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Red Eden: Sons of Mars | Episode List (A Minds-Exclusive Preview)

ME2007VigilOct 2, 2018, 10:00:31 PM

An android assassin awakens after enduring a hundred years of torment inside a virtual hell created by the very tyrant he must kill. His name is Perseus. He seeks vengeance and the chance to fulfill his life's purpose. He is joined by allies from another world and another time, the descendants of those who fled to Mars during the tyrannical reign of Gabriella Romero, self-styled Mother of All Creation. Will Perseus and the Sons of Mars be able to stop her before she becomes too powerful to oppose?     

Red Eden: Sons of Mars is the sequel to my first novel of the series, Red Eden: Homeworld Bound

Red Eden: Sons of Mars is a stand-alone novella, so you don't need to read the first book to follow the story. 

Please find the links to each episode below:

Episode 1: Perseus's Hell

Episode 2: Perseus's Horror

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