James Drebin

Idiot humourist. All content is entirely my own, no matter how much I'd like to blame someone else. "I don't take anything I say seriously, and neither should you."
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Free Speech For All & Don't Get Played. I come seeking other free thinkers. To hear what you have to say. P.S. We Must Evolve Faster

Youtuber, reporting on politics, free speech, technology and more. Available on YouTube (https://youtube.com/c/MavenPolitic)

I celebrate satire. I like my dissonance cognitive with a hefty dollop of Poeslaw It's great when they get it. Even better when they don't.

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Gardener Homemaker Wife Mother Catholic Caregiver American of German heritage American nationalist Anti -feminist #tradlife #homemaking. Did someone you know complain that I blocked them for no reason? Do they post sexually explicit images? Yea, that’s why.

BluesCorp is a rock'n blues-funk band from Australia's Gold Coast performing and recording a mix of powerful original material. Check out our tunes on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4L68xGX2RaT6RVz818uf0b?si=IYR7oNTUQ1KRky72RPdDHw

Keen on cycling, photography, hillwalking. Clydebank, Scotland. My perpetual calendar - http://www.1r5.co

I am artistic by nature, I didn't choose painting, it chose me. I am in the process of discovering how far I can push the limits of my craft and I am in search of real beauty in painting because I think that it is woefully missing in art today. By this, I consider myself a part of the new counter-culture. I take the time to write about art and my work, because I thinks it's important for people to have both an emotional and intellectual understanding of these works and the events surrounding the art world. From here, I explore color, texture and subject in that order. Thanks for visiting! Don't forget to "Like" and "Subscribe"

Nur ein kleiner Bär, der versucht eine große Welt zu verstehen.

Free Speech Advocate. Technologist. Data nerd. RPG Gamer online and off. Geek. Steampunk. Occasional chorister for the fairly famous. And above all, opinionated. #AlwaysBeSplendid #AllThoughtsMatter #AllSpeechMatters #AllOpinionsMatter

United Kingdom
Apr 2017
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