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We are Pirates of Dark Water, here to unite minds for our cause, we are here to save the world and no one will know it was us. We have been in the shadows watching and this is bout to get nuts We're here to stop injustice, and release the world from its cuffs, We stand up they fall, that is all, they are weak and we're tall, United to stand on our feet at the call to defeat any foe. Check out my rap blog. You must be incognito to view. Use a browser that can handle tor to web sites. http://6h6pivqe62iwgftv.onion.to

Your ignorance is their power…learn and unlearn!

Make a post with your troll tagged in it. Boost your post to me. I'll take it from here,...

Amal Hicham has proofs that people in position of authority in Canada have done actions against the law. After she spoke to the authorities, and after she wanted to talk to the press, illegal actions were done against her. False informations were said against her. Amal Hicham was expelled from her own home, and separated from her children. Help Amal Hicham in her fight for justice, and support her so that she can retrieve her children. Please share her story on all the platforms possible, in order that what happened is known, and in order that the Canadian authorities act,

I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I?

Bill Ottman has implemented censorship and has banned Akana's channels (locked out). Free speech is for Bill's clown gang, bitches and sycophants. @MindsMedia for Narcissistic Abuse information and more. Primary Channel: @Akana ----------------------------------- MY GROUPS The Bookcase https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/571404754974945280/activity Go Natural https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/571342696313008128/activity Psychology - New Age https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/570625432114704384/activity

White witch rebellion. Peace, love and unity. Manifest a better world!!

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Jun 2015
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