DO NOT SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ARE A SPAM BOT YOU WILL BE REPORTED AND BLOCKED Hey I like #flowers I also make YouTube and Minds videos occasionally. I am vegan, I love permaculture, photography, gaming somewhat, reggae and some styles of cloud rap. Fuck fascism and communism. I want to found a small tribalistic permaculture commune sometime in the future. If you donate a token to me I will put your name on my wall of fame for a week also :) Wall of Fame (Thank you for your support) @chesschats
Interests : Taking down many things, watching the Habs get into playoffs all the time but never getting past conference finals, also playing hockey, cos it's in my blood, I'm Canadian, I'm an advocate of many social causes but not a SJW, I'm against fascism but also am against any sort of government that purposefully make the life its citizens harder and those of Big Business easier. They don't want you to create, they want you sedated, paraphrasing a great punk singer. I am also a musician,been in a band before in the late 90's to mid 2000's, had some stuff released on tiny labels, 3 EP's. Music interest are in the harsher side of things such as hardcore punk, thrash metal, sludge metal, doom metal, death/trash, thrashcore/crossover but also melodic hardcore. Used to be a big gamer but getting 100% in GTA 3/Vice City and San Andreas drained me of all interest, except if it's to play NHL games with friends, IRL, not online, like 4 gamepads and away we go. I think this world is on the edge. And it's really up to chance as to who and what will open that door the villain and the hero at the end of Fargo's final episode are both sitting down quietly and looking at, both sure that their outcome is certain Either the filth we all know is evil goes down or enough people wake up that their system crumbles because it becomes unsustainable. I do my best so the latter happens.
Wayne Manor and Maniax have awoken to their true identities. They are Dactaliens. Are you? We must awaken then all. #DAKSHO
Keep America Great
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