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I've Posted All My Writing On Minds! (And Why I Like Minds As An Author's Platform) | Links To All My Stories

ME2007VigilDec 25, 2018, 7:04:31 PM

I've been on Minds since May 2018. So far, I've built my channel from zero to over 850 subscribers, racked up 243 300 views, and I've saved up plenty of tokens for future boosts. I've posted 56 or so blogs, and these include 2 FULL novels, several short stories and miscellaneous articles, 3 book reviews of fellow Minds authors, and 3 blogs promoting other creative content creators. Furthermore, I've made great friends here on Minds, and I've met tons of interesting people and content creators.

I don't think I could've had this reach on any other platform - not on Facebook, Twitter, Wattpadd, or my own website. The ability to earn points and boost on Minds has been a godsend.

I also respect and admire Minds' commitment to freedom of speech. I don't personally post any political content or things that might be considered offensive, but out of principle I will only support social media platforms that respect freedom of speech. Minds is one of them.

I'm looking forward to posting more content here on Minds and meeting new and interesting people. So without further ado, here's the master list of all the stories I've posted on Minds thus far...

Red Eden: Homeworld Bound

In the year 2085, Enon Truss, Father of Mars, led our ancestors to the red planet in pursuit of liberty. One hundred years after the Exodus, Martian satellites detected multiple nuclear detonations across the homeworld. For the first time since dawn of the twentieth century, Earth fell into total radio silence.

But on Mars, our ancestors endured. They thrived.

Today, two hundred years after the Exodus, our population is eleven million strong and growing. We stand ready to retake our homeworld. In preparation for our journey across deep space, we have sent drones to monitor Earth. To our surprise, we have discovered that human society has re-emerged from the ashes of nuclear war. These societies are in the earliest stages of development. It is as if time has been set back five thousand years.

My name is Jack Hanlon, and I'll be joining the First Expedition. Our mission: to rebuild human civilization and lead humanity to the stars.

Link to chapter list:


Saving Ever After

A little girl named Princess Lily has lived in Ever After all her life, one hundred years to be exact. Her father, whose name is Father, created the fairy tale land of Ever After for her and her sister to play in for all time. All is not as it seems, however. Princess Lily has an inquisitive mind, and she knows that Father is keeping secrets from her. Her desire to discover the truth propels her on a journey that will take her far beyond the realm of her eternal childhood...

Link to episode list:


The Eden Project

In a world where machines have taken over every job except for those held by the few engineers blessed with high IQs, a laid-off assembly line worker must find a way to keep his family out of the dangerous slums where degenerate low-lives rule the streets. Joel Monroe is his name. He and his former coworkers are offered a one-way ticket out of America, a country, like every other, rapidly descending into civil war amidst the rising tide of political violence. Is the Eden Project a lie - nothing more than a false hope designed to placate the masses? Or worse, is it a conspiracy to thin out the 'redundant' population?

As Joel digs deeper into the Eden Project, he will discover that the truth is deadlier than the lies.

Link to episode list:


Red Eden: Sons of Mars

An android assassin awakens after enduring a hundred years of torment inside a virtual hell created by the very tyrant he must kill. His name is Perseus. He seeks vengeance and the chance to fulfill his life's purpose. He is joined by allies from another world and another time, the descendants of those who fled to Mars during the tyrannical reign of Gabriella Romero, self-styled Mother of All Creation. Will Perseus and the Sons of Mars be able to stop her before she becomes too powerful to oppose?

Links to episode list:


Scary Stories

This is a list of the Halloween-themed ghost stories I've written for Minds:

My Haunted Apartment, A True Story!

There's a Ghost Haunting Minds. If She Contacts You, DO NOT REPLY AND DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO HER!

Hope y'all enjoy reading!

If you want to support me financially, you can purchase my novel Red Eden: Homeworld Bound on Amazon:



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