I am against nasty things like racism and sexism etc etc, but my pet peeve is the neo-Marxist postmodernist claptrap that was created when the brains of dozens of brain dead sociology faculty began to decompose in the late 1960s. The rot, could have been contained with a few rolls of Bio-hazard warning tape, but sadly the containment burst and the sludge infected other departments which then infected tens of thousands of possibly sane students who then carried the toxins into the media, the arts and worst of all into politics, the justice system and beyond. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to mop up the sludge, wash down civil society and attempt to revive lost freedoms and human rights. Otherwise the world will self-destruct, possibly in your lifetime. ---------------------------------------------------- The ideology is the enemy ----------------------------------------------------

Komradeberg and LichenSubScribe. We like to discuss things.

We must regulate ourselves so that the state doesn't have to.

English-born Barcelona-based blogger and author. I started out writing about Catalan culture and history and have moved into VLogging World Politics and anti-SJW issues.

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Creator of #DramaAlert #1 source for News on the Social interactions in Online Entertainment! OVER 1 BILLION VIEWS!

Discussing politics, philosophy, current events, in a (hopefully) nonbiased, nonideological way. If you enjoy my work, make sure to subscribe to me on Youtube and follow me on Twitter (links directly below)

Entertainer, Journalist, Free Speech Advocate, Political Pundit

Bane sexual, Kool Aid Kin, footsoldier of Da Patriarchy, and I have nice eyes. I also make videos for Youtube

J.D. B.A. Writer and independent intellectual with a focus on applied philosophy, empirical history, and practical economics. Editor-in-Chief of the National Economic Editorial, contributor to American Greatness.

I am an upcoming creative writer, who leans toward conservative libertarianism. My goal on here is to work on content that pertains this interest, even if it is argumentative writing. Currently, I am writing my first novel, which is forthcoming. I will be uploading short stories on here and I will be sending some to various publishers. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. :) :) :)

Feb 2017
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