36.

Michigan, United States
Apr 2018
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