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Kip Baldwin knows his purpose for BEING is to share all that LOVE is through his many solutions driven projects; using media in all its forms to help awaken individuals, and by proxy the collective, to the LOVE Paradigm emerging. He feels that in order for a new story to be conceived for humanity, a mass imagining of our limitless potential is what is needed to bring about an age of collaboration, compassion, empathy, and oneness. Kip brings over 25 years of entertainment industry, marketing, and product development experience to S.O.U.L., ranging from from Hearst Ranch and Windy City Novelties, to Carlos Falchi Designs and Will Vinton Studios, and is the co-founder of the United Filmmakers Association. In the world of entertainment, Kip has produced many works including: Loophole, Restorations Unlimited, Breaking Bud, The Road to Fenderville, One Hundred Things, Cold Pressed, and Love Floats. He also co-created the popular and influential reality series WEED COUNTRY in cooperation with Studio Lambert and The Discovery Channel.
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Soul Twin Messiah is the Evolutionary Rock band associated with the S.O.U.L. Documentary team. We compose and perform the soundtracks and scores to many of our videos and documentaries, as well as other original 21st Century Neoclassic Rock songs. Our music is highly thematic, and intended to awaken and inspire people through the universally emotional power of music. - The concept for the band’s name was introduced by friend and author Dr. Jamie Turndorf (“Ask Dr. Love” radio show), who declared founders Kip and Evan soul twins while speaking together over the phone for the first time and feeling the almost identical vibration in their voices. - With S.T.M., Kip and Evan took that concept and raised it to Infinity! They believe that the truth is we all share an even more intimate and innate connection than that of twins; we are truly one. The messiah was added almost as a joke, until they realized how profound the idea of Soul Twin Messiah actually was. Not only does it represent the aforementioned universal connection shared by all, but also their mission of promoting the practice of conscious evolution, as it sets us on the path to becoming our own gurus, sages, saviors, messiahs if you will…

Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

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**PLEASE NOTE** I obtain content from public domain for this time line. It is not for profit or promotion, and any request for identification or removal will be honored. I am what we are. When you succeed we all win, If I could help I win.I gain my strength one small heart felt moment of giving at a time, that in time you will want more for someone else as well. A stranger a victim or outcast, A some point most of us have been one of them.

Welcome. My name is Alice Koh. Happily married. I teach yoga and reiki. I'm a therapist for physical and physiological ailments and also a wire artist. All jewelry pieces in my shop are specially handcrafted by me. I love to share the amazing history and metaphysical benefits of precious and semi-precious stones. They are sacred as they hold the imprints and energies of primordial Earth. Please like my articles if you find them informative. Also subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much. Peace and blessings to all of you ❤ Please visit my shop @ #crystals #energyhealing #spirituality #reiki #yoga

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Aug 2018
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