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"Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jeffrey and Ghislaine", I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THOSE CHILDREN! Pt. III.

GailMellorAug 5, 2019, 12:49:29 AM


Palm Beach is a socially exclusive barrier island just off the Atlantic coast of Florida, a place of swaying palms, white sandy beaches, and air smelling of salt, seaweed, suntan lotion, and gentle Atlantic surf, a paradise being obliterated by expensive buildings. In the back of the island, across two bridges over the Intercoastal Canal or “Rich Man’s Highway”, lies West Palm Beach, the Florida mainland coast. Beyond that is the sweltering, bug-infested, impoverished interior, any ocean breeze that it used to receive long since blocked by the wall of condos sealing off the coast.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Matthews at a 2005 party in Manhattan, unaware that an unusually responsible police chief and his intrepid head detective had that day picked up Epstein's trail in Palm Beach

Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter went after Epstein and Maxwell without fear or favor.

After a two-year investigation, in December, 2007, Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter sent cops to arrest Palm Beach resident Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly was sexually preying on underage girls from the mainland, raping then trafficking them. Sexual predators have a preferred type. Epstein's victims were blond 13-16-year-old girls with white skin without tattoos. One alleged victim was an A-student cheerleader, but most were vulnerable to being lured "to give an old man a massage for $200" because they were poor. One, for example, although growing fast, had worn her only pair of shoes for three years. Many were orphans or came from shattered families. Although they did not all know each other, their descriptions of the exterior, interior and staff of his house, and details of Epstein's body and rituals matched. 

Chief Reiter felt certain that years of meticulous detective work headed by Recarey had yielded a rock-solid case, more than enough not only to jail Epstein as a serial child rapist and child trafficker; but also to jail alleged co-conspirators; and eventually to run down each of the wealthy men who had raped the underage girls furnished them by Epstein. At Reiter's invitation moreover, the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] was in on it, with a 56-page report that could put middle-aged Epstein in prison for 45 years -- for life.

Suddenly however in 2008 South Florida federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta illegally, without warning the victims, stopped the process and effectively freed Epstein and everyone connected to him. The records were sealed. Chief Reiter wrote the girls and their families a letter of apology, told them that Acosta’s actions were wrong, and handed in his cop badge, opening a private detective agency.... 

ALEXANDER ACOSTA Although Reiter and the FBI had Epstein dead to rights, Acosta effectively freed Epstein and everyone connected to him.

Over the next 11 years, however, some of the sealed evidence surfaced in public view as survivors grown to adulthood sued Epstein and Maxwell, in the process entering priceless information in court records. 

For example, reporter Nick Bryant in 2015 nailed in court records Epstein’s Little Black Book of powerful guests, and the flight logs from The Lolita Express, a jumbo jet owned by Epstein. It was said to be used for the rape by grown men of underage girls, although the plane had other more standard uses. Some survivors, by then in their 20s and 30s who had rounded on Epstein, were determined not only to sue, but to bring down "the monsters, Epstein and  Maxwell, and his ring of child-rapist friends" -- no matter how wealthy, important and powerful they were. 

They said that Jeffrey Epstein, protected by his vast estates, raped or attempted to rape two to three underage girls a day. Yet after 11 years, he was still free. Shaking the mainstreams out of their long lethargy, Miami Herald staffer Julie K Brown in 2018 delivered a series, unearthing yet more evidence including interviews with hitherto unknown survivors. 

Finally, on the night of July 4, 2019, Epstein was re-arrested at Teterboro Airport, New Jersey by a federal-New York state task force. It next pried open the 15’ high wooden front doors of Epstein’s vast stone mansion in Manhattan, finding unwiped computers, thousands of nude photos of underage girls some of them instantly recognizable as known survivors, a handful of diamonds, and an Austrian passport that had Epstein’s face on it, yet used a fake name and a Saudi address. The Manhattan judge on the case refused Epstein's offers of up to $10 million in bail, saying that Epstein was too great a threat to the community and too obvious a flight risk.

Survivor Virginia Roberts fled to Australia in 2004, but years later came back to the United States married, with kids, to fight Epstein....

Within a month, under highly questionable circumstances, Epstein was dead. A large metal safe stood in the middle of a room on a Caribbean island that Epstein owned. Oddly, President Donald Trump's attorney general William Barr had waited a month to seize the island's contents or enter Epstein's other houses. By that time, they were remarkably clean. 

Survivors' lawyers are fighting an uphill battle to unseal police records from 2008, and the court records from survivors' own successful suits, to get to the powerful peps' names.  Computer forensic pros are only starting to unravel information from computers seized in the 2019 Manhattan raid. Clearly much is still to come. So this story will  use phrases like “allegedly” “purportedly” and “reportedly” until judges and juries hear fourteen years of solidly-accumulating evidence that identifies a ring of wealthy sexual predators with a predilection for blond girls 12-16, furnished by Epstein. 

One of the rumored men, Harvard professor and lawyer of OJ fame Alan Dershowitz has already been discussed in Pt. 1. This installment and the next focus on two more of the powerful people seemingly involved:  What publically-available evidence do prosecutors have so far regarding US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump?

Former US President William Jefferson Clinton


Bill Clinton’s allies portray him as laser smart, funny, tireless, and irresistibly charming, a man surrounded by willing adult women with big hair whom Bill can’t resist. Sexual harassment and rape accusations against Bill Clinton were so constant within Clinton campaigns that by the 1990s they had a term for it: "Bill's Bimbo Eruptions". The contempt that term shows for the women who came forward in spite of his increasing power is patent. Anything more, stated or implied, is according to the Clintons just the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy or nasty lying women whom Hillary Clinton is right to crush. 

Granted, there is a rightwing conspiracy on the subject of Clinton's sexuality in the persons of Roger Stone, Capitol Blue, etc. making up wild stories invariably believed by the faithful. There is no documentary evidence for example that “Ellen Wellstone” -- whom Capitol Blue claims and Roger Stone trumpets was raped by Clinton while he was at Oxford -- ever existed. 

Why though make it up? 

Harassment and rape allegations continued into his presidency. That is not a hazard of office. No such stream of rape and harassment allegations followed Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan or the Bushes. Yet during Clinton's presidency, even more women came forward. Juanita Broaddrick, a nursing home administrator, claimed Clinton had raped her. Kathleen Willey, a former White House aide, claimed he sexually assaulted her. He used Monica Lewinsky, an intern who was willing but was decades younger than he, like a urinal. Bill meanwhile settled $850,000 on Paula Jones in a case that precipitated his impeachment. Because the US Supreme Court examined the case, it also created the landmark legal precedent that a sitting U.S. president can be sued for acts committed outside of public office. 

Even after his presidency, sexual-harassment suits follow Bill Clinton -- four in 2017 alone, those involving girls in their late teens. Is an appetite for underage girls 12-16 also included in Bill’s drives?


Bill Clinton insists that his path and Epstein's never crossed that until AFTER he, Clinton, was president 1993-1999. The evidence definitely suggests otherwise. In late 1991, Oxford-educated British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell moved into a rented home with a prestigious address in Manhattan, offered her by a friend. He father, a wealthy British publisher and Mossad asset had just been murdered [see Pt. 5]. Jeffrey Epstein, who lived near her, provided emotional support to the broke but extremely well-connected Ghislaine. He floated her financially and she connected him socially to anyone who was Important. Epstein met Bill Clinton in 1993, shortly after Clinton became US President. Having donated $10,000 to the White House Historical Association, Epstein attended a donors’ reception hosted by Bill and Hillary, and was introduced to the new president by businesswoman Lynn Forester, who would after her marriage be Lady de Rothschild. 

Epstein next visited presidential aide Mark Middleton several times at the White House. Clinton was impressed. Two years later, in 1995, still during Clinton's first term, Lynn Forester wrote a personal letter to Clinton thanking him for their conversation about Jeffrey Epstein. 

Epstein after the Clinton presidency visited Clinton in his Harlem office and Clinton visited Epstein in his Manhattan mansion, and Bill and Hillary Clinton took their daughter Chelsea to Epstein's Zorro Ranch in New Mexico (where Epstein and Maxwell had reportedly raped 15-year-old Annie Farmer only years before, where Epstein planned to impregnate girls to make a "master race") in 2000 and numerous times thereafter. By 2000, moreover, Epstein owned a 727 Boeing jumbo jet, the infamous Lolita Express. Epstein lent it to Clinton at least 26 times, each time paying for the fuel and usually flying in it with him, long distances to other continents. 

Clinton nonetheless says that he flew on Epstein’s plane, The Lolita Express, a maximum of four times.

Bananas. The Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] requires that the flight logs of every plane show the passengers on every trip. According to the Boeing’s flight logs, between 2001-2003, Clinton was the main passenger on flights to Hong Kong, Japan, China, Brunei, Singapore, London, New York, the Azores, Belgium, Norway, Russia and at least four countries in Africa -- and one domestic flight, Miami to New York. 

Clinton insists that he was just borrowing his friend Jeff Epstein's (you know -- that guy he hardly knows) passenger jet to get to multiple Clinton Initiative and Clinton Foundation events overseas, "for charity only". 

That verifies the friendship and explains the destination choices. Destination however neither proves nor disproves what people are doing during the flight. Clinton usually brought his four Secret Service agents and sometimes two or three friends, for example bringing Chris Rock and Kevin Spacey with him on the flights around Africa. Twelve times, even the secret service agents were left behind. The 727 can seat 189 passengers. It requires 9,806 gallons of gas to fill its tanks. Smaller, sleeker, more modern private jets that very comfortably seat 20-30 can climb and land more quickly and fly at cruising altitudes at least 100 mph faster on less fuel. Was getting there the point? 

Police reports and flight logs show that Epstein's The Lolita Express was routinely staffed with named co-conspirators Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen (listed by their initials, GM and SK, as was Epstein, JE). Underage girls were listed only by first name. Flight logs show that among those regularly traveling on the Lolita was a “President William Jefferson Clinton” or "Bill Clinton" with JE, GM and SK. Most other females on board were listed only by their first names or simply as “1 female”. 

Counting tiny names in the miniscule rectangles in thousands of pages of The Lolita's flight logs is painstaking work. Between 2001-2003, however, Epstein allowed Bill Clinton to use his jet at least 12 times by reporter Nick Brant's count. Fox News claims it found another 14 flights, for 26 in all. I counted 22 flights, but no matter how you slice it, that is much more than "four".

Clinton has said that no eyewitness accounts have surfaced which mention anyone’s seeing him touch any underage girl inappropriately.

That’s true. Crucial point. As a general rule, however, inappropriate touching is not done publicly, and Epstein had gone to enormous efforts to establish places where he and his guests were free from prying eyes: two Caribbean islands, a massive stone Manhattan mansion that stretches straight through the block, a 17,000 acre Arizona ranch, etc. The black and white 727 jet, once airborne, provided unparalleled privacy and could fly 2,700 miles without refueling. Now-grown survivor Virginia Roberts and others note that it was called The Lolita Express because it saw so much group sex with -- so much rape of -- under-aged girls. 

If so, no record so far suggests that Clinton reported the situation to the police, let alone intervened to save the girls. 

Of note, moreover, it was during those same years 2001-2003 that Bill Clinton also flew the world with billionaire Ron Burkle, founder of Yucalpa LLD, on Burkle's private jumbo jet, a Boeing 757 which Burkle called Air Fuck One. 

Each time, the plane was furnished with one young woman who worked for Burkle's company, "age 18 or 19". Four of those young women have separately sued Clinton, accusing him of rape, claiming that separately, Clinton “assaulted them while they were in their late teens.” Certainly the benefit of the doubt goes to him. He was moreover in his sixties. However Bill's reputation precedes him, he is tall; a sixty-year old man is still powerful, and the isolation of the plane, the intermittent presence of Burkle, and Clinton's former high office might combine. The four cases, now combined, are in litigation.

Clinton says that he's been to Epstein's New York mansion only once and insists that he has never been to Little St. James, which is one of Epstein’s two private islands.

Depositions from survivors are only slowly being revealed. In Virginia Roberts' deposition, she says that she never had sex with Bill Clinton, and that when she was on the island, Clinton had dinner with Epstein and two girls who barely spoke English in whom Clinton showed no interest. Separately Virginia says that another time when Clinton visited Little St. James and Virginia was there, he stayed in the guest quarters with four young girls, at least two “belonging to” Epstein.  Harvard law professor Dershowitz, also accused, says publicly that Virginia retracted those statements, along with her accusation that Epstein gave underage Virginia to Dershowitz six times. Virginia Roberts has not retracted. Her attorney had included her statement and accusations in the wrong filing. He withdrew the filing to amend it. Her statement and accusations stand. 


The wonder is that so few people in the US knew that any of this was going on -- then or for the next decade. If the people to whom the kids were trafficked were as the survivors say highly placed, then some had access to the interlocking directorates of news corporations, as well as key anchors and editors. That may explain why the story disappeared. Pressure was clearly coming down from all sides on the courts and media.  The Florida attorney general was so spooked that he tried to let Epstein off with a misdemeanor. Any reporter who covered it during those years can attest to the near impossibility of publishing in mainstreams. 

The political stakes were immense. As the Epstein story nearly broke into the news in 2008, Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who was running for president, for example appeared directly involved. His name was in The Lolita flight logs, with Bill Clinton's. New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was not in the flight logs, but Bill's connection was a ticking time bomb for her. Finally breaking the 2008 Epstein story in the tiny Daily Beast tabloid in 2010, Conchita Sarnoff reported that the high-profile case had "threatened to splash mud over all sorts of big players, just as both Gov. Richardson and Hillary Clinton were running for president." 

Richardson and Clinton moreover were running in the Democratic presidential primary against Illinois Senator Barack Obama, whose marital propriety was legendary. The Epstein case would came back to haunt Hillary Clinton in 2015-16 when she ran for president again, this time facing Bernie Sanders, and again when she faced Trump. That was the year that Gawker published the Lolita Express flight logs and Epstein’s Little Black Book

The Daily Beast noted in 2015, “Bill and Hillary Clinton have remained mum about their ties to the Palm Beach pedophile—despite evidence that shows Bill was one of the most famous and frequent passengers on Epstein’s Lolita Express.” The mainstreams with their enormous readerships said nothing, though Donald Trump was in the Lolita Express flight logs and Little Black Book too, and a house manager of Epstein's in 2008 had listed Trump (who was at the time just a wealthy developer) as in the Florida aspect of the child rape ring.


Bill Clinton's sexual behavior in the Oval Office had disgusted and infuriated most women from the 1970s women rights movement, because Monica Lewinsky was so much younger and an employee. 

Yet Hillary Clinton was able to rope much of the feminist leadership of the time, including Gloria Steinem, into defending Bill. As Wikileaks has extensively documented, Hillary can moreover exercise a startling level of control over the U.S. corporate media, a power visible in her 2015-16 presidential campaign. Time Warner for example, was one of her five major contributors and owns CNN. It hired a key Clinton aid, Donna Brazile, as part of CNN's "objective" Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders primary coverage. 

Just before a Clinton/Sanders debate on CNN, Clinton was slipped the CNN debate questions! It was so slavish that political circles said CNN stood for "Clinton News Network".The rest of the media rolled over too. Clinton propaganda about Sanders was passed on by the media as fact. The media for example said that Sanders' approval rating among African Americans was near zero when it was 78% favorable during and after the primary

Instead of looking into blatant fraud at the polls, the media stood clear.  MSNBC went the extra mile. When the Democratic National Committee [DNC] trumpeted that Sanders supporters had thrown chairs at a state convention (which had not happened), Rachel Maddow used footage of people throwing chairs after a sports event to “illustrate” her piece on it. 

Except for smears like that, the mainstreams did not cover the Sanders campaign at all, in spite of his 40,000-person rallies. Wikileaks showed through Clinton’s e-mails that in 2016-16 Clinton wanted coverage of Sanders suppressed in broadcast and print. As Sanders workers attested, media coverage evaporated nationwide for eight crucial months. Similarly back in the Obama-Clinton primaries of 2007--08, the Epstein story which was threatening Hillary's first presidential campaign disappeared, exactly when it should have been front-page news.... 


Epstein survivors accuse Ghislaine Maxwell, that charming British socialite, of procuring them for Epstein, of violently training them for other men, of raping them herself and of helping Epstein traffick them. 

Even after Epstein was arrested and knowledge of Maxwell’s alleged role as Epstein's co-conspirator spread, Bill Clinton however was seen around town with Ghislaine Maxwell, his close connection unabated and unabashed.  Rumors flew in print that Hillary Clinton was “furious” and wanted Bill’s connection to Maxwell severed, but there is no evidence of that. The only piece of evidence runs in the other direction. At the Clintons' daughter Chelsea's wedding in July, 2010 security was extraordinary, Bill had been sternly told to lose weight in preparation and had, and Chelsea had a "no strangers" policy on her 400 guests. She had to know and like them. The Obamas and Gores were specifically not invited. 

At the time, Ghislaine Maxwell was in Britain, avoiding a US summons to a hearing in the defamation lawsuits which survivor Virginia Roberts Giufree had brought. Yet Maxwell somehow slipped into the United States for Chelsea’s wedding. At the wedding, no casual photos were allowed, and of the official photographs, only six were chosen by the family to be made public. Yet one of the official six is of Chelsea, the bride, walking down the aisle on her father Bill Clinton’s arm, while Ghislaine Matthews, alleged child procurer, trafficker and rapist, stands on the aisle, on the bride’s side of the church ....

As to Jeffrey Epstein, BIll Clinton insisted that he had severed all ties way back in 2003. Yet Epstein donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation in 2006. When Epstein was arrested in 2007, his Little Black Book had 21 private telephone numbers for reaching Bill Clinton, not something that one comes by easily. By 2010, Epstein was labeled a Schedule III Sexual Predator, and most charities refused his money. Yet when he donated $3.5 million to the Clinton Global Initiative, it was gratefully accepted. 

It was only in 2015, with Hillary Clinton gearing up to run for president again, that Bill Clinton began pretending never to have known Jeffrey Epstein. That apparently stung. In 2019, when the combined state/federal task force pried open the huge doors of Epstein's Manhattan mansion, they saw three large framed pictures on the wall: Woody Allen, Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia -- and Bill Clinton. However in a room to the right just off the entranceway, was Parsing Bill, an oil painting by Petrina Ryan-Kleid of Bill Clinton in red high heels and a little blue dress.

So to date the evidence with regard to Bill Clinton is circumstantial, but it is not non-existent as the Miami Herald would have it. 

The Clinton/Epstein/Maxwell connection was longstanding and complex. Clinton was on The Lolita for long overseas flights a dozen or dozens of times, often in the company of underage girls, and both he and much of the media are misreporting that. The suppression of major Epstein news perhaps coincidentally occurs during Hillary's two runs for the presidency. That does not answer the questions of for example whether all those underage girls and their alleged trainers were honestly just along for the ride, and if not, whether Bill was a voyeur or a participant. Answers will require eyewitness testimony, an unsealing of the records. In the wake of Epstein's (odd) "suicide" on August 10, 2019, lawyers are fighting hard to unseal the records and get to the depositions, while prominent people fight to keep them closed, and the FBI-NYPD is processing a flood of new computer evidence....

We'll see. Meanwhile, about Trump....

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