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There’s a ghost haunting Minds. If she contacts you, DO NOT REPLY AND DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO HER!

ME2007VigilOct 14, 2018, 4:14:04 AM

I’ve been on Minds for a few months now, and I’ve made a lot of good friends and met a lot of interesting. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by someone named @AmberLust via private messaging. I don’t usually chat on the PM system because it’s really small and inconvenient to use, and most times, I ignore messages sent to me from users I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m an author, and in her private message to me, @AmberLust sung praises about my novel, Red Eden: Homeworld Bound. She especially loved my Minds-exclusive series, Saving Ever After. She said that the main character, a little girl named Lily, reminded her of herself when she was young.

I was very flattered by her comments, so I replied back and thanked her for reading my stories. She mentioned that she was an author and an artist herself, and she asked if I would be interested in following her. If you know me, you’ll know that I follow almost exclusively authors only (I am tempted to follow others as well, but I want to keep close tabs on the competition!).

Anyhoo, I subscribed to her and checked out her channel. I immediately regretted doing so.

Her channel was filled with freaky shit that really scared me. First of all, I was her only subscriber, and I was the only channel she had subscribed to. Her homepage banner was a picture of a dark and untidy basement with a tattered yellow couch in the middle of the frame. Underneath the couch was a small bony arm.

@AmberLust kept posting the same thing over and over again – a picture of a basement window, from the inside, barely shining any light into the dark. She had a couple of videos uploaded onto her feed. Against better judgement, I played one of these videos. The screen was all black. I heard someone breathing heavily and a girl sobbing in the background. Five minutes into the video, the girl started whisper-singing a really creepy song. I don’t remember the exact lyrics, but it went something like this:

All alone in the dark.
Daddy’s gone to the park.
All I can do is draw,
Lying on my bed of straw.
Singing myself to sleep,
Hoping I can soon eat.
Daddy, where’ve you gone?
Daddy, I’ll be dead by dawn.

All the videos on her channel were the same. The time stamps on her posts didn’t make any sense. Some were dated in the future. Others were dated on present day. A few were dated far into the past, like 1985 past. Crazy, right?

I was so freaked out by her channel that I immediately unsubscribed. I told others about her channel, but they couldn’t find it. In fact, I couldn’t find it either. It was like she deleted her account as soon as I unsubscribed.

Here’s where things really got crazy.

I kept receiving messages from her over the PM system. She kept writing things like “I miss you Daddy. Why did you leave me to die, Daddy? I want to be together with you, Daddy. I will find you, Daddy. We will be together again. Forever.”

I reported this to Help and Support. For some reason, I could never get my posts approved, so it would never show up on the Help and Support feed. For the record, I posted my complaints about @AmberLust on October 8, 2018 at 1AM, and again one day later. My third attempt to notify staff was on October 11. That’s when I received a particularly chilling message from @AmberLust. She told me, “They will never hear you scream, Daddy. Don’t even bother.”

Ever since, I’ve been experience strange phenomenon in my apartment. Flickering lights. Unusual coldness. Moving shadows. At night, I can hear her singing her creepy song.

It’s nearly midnight now. I’m scared shitless. I think Minds is haunted by the ghost of @AmberLust, whoever the hell she is. Maybe she’s just a hacker messing with me, but then how does that explain the phenomenon I’ve been experiencing in real life?

If anyone reads this, this could be my last post. I pray to God this is all just an elaborate prank. If it turns out to be real, please, if @AmberLust ever contacts you, DO NOT REPLY TO HER, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO HER, IGNORE HER AT ALL COST OR SHE WILL HAUNT YOU!!!