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"Trump, Epstein, Maxwell, Manhattan, Mar-a-Lago", I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THOSE CHILDREN Pt. IV [updated]

GailMellorAug 5, 2019, 6:42:43 AM

                        24. WHAT KIND OF FOREIGN RELATIONS?

A former member of the Council on Foreign Relations and purported billionaire hedge fund manager, Schedule III Sexual Predator Jeffrey Epstein died in a New York federal jail on August 8, 2019. The fit, grey-haired man with glittering, hard eyes was said to "require" three new children to rape a day. The predator, far from bothering to hunt down three little girls daily, had an army of paid procurers. He hired yet more people to help him "train" these shattered kids through gang rape. 

According to the police, some of the girls had been raped 100 times each. Arrested both for child rape and for “lending”  those girls -- almost always 13-17 years old, blond, without tattoos and from the US --  to the world’s rich and famous as "sex slaves", Epstein reportedly did so in order to videotape and blackmail the men. Yet there may be even more to it. 

According to former Trump US Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta -- deeply involved in this case because in 2008 he illegally freed Epstein and protected everyone Epstein knew from prosecution -- insists that Epstein "belonged to intelligence". Exactly what Epstein was giving to which intelligence outfit, in what sense, and toward what end is still hotly debated, but answers are emerging. 

In everything, Epstein was accompanied by his alleged co-conspirator, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. As you saw in Part 1, reported rapes of young teens by Epstein and Maxwell together go back to 1996. Although Epstein was twice arrested and at least briefly held in jail, for decades powerful forces protected him. According to survivor's attorney David Boies, the names of hundreds of socially-powerful child rapists whom Epstein and Maxwell kept supplied with too-young girls are in sealed court records.

Hor decades those men and a few women protected Epstein in order to protect themselves. Something additional was protecting Maxwell.According to survivors the perps include prime ministers, members of the US Congress, princes, sheikhs, media anchors, top lawyers, entertainers and leading scientists. Those child rapists are mixed in with innocent guests at Epstein's parties. 

In which group do ex-US-president William Jefferson Clinton and current US President Donald J. Trump belong? Certainly both Trump and Clinton had known Epstein well [For Clinton, see Pt. 3 of this book], in Trump's case sustaining a close friendship for 17 years

As is documented in the following 10 chapters, Epstein's 2008 Little Black Book contains 14 private phone numbers for Donald Trump, then just a wealthy developer. Epstein's Palm Beach house manager Alfredo Rodriguez circled Trump's name as being in Rodriguez’ view a part of Epstein's child rape ring. 

Evidence is moreover irrefutable -- because it includes Trump's own statement in 2005 -- that he is a voyeur who goes to great lengths to peep on young teens. People are on record as witnesses to what they say was much worse behavior, including child rape. Indeed, Trump and Epstein were sued together in 2016 for violently raping a child. 

The suit was dropped not for lack of evidence but reportedly because the plaintiff and her attorney received death threats. 

Once he was president, Trump lifted into his cabinet Acosta, the federal prosecutor who in 2008, acting illegally, had freed Epstein and made all of Epstein's co-conspirators, guests and friends, including Trump, impervious to federal prosecution in the case. Trump attorney general William Barr, moreover, when Epstein was arrested in July, 2019, blocked the FBI from investigating five of Epstein's six vast houses. Going to trial in the Senate, Trump hired two of the Epstein defense team, one of whom, Alan Dershowitz, has himself been accused by two of the Epstein survivors of repeated child rape.

Wherever you stand on Trump, calmly examine the evidence....

                                        25. BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER

New York City is the most populous city on earth. If the city were a country, it would be the 12th wealthiest nation on earth. Composed of five boroughs (counties), it centers on the island of Manhattan. Donald Trump was born a multi-millionaire's kid in the outer borough of Queens in 1946, and Jeffrey Epstein was born a working class kid in Coney Island, the outer borough of Brooklyn, in 1953. Ambitious kids from the outer boroughs aspire to conquer the center. By Trump’s own account in an article on Epstein in New York Magazine, he and Epstein met in the late 1980s, and began party-hopping togetherTrump said in 2002, "I’ve known Jeff for 15 years...terrific guy.” 

Epstein spoke in a magazine that year about his friendship with Trump which did not end until 2004, after a quarter of a century. 

Trump also had ties, although not as close, with Bill Clinton, a golfing buddy. Trump describes Clinton as also an associate of Epstein's. Moreover, when Epstein's death was announced on August 8, 2019, and #TrumpBodyCount trended, Trump shifted the narrative, retweeting comedian Terrance Williams' accusation that  Bill and Hillary Clinton had murdered Epstein. Ever since Epstein was arrested in July 6, 2019, Trump himself has been backpedalling. 

He said first that he had never met Epstein, then that he hardly knew him, then that he had known him only because Epstein was “a fixture in Palm Beach”, then that he hadn’t seen him in 15 years and had never been “a fan”. As you'll see, only one of his recent statements about his relationship with Epstein is true. Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book, which listed the notables whom Epstein knew, along with their contact information, was kept by his alleged co-conspirator in child rape and trafficking, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, from the early 1990s. Alfredo Rodriguez, who was Epstein’s Palm Beach houseman in 2007, stole the Little Black Book as police were conducting a raid on Epstein's Palm Beach house. 

When Rodriguez tried to sell the book for $50,000, the FBi caught him in a sting. Even in prison, he refused to tell them where it was. Rodriguez who suddenly died the next year, in 2011, had drawn circles around certain names to indicate which men he saw as part of Epstein's child rape ring. Those who were merely witnesses he indicated in longhand. The Little Black Book, with its circles and longhand annotations, has since been in the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]. 

In 2015 however reporter Nick Bryant found a copy in the transcripts of a lawsuit, photocopied it and published in Gawker, complete with Rodriguez' circles and annotationsEpstein's Little Black Book contains 14 private phone numbers for US President Donald Trump, then just a wealthy developer. Rodriguez did circle Trump's name as being in Rodriguez’ view a part of Epstein's child rape ring. Trump is not marked as a mere witness.... 

Covered more extensively in a later chapter, this is part of Epstein's little black book. The redactions (blacked out places) were made my Gawker before publication in order to protect people's contact information. The circles however are by Epstein's houseman, made in 2008 to indicate which people were in his view part of Epstein's child rape ring.

Before getting to Rodriquez' list or to that rape case, and all that purportedly stretches in between, in order to put President Trump's known and alleged actions in context, it's however necessary to back up quite a bit. A surprising subset of evidence dates from the Trump candidacy and even his presidency, but almost everything that follows took place during that quarter of a century (1987-2004) of tight friendship between Trump and Epstein, with frequent visiting back and forth, in both Epstein's mammoth home in Manhattan and at Trump's Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. 

From the time they met in Manhattan in 1987, Trump and Epstein were in a friendly competition to own the biggest, the most impressive. Seven years older and from a wealthy family, Trump had a head start. In Manhattan alone, Trump already had hotels and a literally gilded home. Epstein however soon claimed the largest private residence on the island, seven stories tall and so huge that it extended straight through a city block. Those two homes are a key part of this story....

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein party-hopping in early 1990s New Yotk

The Epstein home in New York

Jeffrey Epstein's mansion in New York City in the 1990s and early 2000s was the largest on Manhattan island, stretching straight through an NYC block and at least seven stories high .

                      26. WHERE DID EPSTEIN GET THAT PLACE?

New York's ever-vigilant society press assigned reporters to outdoor stake-outs beginning in the late 1880s on Donald Trump, who was a young multi-millionaire big on the party scene, and on Epstein's home, because it was the largest in Manhattan. 

Trump was spotted coming from and going to there for decades. "Billionaire hedge fund manager" Jeffrey Epstein however did not own the immense New York City home that he claimed as his. Epstein was a grifter who made his main money by exerting enormous emotional leverage over strategic members of “the rich and famous”.  

Epstein for example bragged that he only accepted billion dollar investments with no strings attached in his hedge fund. There is however only a single one-billion-dollar investment that anyone knows of. It was from Leslie Wexner, the multi-billionaire who owns L Corporation (The Limited, Victoria’s Secret and other retail stores). The alleged rape of Maria Farmer [see Pt. 1] by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell occurred in Epstein's guest house on Wexler's vast Ohio estate, and it was Wexler's guards who Maria says prevented her from leaving. The local sheriff's office, all but owned by Wexler, did not respond. 

What did Epstein have on Wexler? Certainly something. 

Conned by Epstein for hundreds of millions, Wexner severed all contact with Epstein after Epstein was arrested in 2019 and refuses requests to comment. While Wexner's corporation has hired financial analysts to get to the bottom of it, it's already clear that a considerable “co-mingling of funds” figures in. That is, Epstein got Wexner's power of attorney and took over management of Wexner's money, then put himself on the accounts, invested a bit in each so each “belonged” to both of them, and drew out as much as he chose. Wexner moreover “sold” the largest private residence in Manhattan to Epstein -- for nothing!!! 

Bloomberg News reports that “Wexner had paid about $13 million for the house in 1989 and then remodeled it. In 1998, he sold it to Epstein’s NES LLC, according to a person familiar with the matter. There’s no documenting of an ownership change until the deed transfer in 2011, and those records show that Epstein’s Maple Inc. acquired the place for $0 and that Epstein signed for both sides of the transaction.” 

Unquestionably Epstein had huge leverage over some of the many wealthy and important people around him. How did he take people in, though? 

Epstein could be generous, climbing society’s ladders by handing out tens of millions -- a lot of which apparently came from the Wexner money -- to strategic charities like Harvard, Israel, US politicians and the arts. Epstein could be creatively kind in giving. For example, Stephen Hawking one of the world’s top astrophysicists suffered from a catastrophically disabling condition and therefore had never been under the ocean’s surface. Epstein, scoring Hawking as a guest for one of his parties on one of his private islands, had his miniature sub made accessible to Hawking’s wheelchair so that he could surprise him. 

Renowned astrophysicist Cambridge Prof. Stephen Hawking's first glimpse of what lies beneath the ocean surface, in Jeffrey Epstein's retrofitted miniature submarine.

Epstein's parties were continuous, and he was reportedly smart, knowledgeable and fun to be with. Epstein's favorite idea of party favors however were allegedly very young, white, preferably blond girls, without tattoos, between 13-17 years old, and that apparently was his major calling card. According to reporters Vicky Ward and Conchita Sarnoff who move in the same wealthy social circles, by the late 90s it was general knowledge that Epstein routinely raped little girls and afterward lent them out to friends. 

Survivor Virginia Roberts was different from the other underage girls caught in Epstein/Maxwell web because while they jettisoned most girls at 17, they held onto Virginia until she was 19, a near-adult with a more comprehensive view of at least the child trafficking angle of what they were reportedly doing. In 2014 court documents, Virginia stated that Epstein “trafficked me for sexual purposes to other powerful men, including politicians and powerful business executives. Epstein required me to describe the sexual events I had with these men presumably so that he could potentially blackmail them.” She adds that he never charged men, deepening their debt to him.

Vicky Ward was assigned by Vanity Fair to figure out where the “private hedge fund manager Epstein’s” money was coming from, in 2002. In the process, she got the two sisters, Maria and Annie Farmer and their parents on record saying that with Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein had raped the two girls in 1996 [Pt. 1]  

That would have been the first written report of the worst serial child rapist and trafficker in US history, but Ward's editor Graydon Carter deleted that part. Reportedly, often with Maxwell, Epstein afterward raped and trafficked what appear to have been thousands of girls, while the 11-year mainstream blackout [see Pt 2] held.  Epstein instead of being nailed in the 2002 article was quoted as bragging about his friends and guests, prominently mentioning Donald Trump....

                         27. WHERE DONALD TRUMP COMES IN

Jeffrey Epstein later claimed to have introduced Trump, a New York developer, to his future wife Melania, a recent immigrant hoping to model. By Trump’s own account that same year in a much-quoted line in an article on Epstein in New York Magazine , Trump had known Epstein since the late 1980s, when they began party-hopping together. Trump said in 2002, "I’ve known Jeff for 15 years....Terrific guy....He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

The Palm Beach Post reported, “Attorney Spencer Kuvin, one of dozens of lawyers who successfully sued Epstein on behalf of roughly 30 women who claimed that he lured them to his Palm Beach mansion for sexually-charged massages when they were as young as 14, said he always found the last part of that comment curious.’ How would he know that?’”

Young women who have been positively identified by police and the FBI as Epstein’s survivors say that Epstein's Manhattan home, complete with a dungeon, is where underage girls who had first been raped by Epstein were trained through constant rape to be trafficked to other men. At parties there, underage girls were allegedly ever present and often trafficked. 

Donald Trump was seen constantly coming and going for years. How often could a sharp-eyed man like Trump visit Epstein without noticing? 

                                          28. MAR-A-LAGO

In Palm Beach, meanwhile, Trump had in 1985 bought Mar-a-Lago. The only home that stretches across the island from the Atlantic Ocean to a lagoon, Lake Worth, Mar-a-Lago ("Ocean- to-Lake") had been built by Gilded Age socialite Marjorie Post. 

Also buying into Palm Beach, Epstein had to settle for a nondescript house on the lagoon, three miles farther down the island. This was the house where he allegedly sexually molested 104 girls. Epstein and Maxwell meanwhile were constantly at Mar-a-Lago -- for well over a decade.... 

Palm Beach is a barrier island off the Florida Coast. To the far left is the town of West Palm Beach on the coast. Next is a lagoon, Lake Worth, which is part of the Intercoastal Canal or "Rich Man's Highway". Next is Palm Beach island itself, then on the far right the Atlantic Ocean. In the foreground is Mar-a-Lago, the only home to extend across the island from the Atlantic to the lagoon built by Gilded Age heiress Marjorie Post. Before he was president Donald Trump bought it and created the Mar-a-Lago Country Club *inside* his vast home. Jeffrey Epstein infamous home on El Brillo Drive is three miles away on the curved "tail" of the island, on the Iagoon.

Ghislaine Maxwell, viewed by survivors as Epstein's procurer and as his co-conspirator in child rape and trafficking, is the daughter of billionaire Robert Maxwell. An old friend of Trump's, Robert was a wealthy newspaper publisher, embezzler and Mossad asset [see Pt. 5], mysteriously killed in November 1991. Like many wealthy US friends of Robert's, Trump took Ghislaine under his wing, giving her among other things, the run of Mar-a-Lago. Both as her "boyfriend" and as Trump's pal, Epstein was welcomed too.

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Schedule II Sexual Predator Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged co-conspirator (alleged child procurer, child rapist, child trafficker) Ghislaine Maxwell 

Epstein was under Trump’s protection in at least three ways. First, Jeffrey Epstein was Jewish. Palm Beach in the 1990s-early 2000s was still a wealthy white Episcopalian enclave, fiercely excluding Jews and blacks. Donald Trump, although raised Protestant, was not invited to join the exclusive Everglades Country Club, whose members regarded him as loud, crass and aggressively sexual toward women. Trump responded first by playing golf at the Palm Beach Country Club, which is Jewish, then by creating the Mar-a-Lago Club inside his huge home.Trump welcomed into his new club anyone willing to pay the $200,000 entrance fee, $14,000 per annum dues and then to ante up for expensive incidentals like food, drinks and extra towels. 

When Epstein was arrested in July , 2019, on charges this time of child trafficking, Mar-a-Lago put out a notice that Epstein had "never been a member". If that's true, Trump comped Epstein whenever he was at Mar-a-Lago, charging him only for food and drink, if that -- for over ten years.

Trump protected Epstein in a third way. Epstein rarely went anywhere without his alleged co-conspirator British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and/or a bevy of beautiful, unnaturally quiet, very young-teen girls who jumped to do his bidding. Mar-a-Lago members complained to Trump about Epstein’s “nieces”. Trump refused throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s, in spite of those member complaints, to bar Epstein or to prevent him from bringing underaged girls. 

                                      29. CHILD VOYEURISM

Trump himself was not only known for as he later put it "grabbing" adult women "by the pussy", and had not only like Bill Clinton been repeatedly accused of rape, but was well known for peeping at young nude teens, as he himself often bragged.  On a Howard Stern show in 2005, Trump explained why he’d bought the Miss Teen USA pageant back in 1996:

“Before a show, I’ll go backstage and everyone’s getting dressed, and everything else. Noo men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it. You know, I’m inspecting because I want to make sure that everything is good. You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody okay? And you see these incredible looking women.”

The “women” were 15-17 year-old girls.

According to interviews BuzzFeed News conducted with five former Miss Teen USA contestants, “Trump did just that in 1997. Five...who were competing in the pageant that year — including one who was 15 at the time — recalled that Trump walked into the dressing area while they were changing. One of them called it ‘shocking’ and ‘creepy’ and said she rushed to cover herself. Another recalled that the contestants were ‘just scrambling to grab stuff… whatever garments they had.’ Another called it ‘really shocking,’ saying, ‘We were all naked.’

“I remember putting on my dress really quick because I was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a man in here,’ Mariah Billado, former Miss Vermont Teen USA, said. Billado remembered Trump saying something like, ‘Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.’" 

"Another who was 17 recalled that it seemed Trump felt ‘it was his given right… because he owned the pageant.’”

Billado said that she had turned to 15-year-old Ivanka Trump, co-host that year but the same age as the contestants, and that Ivanka had said, “Yeah. He does that....”

Tasha Dixon, a 2001 Miss USA contestant from Arizona also alleged that Trump walked into her pageant’s dressing room while girls were changing.

Meanwhile, Epstein, at the northern end of Palm Beach island, three miles from Mar-a-Lago, was raping kids, at least 104 by police count. Cops on stakeout saw a steady stream of middle-school girls arriving 24/7, always brought in through the kitchen. 

Epstein’s Palm Beach house manager Juan Alessi testified in 2010 that Trump, who does not often visit other people's houses and never dines even with his own domestic employees, frequently came to Epstein’s home for dinner. Alessi says that  Trump "never sat at the table" but instead ate "with me in the kitchen.’”       

Visiting went moreover two ways. Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were preying on impoverished youngsters on the Mar-a-Lago staff...                           

Throughout the decade before 2005, Ghislaine Maxwell, also pictured above at Mar-a-Lago with Donald and Melania Trump and Epstein, was reportedly procuring girls from local spas, including Mar-a-Lago, luring them to Epstein's Palm Beach home only three miles away.


Epstein's alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell in 2000 for example spotted Virginia Roberts working as a spa attendant at Mar-a-Lago. Virginia's dad Sky Roberts, who worked in Mar-a-Lago mechanical maintenance, had gotten his kid the job. Getting a GED, Virginia was handing out towels and reading a book on how to become a licensed masseuse, a lucrative profession on the Florida coast. 

Predators smell injury and Virginia had recently been through hell. When she was 11, a family friend had raped her. When her parents’ marriage broke up over it, Virginia, still in elementary school, had reeled away from home, ending up huddled in a faraway street. Soon starving, the twelve-year-old was spotted by a 65-year-old man who offered her food and shelter only to rape and sell her to another man. Slowly making it back home, she had moved in with her dad Sky. They both loved riding his horses; she had begun to heal.  

Virginia says that she was on a break at Mar-a-Lago when a "high class" British woman walked up and chatted to her, noticed the book that she was reading and suggested that Virginia get a start on her dreamed-of masseuse career by giving a massage to an old man in his home for $200. It would be safe, Maxwell reportedly assured her, because Maxwell herself would come along as chaperone and could teach her some techniques. 

Epstein’s Palm Beach house manager and chauffeur, Juan Alessi, has testified to
seeing Maxwell and Vrginia together talking at Mar-a-Lago while he waited with the car, and testified to later that day seeing the same child at the Epstein home on the Intercoastal.  

Virginia Roberts the year Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein found and Virginia says raped and trafficked her

Ghislaine Maxwell, who would be denounced years later in 2011 by a grown Virginia Roberts as a "procurer, child rapist and child trafficker", has denied all of it, calling Virginia Roberts a "liar". 

Represented by David Boies, a famous lawyer on a crusade against child trafficking, Virginia Roberts sued Ghislaine Maxwell for defamation; Maxwell settled out of court for an undisclosed but "quite large" sum in the millions. Virginia is thus demonstrably not lying about her experiences with Maxwell. Epstein similarly settled out of court with a grown Virginia. 

Virginia's obviously not lying about either of them.

Maxwell, an Oxford-educated British socialite with accent and wit to match, is charming, disarming, believable. Sky Roberts, Virginia’s dad,  had nonetheless insisted on driving Virginia to Epstein’s house. According to Virginia, Maxwell made Sky leave, assuring him that she was there to chaperone, then handed Virginia off in the kitchen to another woman. Both Virginia and police who were later on stake-out identified that second woman as Sarah Kellen, one of three alleged co-conspirators who kept handwritten records, meticulously recording the phone calls and each little girl's “appointments” with Epstein. 

Those notes have also helped corroborate 104 girls’ version of events.  

Number #103, Virginia does not herself claim ever to have had sex with or met Donald Trump. She knows only that "he was a very good friend of Jeffrey's" at least until 2004. Suddenly, as the official story goes, in 2004 Epstein attacked a young girl at the Mar-a-Lago club, who was not an employee but the daughter of a member, and Trump's relationship with Epstein abruptly ended.

Epstein however did not operate that way. 

Instead people procured for him and he raped girls in the privacy of one of his six homes. Someone [as you'll see, probably Ghislaine Maxwell] almost certainly recruited the daughter of the club member to go to Epstein's house. Trump hit the ceiling, appropriately. The split-up with Epstein in late 2004 however was also because of a dispute over a $40 million Palm Beach property which had once belonged to Wexler, that Trump and Epstein both wanted. As least as importantly, by early 2005 rumors of a police investigation of Epstein for child rape and child trafficking began circulating in Palm Beach. Epstein in other words was suddenly radioactive. After 25 years of partying together, Trump cut him off. 

Unfortunately for Trump, when police searched Epstein's Palm Beach house three years later, in 2008, questioning employees, they heard about The Little Black Book.... 


Granted, at first the police couldn't find the Little Black Book. As noted, Alfredo Rodriguez, one of Epstein’s housemen, had stolen it. First taking it to protect Epstein's information from the police raid, Rodriguez [below. left] looked inside it and realized that it must have great value. He also claimed that he needed it as insurance against Epstein [below right], to protect his life..... 

Alfredo Rodriguez, [left] was one of Epstein's houseman in Palm Beach. When Epstein was arrested in December 2007, Rodriguez managed to steal The Little Black Book. He held onto it until he died three years later, saying that he needed it to protect himself from Epstein [right[. Meanwhile he circled the names of people whom he said were part of Epstein's ring. Donald Trump's name was circled.

While Rodriguez had it, he drew red circles around the names of people involved in what he described as Epstein's child rape ring. He indicated those who were simply material witnesses by making notes in longhand. When he tried to peddle the book for $50,000, the FBI caught him in a sting. He served 18 months in jail for obstruction of justice, but kept the book's whereabouts a secret. Rodriguez died quite soon, allegedly of mesothelioma, at age 60, in 2010. The Daily Mail reported that Epstein’s legal team was “petrified” as to where Epstein's Little Black Book might go. Prosecuting attorneys trying to jail Epstein's accomplices by contrast referred to it as “The Holy Grail”. 

The FBI found it in 2010 and still has the book, agreeing about its importance, describing it as "extremely useful in investigating and prosecuting the case, including the names and contact information of material witnesses and additional victims." 

In 2015, independent reporter Nick Bryant saw a copy of the Little Black Book, complete with Rodriguez’ circles, in a court transcript, and photocopied and published it. The Gawker lead page was included above in Chapter 25, but here it is again, for reference. That was not all reporter Bryant had found. He also copied from court records the flight logs from The Lolita Express, Epstein's 727 jet, infamous for alleged rape parties with underaged girls.

Rodriguez had circled some names which he said illustrated Epstein’s pedophile ring -- to the extent that Rodriguez could see it.  

There is no evidence that Rodriguez traveled on Epstein's infamous 727 passenger jet, the Lolita Express, or visited Epstein's other homes. So to put this more exactly, the circles which Rodriguez drew indicate the part of Epstein's ring that Rodriguez said that he directly knew. 

The Little Black Book for example records 21 private phone numbers for former US President William Jefferson Clinton. Clinton [see Pt. 3] was logged into the Lolita 26 times.  Although Clinton was the most frequent flyer, Rodriguez did not circle Clinton’s name. That may indicate Clinton's innocence. That may however simply reflect the fact that Rodriguez, Epstein's houseman in Palm Beach, had no knowledge of Epstein's activities outside of Palm Beach.

Yet Epstein's Little Black Book contained 14 private numbers for Donald Trump, who was a rich developer back then. Trump's name was circled as being, in Rodriquez' view, part of the Epstein child rape ring.  Trump had ridden in the Lolita too, although not as frequently as Clinton, and as noted Rodriguez would have had no knowledge of that. 

Rodriguez had written "witness" beside some of the names, indicating that these people had seen what was going on without participating. No such word appears beside Trump's name.  

By 2015, survivor lawsuits were in progress or cooking up. The trafficked girls, now women, were fighting back, giving affidavits and depositions, compelling disclosure, getting yet more evidence on record. Virginia Roberts had mentioned Epstein's "very good friend" Donald Trump.

The suits however were all being sealed by judicial order. Reporter Conchita Sarnoff felt that she had the basic Epstein-Maxwell story, nailed. Yet there was an 11-year news blackout [see Part 2]. Reporters like Sarnoff and Bryant could not get mainstream outlets to publish or broadcast. Instead they were getting the word out through online tabloids, which relatively few people read. So those who had reason to hide had good reason to feel that their secrets were well hidden. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ran for the US presidency... 

                                              32. RUNNING 

Donald Trump announced his run before Hillary Clinton did, in 2015, after first consulting his occasional golf buddy Bill Clinton. Bill had encouraged him to go for it because Hillary, about to announce her second run for president, had a game plan that she called her "Pied Piper Strategy". 

As Wikileaks later revealed in her emails, although a Democrat, Hillary Clinton's idea was to manipulate the Republican primaries, by helping to nominate a far right candidate who would “bring out the crazies”. She thought that the racism and misogyny of the “crazies” would drive all other voters into her arms. She zeroed in first on candidates Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, then narrowed it to Trump, helping him by ordering extensive news coverage long before there was any Trump news to cover, and by speaking of him as though he were the frontrunner when he was still far behind. Trump was indeed stirring pots of misogynist and racial hatred. 

Yet Trump also spoke hope to a country being dismembered by the globalist pressures which the Clintons represented and activated anguished military families who despised Secretary of State Clinton as a warmonger, and Sanders voters who hated her for winning the Democratic primary by blatant fraud. Seeing that the country was rising against corrupt power, Trump positioned himself as the populist alternative, although he was -- as he freely admitted -- a billionaire right in the middle of the corruption, himself routinely bribing politicians. Trump said that the nation could reassert itself, “could Make America Great Again.” In July 2016, he got the crucial backing of multi-billionaires Robert and Rebekkah Mercer, who brought as the campaign's strategist Steve Bannon.

Hillary Clinton meanwhile was famous for always believing her philandering husband Bill and for turning on the women who accused him, a fact that Trump used to undermine her women’s rights credentials. At Bannon's suggestion, Trump brought to a debate four of the women whom Bill had allegedly raped or attempted to rape. Trump then put all four in the front row, near Bill and Chelsea, looking up at Hillary as she debated with Trump...

Yet Trump himself was not only prone to as he put it "grabbing them by the pussy", and had been repeatedly accused of rape, and was well-known peeping at young nude teens, as he himself often bragged....But also swiftly became known for making inappropriate reference to his young daughter Ivanka even when he was with adult women in a sexual context. 

In 1990s-2000s, when Ivanka was in her early teens, teens and twenties, Donald allegedly told adult prostitutes with whom he was having sex that they looked like or otherwise reminded him of Ivanka, as Stormy Daniels first reported in 2011, years before it became a political issueHe also reportedly asked the prostitutes what they thought of Ivanka's developing body.  Increasing the cringe factor, Trump was accused of attacking Jill Harth, a woman business colleague, in Ivanka's bedroom ar Mar-a-Lago, in 1993 when Ivanka was 12, according to a lawsuit brought by Harth. He allegedly bedded his mistress and later second wife Marla Maples in Ivanka's bedroom at Mar-a-Lago when Ivanka was 12 and 13.  

As noted, according to interviews BuzzFeed News conducted with former Miss Teen USA contestants, when 15-year-old contestant Maria Billado had turned to 15-year-old co-host Ivanka Trump, complaining about Donald Trump's peeping and voyeurism, Ivanka had said, “Yeah. He does that....” 

Ivanka's later poise in 2015-16 as her candidate father repeatedly dissected her figure, bragged about her body, and remarked, "I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her", was remarkable. 

Trump says that last was a joke....

                                 32. TOO MUCH EVEN FOR BLUE EYES? 

During that 2016 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, John Tino, an old man dying of liver cancer, moreover kept telling reporters on New York newspapers a story. Seasoned reporters sized him up, found him credible, but with a presidential contest on, did not have the time to verify the many details. So they brushed him off but remembered him, telling the authors of All the Presidents Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator about the old guy. The book's authors took eight months with Tino, checking out details, and meanwhile were interviewing hundreds of other people. Tino's part of story would therefore not come out until the book was published three years after the election....

In the early 1980s, when the event that Tino recounts allegedly took place, New York City's Time Square was all sleaze and violence, offering any kind of sex a rich man could want. All a guy had to do was find the right place or bribe the right owner. A mob-owned theater in Times Square, the Doll Theater at 48th Street and 7th Avenue, offered live sex shows and strippers. Apparently on its second floor was a brothel called the VIP Room, a collection of rooms kept impeccably clean. Lights were on at all times. 

Nicknamed "Blue Eyes" back then, the manger was John Tino -- as Tino and two wiseguy [mobbed up] witnesses, now in their late 80s, confirm. The VIP Room's base price was $1500 [in 2019 dollars about $4,700] an hour, and could go far higher depending upon the client's wishes.Jon Tino's job was to collect sealed envelopes of cash from the johns, hook the client up with the chosen prostitute in the chosen room, secretly turn on a hidden video-recorder which taped in black and white with no sound, and then go sit in a locked room watching through a monitor, ready with a baseball bat and Ruger in case one of the women was being too badly hurt.  

Each morning, Tino delivered the previous night's money envelopes and video tapes to the mob boss, a concrete contractor and pedophile. The VIP Room was adult sex only. Tino said that Donald Trump came there a lot, always in a coat and tie, cocky and aloof, never drank, and usually chose an adult woman whom he had nicknamed "Tri". In 1981, Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka was born and he lost his brother Freddie, which reportedly devastated him. 

A year later in autumn, 1982, Donald Trump according to Tino  demanded to have sex simultaneously  with Tri and a very young teen. Tino said that Tri did not want to do it and he himself was was disgusted. (A second wiseguy, from another crime family, says that he remembers Tino talking about this.)  However the mob boss, then under federal investigation for child pornography, insisted. Tino said that the kid whom the boss found for Trump resembled Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, a movie which had come out six years before. Tino said that he, Tino, took Trump to a room where Tri and the girl were waiting, turned on the hidden videotape machine and as always went to the locked room with bat and gun to watch. Tino said that after an hour of seeing Trump with the child that night, he quit his job.

Trump has since denied all this calling it "fabrication". 

Five years after it allegedly happened, Trump however unquestionably met Epstein, starting a 25-year close connection. Thirty-seven years after the alleged incident, Tino, an old man dying of liver cancer, saw that Trump was among those running for president. He buttonholed every reporter he could find but no one would hear Tino's story until 2019. In 2016, the 2008 Epstein story, never touched by the mainstreams, was also buried. 

Yet Donald Trump in 2016 out of the blue told the Conservative Political Action Conference [CPAC] that Bill Clinton had “a lot of problems coming up in my opinion with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein. A lot of problems.” 

The mainstreams meanwhile reported his words but still would not touch the Epstein story. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, for example, the panel made vague allusions to “hearing a lot lately ” about “planes, one named the Lolita,” and so on, which communicated only to those in the elite who already knew the story. The panel wondered out loud if Trump were “going to go there” and let the general public know. When Trump didn’t go there, neither did Morning Joe.  

Consequently the public had no context, when in 2016, a woman named “Jane Doe”, later identified as Katie Johnson, sued Donald Trump and a man named Jeffrey Epstein, together, for violent child rape.... 

                                              33. KATIE JOHNSON                        

Back in the 1990s, NYC was cleaning up but was still covered in underage runaways from the Midwest. They were easy pickings for procurers, many of whom simply staked out Times square or far better, the Port Authority bus terminal, waiting for starry-eyed underage kids looking lost. 

Katie Johnson submitted an affidavit stating that, in 1994, she had been a 13-year-old runaway from a Midwestern town, procured by a young woman at the terminal and brought to Epstein. “I traveled by bus to New York City in June 1994 in the hope of starting a modeling career. I went to several modeling agencies but was told that I needed to put together a modeling portfolio before I would be considered. I then went to the Port Authority in New York City to start to make my way back home....

Greyhound bus coming in from other states, at the New York Port Authority station, where procurers for sexual predators waited, keeping an eye out for starry-eyed underage kids from the Midwest

"There I met a woman who introduced herself to me as Tiffany. She told me about the parties and said that, if I would join her at the parties, I would be introduced to people who could get me into the modeling profession. Tiffany also told me I would be paid for attending. The parties were held at a New York City residence that was being used by Defendant Jeffrey Epstein. 

"Each of the parties had other minor females and a number of guests of Mr. Epstein, including Defendant Donald Trump at four of the parties I attended. I understood that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein knew I was 13 years old. Defendant Trump had sexual contact with me at four different parties in the summer of 1994. On the fourth and final sexual encounter with Defendant Trump, Defendant Trump tied me to a bed, exposed himself to me, and then proceeded to forcibly rape me. During the course of this savage sexual attack, I loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to stop but he did not. Defendant Trump responded to my pleas by violently striking me in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted.

“Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.”

Epstein, she alleged, had then beaten her with his fists, saying that he "should have been the first".

The lawsuit thus specifically alleged that in the dungeon of Epstein’s New York mansion, in 1994, Trump had “sexually and physically” abused the then-13-year-old Katie Johnson, forcing her “to engage in various perverted and depraved sex acts" with him and a 12-year-old girl, and then ordered her tied to a bed and violently raped herThe second affidavit in the Katy Johnson case came from a person named Tiffany, who stated that she had been both a young victim of and a procurer for Jeffrey Epstein in New York, expected to bring girls to Epstein and to witness whatever happened to the girls she procured, in order to tell Epstein. She stated that in 1994 she had picked up a young runaway, Katie Johnson, 13, at the NYC Greyhound bus terminal and taken Katie to the Epstein mansion. 

“I personally witnessed four sexual encounters that the Plaintiff was forced to have with Mr. Trump during this period, including the fourth of these encounters where Mr. Trump forcibly raped her despite her pleas to stop. I personally witnessed the one occasion where Mr. Trump forced the Plaintiff and a 12-year-old female named Maria [to] perform oral sex on Mr. Trump and witnessed his physical abuse of both minors when they finished the act.” 

When she got to her home in the Midwest in 1994, Katie had allegedly told friends. 

One of those submitted a declaration. “In the 1994-95 school year, I was told by the plaintiff in Jane Doe v. Trump and Epstein (1:16-cv-04642, SDNY) that the plaintiff was subject to sexual contact by the Defendants at parties in New York City during the summer of 1994."

The case

After the alleged events of 1994, Katie Johnson by her own account had spiraled down and out, not snapping out of it until her late 20s when she saw on TV [allegedly The Apprentice]  the man who violently raped her as a child. He was later she said in the Republican primaries as a candidate for the US presidency. She first tried to file a case against him on her own in California, giving the address of a boarded-up house. The case was dismissed, because homeless people are not allowed to sue.

A would-be benefactor however had spotted the story. 
Far from this being a "far-left attempt to discredit Donald Trump", as would later be alleged, Katie Johnson was bankrolled by Paul Nehlen, an wealthy individual on the far right who once sent 1500 emails to Paul Ryan, then ran against him for Congress. 

With his backing, Katie's case was then taken on by a real if inept attorney in New York City, who filed a against Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein for Trump’s allegedly beating and raping two little girls, one 12, one 13 and tied to the bed, in the dungeon of Epstein’s New York home. A small part of the press snapped awake at that point, as the Daily Beast reported, “Trump has denied Jane Doe’s [Katie Johnson’s] claims and his reps have said he barely knew Epstein — even though New York media in the ’90s regularly chronicled his comings-and-goings at Epstein’s Upper East Side palace.”

This case was moreover in the middle of the 11-year blackout on news about the Epstein child rapes. 

If Katie and Tiffany had never been there, how did they know about Epstein's mansion, let alone that it contained a dungeon? How did they know that Epstein had young girls like Tiffany procuring for him, specially down at the bus terminal near the docks? How did they know that Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump were friends? How did they know that Epstein "lent" little girls to friends but always claimed the right to be the first to rape them? Katie Johnson moreover is exactly Ivanka Trump's age and in 1994 resembled her. 

Dismissed for technical errors made by the first attorney, the case was properly refiled in September, 2016 by attorney Lisa Bloom. By then, Trump was the 2016 Republican nominee fighting Hillary Clinton for the US presidency. 

Yet the judge held that evidence was "sufficient and compelling" enough for the case to proceed, ordering Trump to appear in court in December 2016. Katie Johnson announced a press conference for November 2, but did not appear, because, her attorney said, the attorney and Katy were being hit with death threats. On November 4, 2016, they dropped the case.... 

On November 5, Donald Trump became the US president elect. 

                                  33. TRUMP, ACOSTA AND BARR

In January, 2017, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. In February, among his first acts, he elevated Alexander Acosta to Secretary of Labor.  Some heads snapped up. 

Acosta was the Florida federal prosecutor who in 2008 had suddenly and illegally (not notifying the 36 victims who had agreed to testify) okayed a plea deal that let Epstein and his co-conspirators go. This was in spite of a two-year police investigation and an FBI report detailing crimes that should have resulted in a 45-year sentence for Epstein. 

Congress disapproved of Acosta's decision, but approved him as labor secretary. What no one in Congress seemed to realize was that same deal had included a federal promise not to prosecute or even further investigate any of Epstein's guests and friends. Donald Trump, a close friend of Epstein's for two decades, was one of those shielded by that Acosta plea deal

In December, 2018,  the Miami Herald published on the Epstein case, passing over the evidence against prominent guests, and explicitly saying that there was no evidence against Clinton (!) but delivering a searing barrage of evidence against Epstein and prosecutor Acosta. 

Trump left Acosta in place. 

Eight months later, in July, 2019, Epstein was arrested again, this time on two counts of child trafficking, and was refused bail. A combined New York City detective and FBI squad broke into Epstein Manhattan house, discovering an immense trove of videotapes and photographs, identified, some of them of girls who were now women accusing Epstein and Maxwell.... 

Trump finally made Acosta resign. 

When Epstein died, President Trump retweeted a post accusing the Clintons of having Epstein killed in prison. Yet Trump's Attorney General William Barr had ultimate control over the prison in which Epstein was caged and "suicided". 

As soon as Epstein was arrested, moreover, the NYPD-FBI taskforce had pried open Epstein's Manhattan mansion, finding a mountain of evidence. Attorney General Barr could have immediately invoked the Mann Act, allowing the FBI to search and seize the other five huge Epstein homes in the US and abroad. Instead Barr waited a full month to give permission to inspect even Little St. James island where a safe was known to stand in the middle of a room. The safe wasn't there by the tie that the FBI was allowed to look for it....

Impeached, going to trial in the Senate in January, 2020, President Trump hired two of the infamous Epstein defense team, including Alan Dershowitz, who was himself accused of repeated child rape by Virginia Roberts.

Nothing to see here, all coincidence, move along, move along...


Thousands of videos, pictures and notes and many computers are in court or FBI hands, with a lot of powerful people, including perhaps one or two US presidents,  trying to keep them sealed. We'll see. Meanwhile, what immensely powerful force has been protecting alleged child procurer, child rapist and child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell for the last 40 years? Who exactly is she?

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