Max Tepafray
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The Demon half of the Demon/Paladin (@AzureNova) duo that is the MidKnights, losers by day, losers on the internet playing vidya by Night. Streaming at

Voice actor, audiobook producer, podcaster, co-founder of Dimension Bucket Magazine, and host of the Dimension Bucket Magazine Podcast

Cheshire Cat Studios is the home of what we hope is a mix of artistic integrity and dry humour. We share a passion for movies, games and other mediums but are looking to spread our reach into more original content in the future: investigative videos, satirical comedies, and animated podcasts.

Here's Squid Mama. I draw things, love squids and octopi and vaporwave.

Politically blackpilled 🇮🇳 immigrant to 🇨🇦 Alt: @cathgirlrach temporary deactivated on twitter

Just your average guy from rural Oklahoma who really loves hentai and other nsfw works. I was actually inspired by @HentaiMistress to do this so if you haven't already, go subscribe to her channel and give her lots of love. Does anyone actually read these?

Apu Apustaja Nationalist | Proprietor of KabArts™ | Gamer CHIM™ enthusiast

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Feb 2017
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