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"Oh Vey! Remember the Six Gorrillian!" - Shlomo Shekelbergstein - Proud National Socialist - Anti-Semitic - Anti-Multiculturalist - Anti-Racist Editor and Spokesman for the National Political Institute of Education: Disclaimer: I am a National Socialist, not a Neo-Nazi thug. I do not parade the streets with a shiny bald head yelling "White Power" at the top of my lungs. Unlike the Neo-Nazi's, I do not care what race you are. Whether you be black, brown, Asian or spacemonkey - as long as you do not threaten my nation and people - I will welcome you with open arms. Best Wishes, Utopia

An individual searching for truth & meaning in a confusing world.

The free thinking hermit with a skeptical streak. Under that thin veil of civility, we're all barbarians

Hi, I'm LittleDragon, from LittleDragon's production. I'm a young lad, living in Sweden, who works with different projects e.g. Work against bullying, On me free time I love to Sing Irish and Celtic folk music and dance celtic folk dance (easier jigs and reels) and drawing fantasy and writing poems. I also love to read classics like the Sun also Rises. I speak Swedish (surprise surprise :) ), English, Hungarian etc. . You can find me on facebook: and youtube:

Sep 2016
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