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"The Oddly Impervious Ghislaine Maxwell, Honey Traps and Dead Man's Keys", I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THOSE CHILDREN! Pt. V.

GailMellorSep 23, 2019, 9:06:14 PM


Any man who's globally at the top of his field but whose idea of a relaxing weekend is repeatedly assaulting a captive middle school or high school girl might casually make phone calls in front of her, certain that she is unable to understand the political, economic and scientific complexities being discussed. In his mind, it might be like talking in front of a collie.  What though if another adult were secretly videotaping? 

With Jeffrey Epstein dead, the case of the Epstein child trafficking ring is far from over. Child rapist and accused trafficker, Epstein demonstrably wanted the world's top names in government, entertainment, law, business, industry, defense and science to owe him favors and to fear what he knew. He therefore did not present a bill to the men to whom he allegedly gave underage girls. They owed him. Epstein moreover reportedly made videos of many of the world's prominent men raping underage girls. 

Each video was labeled with the date, the man's name and the girl's name. That's not conjecture. Granted, after Epstein's July 6, 2019 arrest by an FBI-NYPD task force, President Donald Trump''s attorney general William Barr stalled  before allowing FBI agents to search five of Epstein’s six homes. One has yet to be investigated. The task force that made the July arrest however had not waited to be blocked by a federal political appointee. Within hours of making the arrest, the guys raided Epstein's seven-story stone fortress, which was the width of a New York City block. Prying open 15' wooden front doors, the taskforce found a treasure trove of hundreds of videos, thousands of stills, some marked with the date, the prominent child rapist's name and the sexually assaulted girl's name, often of girls who had already accused Epstein in court. Proof. 


Prominent people all over the world are pressuring and suing to suppress such evidence. 

However the public knows that there were two main perps, not just Jeffrey Epstein but Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwelll. 

As noted in the four previous installments of I Did Not Have Sex With Those Children!, by 2008, Palm Beach police detectives and Federal Bureau of investigation [FBI] agents had already identified 104 victims-- 13-17 years-old girls, almost all with white skin, all without tattoos. Many of the alleged witnesses to, or victims of, the child-rape and trafficking operation in 2008 described Epstein down to his anatomical distortions (his penis they said was shaped like "an egg" or "a tulip bulb"). 

The kids also described British socialite Ghislaine (pronounced "Geh-lehn") Maxwell as acting with Epstein -- procuring children, raping children and trafficking children to the rich and famous.So did the "servants". Like a lot of people in their set, Epstein and Maxwell treated people in their employ as a form of wallpaper, acting as though they weren't there. The employees therefore saw and heard quite a lot. Key survivors saw Ghislaine Maxwell not only as involved but as quietly running the show.There is thus a second alleged major predator, for decades oddly untouched


Epstein's Palm Beach houseman Juan Alessi would name Maxwell not Epstein as the "recruiter."  

Eva and Glenn Dubin were friends of both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The Dubins' butler, Rinaldo Rizzo, testified  in 2015 that he and his wife had witnessed “a 15-year-old Swedish girl" running into the kitchen "crying and shaking."  Rizzo testified that the girl was sitting on a kitchen stool, "exactly the way the girls...sat at Jeffrey’s  house, with no expression and with their head down. But...she was...shaking...  literally quivering...  blurting out....'I was on an island, I was on the island and there was Ghislaine, there was Sarah, she said they asked me for sex, I said no....I don’t know how I got from the island to here. Last  afternoon...I was on the island and now I’m here.' [She said that] Sarah took her passport and her phone and gave it to Ghislaine Maxwell, and at that point she said that she was threatened....She was shaking uncontrollably." 

Juan Alessi, Epstein's houseman for 11 years, testified that "masseuses" at the Epstein house in Palm Beach, were each year "younger and younger". Both Alessi and houseman Alfredo Rodriguez described having to clean the used adult-sized dildos and strapons after each child left, the housekeeper crossing herself and crying, not wanting to touch them....

Alessi also testified to driving Ghislaine Maxwell around Palm Beach in a black Escalade so that she find adult professional massueses at local spas and could spot and pick up underage girls on the steet. Saying that he saw the same girls later at the house, he specifically mentioned seeing Maxwell acquire Virginia Roberts when she was 16 [pictured at 16, below].


Virginia Roberts

As noted on Part 4, Virginia Roberts testified that in 2000 she was lured frm Mar-a-Lago by Maxwell's promise of showing her how to massage, and an additional promise of $200 for giving an old man a massage, with Maxwell reassuring her that she would act as chaperone. 

Virginia was driven to Epstein's by her father Sky Roberts but Maxwell sent Sky away, repeating that she was there to chaperone. [Virginia's father confirms that.] Virginia testified that she was given something to eat in the kitchen, then led upstairs by Sarah Kellen to a bathroom. [Kellen took the Fifth.] Virginia has testified in detail as to what happened next:

Jeffrey Epstein was stretched out on his stomach on a massage table, nude, with Ghislaine Maxwell standing dressed beside him. Maxwell took off her own shirt and started rubbing her breasts on Epstein’s back as if showing Virginia what to do. When Virginia just stood there, Maxwell ordered Virginia to take off all her clothes. Virginia stripped to her panties and stopped. Maxwell ordered her to take off her underwear and staddle Epstein's back. Then Epstein and Maxwell began “sexually assaulting, battering, exploiting and abusing” her in the bathroom, steam room and shower. At the end of this, they “giddily” told her that she had “lots of potential”. Epstein paid Virginia hundreds of dollars, told her that it was for two hours of massage work, and directed an employee to drive her home.

Sixteen-year-old Virginia and her parents were told that she would be at Epstein's expense educated and professionally trained in New York as a masseuse, that she would fly with him as his travelling masseuse, that she would be tightly chaperoned and taught manners, dress and bearing by British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who would be "like her new mother". Her parents were told that Virginia would be in time introduced into society, where educated wealthy men would fall in love with her. She would have a chance in life, a chance that her  parents could not give her. 'Virginia says that she was privately told that for any poor girl to get career help from an old man she would have to let him use her sexually -- the casting couch. 


Thirty-six survivors discovered by the police and FBI in 2005-2008, were like Virginia credible enough for Epstein to have later settled with them individually out of court. They have recounted similar encounters during middle school or high school with him. Within days of that first encounter, Virginia says, Epstein and Maxwell had transported her to Manhattan. Survivors who were sucked into this part of the process say that, in a maze of skyscraper canyons, in a huge stone fortress of a house thousands of miles from home, they were sexually molested by Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and/or their employees and friends almost every day. Forced to accept every form of sexual assault they were meanwhile also forced, as Maxwell is quoted as saying, to “smile, smile, smile”. 

As if daily rape were not enough to keep them shellshocked, they say that the promise of career and independence was constantly dangled -- and they were terrorized. As Virginia put it, “If I left Epstein, he knew all kinds of powerful people. He could have had me killed or abducted and I knew he was capable of that if I did not obey him....I was witness to a lot of illegal and bad behavior by Epstein and his friends....Speaking of himself, he said 'I can get away with things'. Even as a teenager I knew what that meant...."

In spite of that fear, Virginia eventually ran. At 17, she had begun ripening into a young woman. At that point, Epstein discarded girls. With Virginia however Epstein and Maxwell had instead starved her down, to look younger. By 19 a walking skeleton, Virginia had been sent to Thailand to pick up a girl. Instead she ditched her phone with its tracker and escaped to Australia with the help of Robert Giufree, a young man her age. That was 2002. Robert and Virginia married and had two children. Simply introducing herself as "Ginny Giuffree", telling no one but Robert what had happened to her, she was warmly accepted by their small Australian community.Later, when the story came out, her neighbors would call her "our Ginny" and stand behind her. 

Horseback riding as she had with her dad, taking care of her kids, she therefore got strong and healthy, felt loved, safe. Yet Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell suddenly and separately phoned her, warning her not to talk to the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]. That was to Virginia evidence of the impossibility of hiding from them anywhere in the world."I was afraid of what would happen if I didn't keep quiet." As noted in Part 1, when Maria Farmer turned to the local Ohio sheriff, he had not responded. She called the New York police and the FBI.The FBI took twelve years to respond. So many girls, although later identified as survivors of Epstein of Maxwell, either did not speak or spoke and were ignored.

Adults who knew, like the "servants" of big-wigs in the ring,  held onto their jobs by turning a blind eye [see Pt. 1] Above all the very wealthy people in whose circles Epstein and Maxwell moved treated it as a quirk, a weakness. Reporters Conchita Sarnoff and Vicky Ward say that as far back as the 1990s, in the upper reaches of New York City society,  "everyone knew". People on islands that neighbored Epstein's Little St. James called it Pedophile Island or Orgy Island.They did not go to the police. Indeed no one moved to help the hundreds of kids ensnared by Epstein and Maxwell until 2005 Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter and his lead detective Joe Recaray latched onto the Epstein/Maxwell case and refused to let go of at least the Epstein part. It was Reiter who brought in the FBI. In 2008, the FBI drew up a 53-page indictment,  accusing Epstein of repeated child rape, interstate and international child trafficking, money laundering and blackmail, enough to put the middle-aged Epstein away for 45 years -- for life. 

Strings however were pulled. 

Southeast Florida federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta (ignoring mountains of evidence, without alerting the press, and illegally failing to alert the victims) suddenly agreed to a plea deal that sheltered from federal prosecution Epstein and everyone connected to him: known and unknown co-conspirators and the Big Names. Asked why he did it, in 2017 Acosta said that Epstein was "above my pay grade" that he had been told that Epstein "belonged to intelligence." 

So Jeffrey Epstein allegedly had two heavy-duty sources of protection: the Big Names whom he could blackmail and at least one intelligence agency. What additionally was protecting Ghislaine Maxwell? She was not even charged....


In 2010, Virginia Roberts, feeling cornered, had turned to fight, using her married name Virginia Roberts Giufree. In Giufree against Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein paid Virginia a reported million in settlement. That gave Virginia the money to confront Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Ghislaine had denied everything, every iota and jot that was said or written by any of the survivors, witnesses or documents, privately and publicly, very specifically calling Virginia a liar. That backfired. Represented by the firm of world class attorney David Boies, Virginia Roberts Giufree in 2015 sued Ghislaine Maxwell for defamation. Attorney Sigrid McCauley of Boies' firm proved the veracity of what Virginia was saying, point by point, by bringing in Epstein staff and other survivors as witnesses, backing them up with the Little Black Book, the appointment books, flight logs, and other documentation. As testimony ran to 2500 pages, the accumulated weight of material evidence and what Virginia and others were saying proved too much.

Ghislaine Maxwell caved, settling out of court reportedly for millions. Using that money, Virginia is currently going after the men whom she says raped her when she was a kid in Epstein's clutches, like retired Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz  and Price Andrew of Britain. That though is not the main point here. Even with all that evidence, Ghislaine Maxwell was still not charged.  

On July 7, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested. On August 10, 2019, according to the coroner, Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, hung himself in jail. Some insist that he was murdered or escaped. Who knows? The certainty is that Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, charged and jailed, in 2007 and then again in 2019. Ghislaine Maxwell though has never even been arrested. Something extra has been protecting her, and it sure isn't a lack of evidence. 

Who is this Ghislaine person, anyway? 


                                              38. DADDY

In May 1991, Robert Maxwell, a former member of the British Parliament who already owned 400 publishing houses, decided to buy the New York Daily News. Grown far too domineering and easily enraged to act the diplomat, he ordered his youngest daughter Ghislaine [pronounced "g'len"] to go to New York to smooth the way. Clive Irving, then-head of a Times of London investigative team, described Robert Maxwell as having "a bear-like hulk, a booming baritone, Bela Lugosi eyebrows and a bone-crushing handshake." 

One of Ghislaine's former friends remembers her thick glossy ebony hair flying out "like raven's wings" when Ghislaine moved her head, others speak of her intense, poised energy. An Oxford graduate, whip smart, knowledgeable, athletic, adventurous and witty, Ghislaine at age 30 blended into any wealthy or business environment. Her clipped accent was educated not peerage, but American ears were entranced by the young "British aristocrat". Booking tickets on the Concorde -- a supersonic plane which soared so high that passengers could see the curvature of the earth, taking only 3.5 hours from London to New York -- Robert escorted Ghislaine across the Atlantic, dropped her off, made a quick U-turn, and flew back across the Atlantic, heading this time for Moscow....

Robert Maxwell spoke nine languages, most of them extremely well, and spoke English exquisitely well. Yet he had been born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch, on June 10, 1923, in a peasant village in a part of Czechoslovakia that is now the Ukraine, so poor that he did not have shoes until he was seven. Never formally educated, he was a voracious learner. In WWII, his parents and siblings were sent to Auschwitz and other concentration camps, but 16-year-old Ján escaped. 

Joining the Czechoslovak Army, he hid from Nazis by using the name "De Maurier", which he had seen on a pack of French cigarettes.  When the Germans ran the Czech army out of Europe, "de Maurier",  still in his teens but by then a muscular and daring six footer, joined the British Army in order to dive back in. Fighting with the Allied Forces, he rammed through Nazi Europe from the beaches of Normandy to Hitler's Berlin -- only to find that after six years of war, except for two shell-shocked little sisters, his whole extended family was dead. 

British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery presented him with a Military Cross "for acts of exemplary gallantry", promoting him to captain. At 23, he was 6'2", powerful, as lithe as a cheetah, and already speaking seven languages, his English without foreign accent. Accepting a job in the British Foreign Office, he served as a highly successful interrogator of captured Germans.

Marrying Elisabeth "Betty" Meynard, 25, a French Protestant who had studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, he warned her that he wanted nine kids. Almost immediately pregnant, she set to work teaching the triumphant young warrior things like classical music and table manners. Naturalized in 1947 as a British subject, he legally changed his name to "Ian Robert Maxwell". 

Only two years after WWII, the world was in tremendous flux. Many of the countries that existed before WWII had disappeared from the map. Colonies had become new countries. Borders were being redrawn. The ting village where Maxwell had been born had been in Czechoslovakia, but was redrawn on maps into the Ukraine, then Russia, then the Soviet Union, without moving a foot. Alliances were forming and dissolving overnight. Britain and the US for example could not have defeated the Germans in WWII without the Arabs. Yet Britain, a dying empire which still held Arab Palestine as a colonial territory until 1948, and the US, had in the last moments of imperial control carved the State of Israel out of Arab lands, simply drawing it with a pen. 

On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the the State of Israel, and US President Truman that day recognized it. Britain swiftly followed suit. Betrayed and infuriated, the Arab states attacked the tiny dot that was Israel. 

Out of that chaos, Robert Maxwell carved a life. Discovering mountains of fine German scientific papers unpublished, in 1948, he founded Pergamon Press with a friend, and began translating and publishing the German Springer Verlag  scientific papers. Medicine was just dividing into specialities and sub-specialties and doctors turned to Pergamon to publish their journals. It was a major force keeping scientific knowledge flowing and growing in a shell-shocked world. Renting huge Headington House in Oxford for the Pergamon publishing operation, Robert moved the rapidly-expanding Maxwell tribe there too, acquiring a helicopter, two Gulfstreams and a yacht, which he dubbed Lady Ghislaine for his youngest and favorite child. His wife Betty saw to it that their children attended the Anglican Church of England and graduated from the top English schools and universities. On the Labour Party ticket, Robert had long since won a seat in the British Parliament. 


Three of the boys and the youngest girl, Ghislaine, came into the business with him. Two other daughters were internet pioneers. Yet Robert was increasingly explosive, demeaning and tyrannical with his wife and kids, exceptionally violent with his sons, and not above sweeping "crockery and cutlery" off the table even in restaurants when he did not like the food.  As the youngest,  Ghislaine usually if not always stayed deftly under his radar when he was raging. She had grown up at Headington House, given everything she wanted, but held suffocatingly close. Robert had forbidden her to date until she went to university and then forbidden her to be seen in public with a male who was not a blood relative. 


Ghislaine, shown here in in 1981 in a white suit at 20, an undergraduate at Oxford, is standing by her father. Her mother Elizabeth "Betty" Maxwell is seated in front in a red and blue academic gown. Her children grown, Betty herself had gone to Oxford, getting her PhD. When Ghislaine graduated the following year, Robert continued to cover her costs while creating a business for her to run inside his publishing empire. Then as noted in May,1991, he escorted Ghislaine to the US, and U-turned, heading swiftly for Moscow....

Robert had heard whispers that in just six months, December, 1991, the unthinkable would happen. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [USSR] would dissolve and the Cold War would abruptly end.... 

As the USSR began crumbling into Russia and separate satellite countries, the hated KGB, the secret police of the Soviet era, stood ready to buy as many public assets as possible, to transform itself into the new Russian oligarchy, from which KGB agent Vladimir Putin would eventually emerge as supreme dictator. There was money to be made as everything the Russian people had owned as a people came onto the market. 

Immensely wealthy on paper, Robert was in fact deeply in debt. His justifiably-prestigious scientific publishing house had been mortgaged to the hilt to pay for the purchase of other publishing houses which were often gutted and sold for their assets. Buying newspapers, he had borrowed nearly a billion pounds in a series of loans illegally backed by the same collateral. To keep up those payments, he had embezzled half a billion from his newspaper employees' pension fund. He had to put it all back before anyone caught on. 

On November 5, Robert Maxwell was out sailing near the Canary Islands on his yacht, Lady Ghislaine, when he fell or was pushed naked into the sea. He did not drown; there was no water in his lungs. He was dead before he hit the water. Three weeks later, the world found out about the embezzlement and fraud. Yet Ghislaine was convinced that suicide to avoid humiliation "was not his character". She was certain that her father had been murdered....

                               39. FOUR INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES?

In the wake of his death, the secret layers of her father's life began to bob to the surface. Back in the 1950s, with Maxwell's publication of priceless German scientific materials was up and running, the "British Military Intelligence -- Section 6" [MI-6], secretly known as SIS, had paid Maxwell to start publishing Eastern European scientific papers as well as German ones, along with flattering bios of brutal Eastern European dictators.

That got him into Eastern European governments, where he became Britain's eyes and ears. Maxwell, at that point only three years out of WWII combat, on his own had made contacts inside the Soviet government in order to get Jewish refugees from Russia to Israel. As conflict escalated between Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews, Robert began smuggling weapons into Israel. That was entirely in line with British policy. In the next decades, while Britain and the US kept the Arab countries and Iran from making nuclear weapons, the Brit and US governments (although denying it to their people) had helped Israel acquire the bomb. 

"Belongs to intelligence" has many meanings. People highly trained by an intelligence community are called agents. Agents multiply their impact by recruiting assets. Robert was an MI-6 asset, renowned in combat, a linguist, already reconnoitering for them in Eastern Europe.The Brits were additionally delighted by Robert's having helped to speed Jewish immigration and arm Israel. In the 1950s, the British government therefore offered Maxwell a coveted position as an MI-6 agent

To their shock, he didn't take it. 

According to Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh's book, The Samson option, Israeli nuclear option and American foreign policy, Maxwell was also a Mossad asset. Maxwell wasn't an Orthodox Jew like his parents; his nine kids were Christians as was their mother. Yet going to Israel on business, having dinner on the kibbutzim, the farms, he had felt at home for the first time since his childhood before WWII. As his British business empire expanded, Maxwell invested heavily in publishing, pharmaceutical and computer firms in Israel, to create jobs as well as earn profit, becoming Israel's largest private investor. International Israeli businesses were often Mossad covers. In the US, the newly-formed CIA was at first so inept in huge areas of the world that in exchange for Mossad information, it was trading state-of-the-art satellite data to the Israelis. 

By the 1980s, Maxwell was thus working as an asset for MI-6 and the Mossad, which is to say, also helping the CIA, while not infrequently explaining the west to the KGB. None of the countries seem to have been bothered by this. As this indicates, during the Cold War, beneath the rhetoric ,it could be hard to figure out which country was allied with which....


The US Department of Justice [DOJ] of the Reagan administration in 1987 for example contracted for some software from INSLAW, a private US company. Instead of paying INSLAW's bill, the DOJ stole the software while deliberately driving the US company into bankruptcy. The Reagan government next palmed off the public domain version onto Iraq and Jordan, charging them for something free. The administration then sold the stolen enhanced version to Singapore's armed forces and to Israeli intelligence: to the Mossad. 

Without telling Israel, the US had inserted a piece of code, a "backdoor", which let it into every computer using the software. Without telling the US, the Mossad also inserted code, a "backdoor", so that it could read over the shoulder of anyone using one of their version's copies. 

Robert Maxwell mass-marketed the Mossad version. 

The Mossad was from then on reading software in governments like Britain's, banks like Chase and defense installations like US nuclear labs at Los Alamos. Israel was stealing US nuclear secrets. However the Reagan and Bush administrations were actively helping Israel get the bomb. It was a French farce that could have ended human life on Earth. Mordechai Vununu, , an Israeli nuclear technician and peace activist, understood that. 

Starting out as a speck, Israel was steadily erasing Arab Palestine. When, on top of that, the Israelis' secret nuclear stockpile reached 200 warheads, Vununu risked his life to blow the whistle. Turning to Robert Maxwell, whom Vununu like most people saw simply as a major British newspaper owner, he asked Maxwell to warn the world that steadily expanding Israel was a nuclear power. Willing to be quoted, he provided documentation.  Maxwell promised to publish, assigning a reporter, Richard Davies, who alerted the Mossad.... 


At Maxwell's orders, Maxwell newspapers ridiculed the idea that Israel had the bomb. Meanwhile Mossad agent Cindy Bov made herself a "honey-trap", luring Vununu away from his safe hiding place to a room where two male agents  held him down while she stuck in a needle. 

Tried and convicted in Israel for espionage and treason, Vununu, still very much alive, has been tortured and held in solitary for decades. When a sentence ends, they give him a new one. Maxwell, who had a habit of suing people, nonetheless sued Seymour Hersh, saying that the book was libel. Hersh in 1991 sued Maxwell, proving that his book was factual on every point. Hersh was awarded damages. 

As the Soviet Union crumbled, the Israeli Mossad was meanwhile negotiating with Russia's new KGB oligarchy. Apparently hoping that Israel would help erase his huge personal debt in time, Maxwell was in Moscow to mediate between the new KGB oligarchy and the Israeli Mossad, two of the world's most dangerous spy agencies. 

In November, when Robert's body was found floating near the Canary Islands, his wife Betty was told that it had been in the sea for 12 hours. In her book on the family, she says that she steeled herself to see a pale, rigid, perhaps bloated and shark-eaten corpse. Yet far from encountering rigor mortis, she easily slipped her hand into his soft fist. When the sheet was pulled back, his face was at peace, his skin was tan, "his jet-black hair was slightly discolored by the sun and saltwater....His arms were resting alongside his body...slightly bent at the elbows, and his fists were clenched, almost aggressively....Straight, his whole bearing was one of extreme dignity, even defiance." 

The crew of the Maxwell yacht, Lady Ghislaine, was American, not the usual one Betty knew; and the key to the safe was missing. 

Before an autopsy could be done in Spain, his body was without Betty permission embalmed; his organs were confiscated. That first autopsy noted no evidence of organ failure, no sign of overdose, no mark except a slight graze on his shoulder. A second autopsy in Israel revealed internal bruises, evidence of a blow behind his right ear and a shoulder nearly torn out of its socket. 

Like their daughter Ghislaine, Betty was certain that Robert had been murdered.  Rumors started from somewhere that the kidon, Mossad assassins, had killed him, but the Maxwells were certain that was not the case. With reason.

Israeli fighter pilots flew wing on either side of the Swedish plane that bore his body to Jerusalem, where he lay in state at Jerusalem’s Binyanei Ha’uma [Hall of the Nation], an honor usually reserved for Israel’s top government leaders. Maxwell was buried like an ancient king, near the top of the Mount of Olives, the world's oldest Jewish cemetery. According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency at the time, "President Chaim Herzog and Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir headed a galaxy of dignitaries and politicians, both government and opposition." It wasn't just Israel paying honor. Also present were the British Archbishop of Canterbury and a group of Russian 'Chernobyl children' with leukemia whom Maxwell had flown to lifesaving treatment. 

In Britain, in stark contrast. whatever the Maxwells owned went into receivership. Ghislaine fled to the US on the Concorde. The cost of that one-way ticket would be $18,836.00 in 2019 money. British newspaper employees defrauded by her father seized on it as a symbol, waving a photo of her getting on the Concorde, in their protest marches. The rumor that she had a trust fund was according to her mother's book not true; none of the Maxwell kids did. At 30, Ghislaine Maxwell, used to complete luxury, was broke. 



Ghislaine Maxwell therefore began an upscale version of couch-surfing, staying in one wealthy US friend's home after another, where she was always delightful company. Ignoring Ghislaine's Oxford degree and her years in the family publishing business with one of the most ruthless men in the industry, people indeed that being delightful company was Ghislaine's main skill set. They saw her as a cute little piece of fluff.

Whether Ghislaine met Jeffrey Epstein at that point; or they had known each other before, is a matter of mild controversy. Certainly, they were photographed together at a memorial party thrown in honor of her father in 1992. In the photo [above], the great Broadway actor Tony Randall, a friend of her father's, looks at her with sympathy, and perhaps appraises the guy she's with. Jeffrey Epstein was 6'2", but seemed shorter because his head was big and long, covered in greying ebony waves; and he carried his shoulders slightly hunched, Brooklyn style. Later he was a fitness nut, who never dank, ate lots of yogurt and had a body as hard as a rock, but he was at that point still pudgy. Having never graduated from college, he had however studied college courses in difficult subjects. A cold, quick, amused intelligence glittered in his eyes. Ghislaine, like her father and mother, spoke many languages quite well. Jeffrey's only language was Coney Island, with the corners of his mouth pushed forward, dropping his final r's and g's, turning th's into d's, saying "wawkin wid m' brudduh". Aware that Ghislaine had suffered a great loss, he listened patiently, and adeptly made her laugh. They decidedly hit it off. 

In November, 1992, when Ghislaine went to London for the anniversary of her father's death, speculation ran rampant. The Daily Mail reported, “Unnoticed by almost everybody, travelling with her was a greying, plumpish, middle-aged American businessman who managed to avoid the photographers." 

Who was Jeffrey Epstein? Whatever he himself was saying, he was probably lying through his teeth. His first job had been teaching mathematics in Dalton, a posh Manhattan prep school. By the end of the second year he was tutoring a Dalton boy in math and dating his sister. Far from being angry, Alan "Ace" Greenberg, their father, impressed by Epstein's mathematical gifts and Robin Williams teaching style, invited him to work at Bear Stearns. 

Three years kater, Epstein left Bear Stearns under a mysterious cloud, yet with a bonus. He expertly saved some people's personal finances, uncovering a major fraud that no one else could unravel. Then he joined Steve Hoffenberg’s Towers Financial Corporation. Two years later, in 1985, Hoffenberg pleaded guilty to cheating investors out of $460 million — which until Bernie Madoff was the largest financial Ponzi scheme in US history. 

Hoffenberg got 20 years. Getting out in 2003, Hoffenberg claimed that Epstein could manipulate markets, force stock prices up and down, and had been his co-conspirator in the Ponzi scheme. Hoffenberg to this day insists that Epstein’s fortune was built, not on shrewd trading but on the Towers Financial’s fraud. Nobody however listens to Hoffenberg (who'd believe an infamous swindler?) So no one investigated Epstein. 

Chuzpah is a Yiddish word heard in New York conversations even among Baptists. Sometimes it means "gutsy". One definition though is "shameless audacity -- like the guy who kills both his parents then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he's an orphan". That was Epstein. 

Jeffrey for example lived in the largest private residence in Manhattan, a massive fortress belonging to Leslie Wexler, the multi-billionaire founder of L Corp (Victoria's Secret, The Limited and other trendy retail outfits). Epstein, falsely claiming that the house was his, was renovating and re-decorating it, at the unsuspecting Wexler's expense. Equipped with Wexler's power of attorney, he eventually embezzled at minimum a half a billion dollars, right under the noses of Wexler's topflight accountants and lawyers.

Virtually no one however suspected any of that in 1991.Therefore Epstein was seen in the suddenly-unregulated 1990s simply as a fabulously wealthy young hotshot hedge-fund manager who was great at classical piano, moving up the social ladder in the time-tested way: by pledging heavily to strategic charities and political candidates. Ghislaine moved easily at levels that Jeffrey could not reach no matter how hard he struggled, had connections that he craved. What Ghislaine, the "British heiress", did not have was an inheritance. "Billionaire hedge fund manager" Epstein purportedly was earning a lot. 

They teamed up. 

Thanks to her introductions, Jeffrey Epstein burst into the New York party scene, constantly in the company of Donald Trump, an old friend of the dead Robert Maxwell. In Palm Beach, Ghislaine was always welcome at Trump's Mar-A-Lago, for free, so Jeffery was too [see pt.4]. Prince Andrew of Britain, fourth in line for the British throne, was a dunce, a renowned wastrel, Queen Elizabeth's favorite son, and a good friend of Ghislaine. Simply by asking "Randy Andy", Ghislaine got Jeffrey an impossible invitation to Queen Elizabeth's birthday party. 

Epstein donated heavily to Israel and other Jewish causes, and Ghislaine introduced Epstein to business exec Lynn Forester who after her 2000 marriage would become Lady de Rothschild. Forester in turn introduced Epstein around in broader circles, for example in 1993 to Bill Clinton, who had just become US president, and in 1996 to Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. Epstein meanwhile gave $9 million to Harvard, according to Harvard, but he pledged $50 million. Harvard president Larry Summers fell all over him, giving Epstein, who had only a high school education, an office on Harvard Square. Parlaying that apparent academic status, Epstein embedded himself in the world scientific community as wealthy patron and giver of parties, one of which featured Stephen Hawking. 


                                     42. EVIL, TO THE TENTH POWER 

Swiftly, Jeffrey and Ghislaine had become lovers, then friends, then something else that survivors describe as beyond evil. Raping children in palatial surroundings where no one but "the servants", those invisible people, could hear a little girl scream, was apparently the preferred  activity and venue.  Housemen like Alessi and Rodriguez describe the pair as running a business with Ghislaine Maxwell firmly in control of staff, keeping the records, taking the major role in procurement. By 1996, there is evidence that Jeffrey and Ghislaine were as a team sexually assaulting both young adults and children. This was no ménage à trois of consenting adults. 

The thrill apparently came from constructing an incredibly elaborate, mind-bendingly expensive trap, and then together sexually attacking a young teen or, in a pinch, a young adult, who wanted no part of it. As recounted in detail in part 1 of this book, in 1996, according to Kentucky artist Maria Farmer's later testimony, Epstein and Maxwell attacked first Maria Farmer's 16-year-old younger sister, Annie, in Epstein's New Mexico Ranch, immediately flying off, Annie with them, to Thailand. 

Epstein and Maxwell also allegedly attacked Maria at multi-billionaire Leslie Wexler's Ohio estate.When Maria ran for help, Wexler's guards would not let her escape. The local sheriff, on Wexler's payroll, did not respond. After their Kentucky father rescued Maria, she contacted the Manhattan police and at their urging the FBI. The FBI took 12 years to respond, and then only after uncovering close to 100 other similar cases.  

[Epstein denied it. Maxwell denies it. The sheriff's office says it destroyed the records of that year. Family and friends confirm hearing the story from Maria and Annie at the time. The entire family was willing to go on the record with Vanity Fair reporter Vicky Ward in 2002 but editor Graydon Carter would not print it.] Meanwhile, Maria moved constantly, terrified. 

Ghislaine told everyone in her circles that she was head over heels in love with Jeffrey and hoped to marry him, but that they were breaking up because he "wanted to date other women". From the mid-1990s on, Ghislaine Maxwell arguably organized child rape, that actual sexual preference of Epstein's and arguably of hers, kicking mass child rape up numerous notches in value, sophistication and efficiency.  We know because a lot of the "servants" later testified. Epstein for example had bought a nondescript house (not a "mansion" as the media would have it) on El Brillo Way in Palm Beach, which he allegedly used for intake. By all reports, Epstein was paying underage girls to procure more underage school girls for him from public schools in the impoverished interior areas of the Florida. Ghislaine reportedly improved the operation. She allegedly prowled around wealthy Palm Beach in couturier clothes in a chauffeured black Escalade, plucking underage girls from the staffs at Mar-a-Lago and other spas. These poor but working kids, digging their way out of poverty, were easier to hook with promises of a career, a chance.

With his developer brother Mark, Epstein was buying up Manhattan properties, like one on 66th street. There he and Jean-Luc Brunel, owner of MC2 modeling agency, kept many girls, some allegedly as young as twelve. Epstein had also bought the huge, isolated New Mexico ranch home in the middle of 10,000 acres which were themselves in the middle of the state-sized King Ranch, and bought two Caribbean islands, developing Little St. James into what Jeffrey called Little St. Jeff. Under Ghislaine's tutelage, Epstein further gained a home in the finest part of London, and another in Paris, on the Avenue Foch, then the most expensive address in the world. 

The vast Wexler mansion in Manhattan did not belong to Epstein but he had gutted, renovated and redecorated it, in the process equipping it with a massage room and a BDSM dungeon. According to Virginia Roberts and other survivors, Ghislaine Maxwell used part of it to help Epstein train underage girls, allegedly explaining everything from social etiquette and proper dress to blow jobs, teaching them by constantly raping them how to accept all forms of rape and "smile, smile. smile", then giving them, medically checked, to men. 

[Epstein denied it. Maxwell denies it. See "The All Purpose Denial That Failed", above.]


Epstein had a private air fleet: Cessnas, Gulfstream private jets, Sikorsky helicopters and (from Wexler) the 727 Boeing passenger jet that Epstein named The Lolita Express. In 2000-2019 Epstein flew incessantly, rarely staying in one town or island for more than a day or two, once flying to Morocco and leaving an hour later. 

Flight logs and survivor testimony make it clear that Epstein -- and Ghislaine -- flew among his homes, sometimes to highly -placed people around the world, allegedly making home deliveries of girls, as when they allegedly delivered Virginia to Prince Andrew.  The girls whom Epstein himself allegedly assaulted were properly noted in an appointment book, with Sarah Kellen calling ahead to set up three a day as Epstein flew. 

A cook flew with him, and all of Epstein's homes from Paris to New Mexico maintained a skeleton staff, awaiting his whim. Wearing white gloves,  staff were trained by Ghislaine Maxwell to be noiseless and invisible. ("Jeffery doesn't wish to know that you're here.") Girls say that Maxwell forcefully taught them to wait with eyes downcast until summoned to please Jeffrey or a guest. That was something that bystanders in every town noticed, this cloud of unnaturally submissive too-young girls around Epstein, jumping to please him. 

Ghislaine arranged social events, beautiful candlelit dinners at the Wexler place in Manhattan. Meanwhile she networked incessantly. As Naomi Fry wrote in the New York Times, "She would have attended the opening of an envelope as long as it was gold-embossed." 

Matthew Schneier in The Cut wrote, "She was there...at Cornelia Guest’s holiday bash, Georgette Mosbacher’s party for the writer Michael Gross. At real-estate mogul Aby Rosen’s birthday, at Bergdorf Goodman’s 111th anniversary, at Harvey Weinstein’s cocktail for William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls. At film screenings and store openings and fashion shows, at Tina Brown’s home and Arianna Huffington’s home and the Time 100 Gala and the Alzheimer’s Association’s Rita Hayworth Gala. For years — though not lately — Ghislaine Maxwell was a constant on the New York social scene in its most Upper East iteration. She was a friend of everyone, if an intimate of few...."

Small wonder. She had lots of secrets to keep. 


From all the survivors' and witnesses' descriptions, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were running history's largest and most elaborate honey trap, a mobile child trafficking service providing mostly-US six graders and high school girls to rich and famous child rapists. 

Everything was secretly videotaped, putting the rich and famous child molesters at their mercy -- or at the mercy of whatever outfit could be said to be running Epstein and Maxwell. It was phenomenally expensive. Even a grifter with Epstein's skills could not have afforded it. 

Although Epstein wore track suits and mere $3000-5000 slippers in flight and at home, when at parties separately or together Epstein and Maxwell dressed far more expensively in clothes from Europe, hers couturier. Underage girls, whom the duo had allegedly sexually trained, were also coiffed and well-dressed whenever allegedly "lent' to the powerful or even in public. At the places that Epstein and Maxwell bought clothes, a kid's handbag could be $5000 a pop. The jet fuel for the Lolita alone ran $61 million a year. Epstein did not charge the men of course. So that wasn't income either; that was more outflow. No one not directly involved knows where all that Epstein/Maxwell money was coming from. 

Wall Street has been trying to figure this one out and failed.... 


One obvious source of such deep pockets though is a nation state -- or more exactly an intelligence agency. After Epstein killed himself/was murdered/escaped [take your pick], Ghislaine Maxwell disappeared, and the FBI let her.  Since she can pilot everything from a helicopter to a miniature sub to a Hummer to a horse, the possibilities of where she was were and are limitless. Reports say everywhere from Britain to Brazil. Yet a month after Epstein "strangulated", in September 2019, she showed up, improbably in an outdoor LA hamburger joint on the West Coast where a New York Post  photog from the East Coast just happened to wander by and recognize her. 

Wearing clear reading glasses, Ghislaine -- who was, you know, hiding -- took them off so that the photographer could get a better shot of her face, and in another shot held the book so that its cover showed. A message! The web went apeshit. The book, The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of C.I.A. Operatives,” sold off the shelves, on Amazon going from #300,000 to #130 overnight. One online interpretation was that Ghislaine Maxwell was saying that Jeffrey Epstein wasn't really a career criminal and sexual monstrosity, he was a CIA hero, and perhaps she was too. A second group decided that she was trying to throw the world off the scent of the real intelligence agency involved, and/or her real location. A third group stressed that Epstein and Maxwell were active ephebophiles who had clawed the guts out of perhaps hundreds of young lives no matter which damned intelligence outfit{s} they "belonged to." 


The international child rape honey trap that Epstein and Maxwell ran was arguably the most extensive, expensive and coldly vicious in history. 

Here's my private guesswork. First, please, there's no use trying to find hidden meaning in the street signs behind Maxwell's choice of hamburger joint. She is taking the mickey; trolling, us. Web fluff to the contrary and notwithstanding, it seems clear to me that Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein's co-conspirator: a child procurer, rapist and trafficker. But is that all she was to him? Epstein or more exactly his honey trap was from an intelligence standpoint, a prize, an asset. Assets are disposable if their existence risks the exposure of something or someone more valuable.


Stay tuned....

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