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"The Mysterious Epstein/Maxwell Child Rape and Trafficking Empire in a Nutshell", I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THOSE CHILDREN! Pt. I [updated]

GailMellorSep 30, 2019, 11:38:07 PM

                                   1. ENTER JEFFREY, IN SLIPPERS

On July 6, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein flew into the United States aboard one of his Gulfstream jets, this one custom painted a deep blue which had sparkled in the sun as it took off from Paris. Epstein, a perpetually-tanned, extremely fit 66-year-old, with gray hair and a warm smile that everyone noticed did not match his pinpoint predatory eyes, was as usual dressed on board in a tracksuit and $3000 slippers. 

A Florida court in 2008 had labeled him a Schedule III Sexual Predator, the worst kind, adding that Epstein was almost certain to attack any prey that was his type. Epstein's "fresh faces" were almost invariably white, preferably blond 13-16-year-olds without tattoos. Survivors state that Epstein required two to three underage girls to sexually assault each day.

"Jeffrey Epstein" moreover was not an isolated individual but a highly efficient international operation with monsters at the core. With limitless wealth, he did not hunt three middle schoolers down each day. He could afford instead to hire local, national and international procurers to keep him supplied. Girls whom he had already raped moreover were expected to go out and find girls even younger than they were and bring them to him. Once raped by Epstein, some of the children were spruced up with couturier clothes, expensive haircuts and make-up and raped daily. This was training. Then they were trafficked to a ring of rich and otherwise powerful men. 

Survivors describe as among the perverts whose needs he supplied prime ministers and US presidents, Hollywood entertainers and prominent scientists, all allegedly preying on the beautiful children of the poor.

Police state that some of the surviving girls had been assaulted over 100 times each.The powerful men who assaulted the kids unwittingly in full view of Epstein's videotaping equipment, unknowingly laid themselves wide open to blackmail. Yet even child rape, child trafficking and blackmail were not the final stage of what's described. Alexander Acosta, US President Donald Trump's former secretary of labor [of whose disreputable part in freeing Epstein and all those involved in 2008, more later] states that Epstein was an asset of an "intelligence organization". 

In other words, child rapist and accused trafficker Epstein was reportedly the organizer of a "honeypot" using the lure of raping middle schoolers to compromise men for a spy organization's purposes.

Almost all of his victims were girls, and his marks appear to have been men, but his alleged accomplices were mainly women. Creating a world where he was always on his own turf, Epstein had fleets of jets, fixed-wings, helicopters and homes -- mansions in New York City, Palm Beach, London and Paris, a 17,000-acre Arizona ranch, a 175-acre Caribbean island and a 70-acre Caribbean island "Little St. James", which Epstein called "Little St. Jeff".The blond-haired woman in the black dress in the middle below is Sarah Kellen, who allegedly flew with him everywhere, ceaselessly calling ahead, making "appointments" for him -- two to three girls a day. 

His Palm Beach house was a major intake point where Florida middle-schoolers were told that a weak old man would pay $200 for a back rub, Sarah Kellen was said to meet girls in the kitchen, lead them up the spiral stairs to the "massage room" and knowing what would happen next, leave each alone with the physically powerful Epstein who would then groom them and "masturbate or penetrate them". According to highly credible survivors, Epstein first personally assaulted each girl, then shared her with Nadia Marcinkova, the 6' tall, ash-blond woman on the left, below, in a black dress. 

Reportedly often either wearing or wielding a strap-on dldo, Nadia attacked the little girls as Epstein orchestrated it.Epstein had reportedly "acquired" Nadia Marcinkova from Jean-Luc Brunel, head of MC2 modeling agency. Brunel in turn said that he had bought her from her starving Polish parents when she was 14. [Brunel has denied all of it, as did Epstein. Kellen and Marchinkova when questioned "took the fifth", which refers to the fifth amendment of the US Constitution, the one which ensures the right against self-incrimination. The fifth was intended by the founding fathers to prevent police from extracting confessions by torture, but it's a favorite haven of criminals.]

Survivors say that the key organizer of the alleged ring was not Epstein but chipper and utterly charming British socialite Ghislaine [pronounced Geh-lehn] Maxwell, described in the media as Jeffrey Epstein's "girlfriend" or "his enabler", but according to survivors in fact Epstein's full partner. 

In one survivor account after another, she is described as procuring, raping training and/or trafficking, while supervising the staff. 

Jeffrey and Ghislaine reportedly trained a select group of the girls by upgrading their clothes, hair and make-up and with others assaulting even gang-raping them daily. She was imperious with "the servants", telling employees as she hired them, "Jeffrey doesn't wish to know that you're there." So in his homes, white-gloved housemen silently waited to do his bidding, as allegedly did underaged girls. So if his  escape from capture and punishment all those years is shocking, hers is even more so. 

When he was arrested in 2008, she was not only nowhere to be found, there was no warrant for her arrest; 2019 was even stranger. Flying west from Paris on that July 2019 trip, his jet had swiftly left daylight, entering the New York City area deep into the night. The City covers five counties or "boroughs" with Manhattan island the crown jewel. At the tip of Manhattan, the East River flows into the deeper, broader Hudson river and they flow together between Brooklyn and Staten Island into the Atlantic ocean, creating a huge sheltered ship harbor. Epstein was apparently planning to go to his seven-story Upper East Side stone fortress at Number 9 East 71st Street, in Manhattan, a home so massive that it extended straight through a city block. 

As most Manhattan-based executives do, however, he flew over the East River, over Manhattan island and came down on the far side of the Hudson, landing at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. As soon as his restless, slippered feet hit US tarmac, he was arrested by a combined Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] and New York Police Department [NYPD] task force on two counts of child trafficking. 

There was no warrant out for Ghislaine Maxwell. He was dead within a month and the corporate mainstream media resumed its two-decade-long blackout on the Epstein/Maxwell case.That's excruciating. The prominent men to whom Epstein and Maxwell had purportedly served a steady feast of underaged sex, young girls pinioned in the honeytraps and Ghislaine Maxwell are still out there. 

Opening Epstein's files on child rapists at the top of the world could reduce portions of the oligarchy to Swiss cheese. Lawyers of the powerful are therefore fighting hard to keep those files closed. The young girls, now grown women, however have a right to be heard in court. The world has an equal right to know where the powerful predators are hidden and exactly who they are. When it comes to the two accused US presidents, Clinton and Trump, the US people have clear right to know if either is a child molester and is vulnerable to blackmail by whatever intelligence agency or group of financiers is allegedly behind this.

Zoom in a bit...

Survivors fighting back

Judging by survivors' statements, Jeffrey Epstein coveted that fleeting moment when a girl turns into a woman, so he collected little girls well before that point, preferably at about age 13, and lay in wait for it. Never idle, as he kept them for up to three years to watch the change, he kept raping, violently training and trafficking them. Then discarded them. 

Many of the gutted kids afterward spiraled down into drug abuse or suicide. Out of the reported thousands, a small number having reached adulthood, turned to fight. As of 2020, over a hundred have come forward. Thirty-six of those, the "positively identified survivors", were investigated thoroughly and believed by both the FBI and the local Palm Beach police as early as 2008. The 36 had such individually strong cases that Epstein settled out of court with each of them. 

None of those survivors was more initially unwilling to fight Epstein and Maxwell or more ultimately successful in doing so than Virginia Roberts, from Florida. Although normally Epstein discarded girls at 17, he had held onto Virginia until she escaped at 19. She was by then skeletal, she says because Epstein and Maxwell were starving her down to make her look younger. By age 19 trusted, on an errand for Epstein in Thailand, Virginia instead destroyed her phone and fled to Australia with Robert Giufree, a young Aussie her age whom she had just met. 

Virginia and Robert married and had two children, a boy and a girl. Virginia, known to their small Australian town simply as "Ginny Giufree", was accepted and loved, felt safe and grew healthy tending her kids and riding horses. Although carrying in memory an extensive knowledge of the alleged Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell operation back in the US, she at first told no one but her husband Robert what had happened to her. 

When Epstein was briefly arrested in Florida in 2008, however both FBI agents and Maxwell and Epstein found Virginia's whereabouts in Australia and her new phone number, Maxwell and Epstein allegedly threatening her. She has said that at first, terrified, she kept quiet but that she kept looking at her little girl, knowing that real life "monsters" were preying on other little girls. Eventually she did talk, first to the London Daily Mirror in 2011. Turning to fight in other ways, Virginia and Robert moved to the US with their kids in 2014.... 

Virginia Roberts Guifree at 28, when she, with her husband Robert and their kids, returned to the US

Like 35 others, Virginia Roberts first successfully sued Jeffrey Epstein. He settled with her, the most knowledgeable one, for a reported one million dollars, pocket change to a man of his wealth, a fortune to her. 

Virginia however did not stop there. Using the money from the Epstein suit, she successfully sued Ghislaine Maxwell, bringing many new witnesses forward. Faced with overwhelming evidence, Maxwell folded and settled, reportedly "for millions". 

With the lion's share of the settlement money going to the best attorneys in the US, plus their expenses, Virginia used the money from the Maxwell suit to sue  famously ferocious OJ attorney and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz denies all Virginia Roberts' accusations against him.That suit is still pending, but she's already gone on to fight Prince Andrew of Britain. 

Prince Andrew in late 2019 went on television to defend himself in an interview that apparently convinced no one except his mother, 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth of Britain. Even the queen felt forced to ban him from Buckingham Palace, royal duties and taxpayer money. The British newspapers as of early 2020 are demanding that Andrew cooperate with the US FBI. [In the midst of a media blackout, the survivors continue to pursue those whom they have accused, and new evidence continues to surface. I will update.] Meanwhile as noted Ghislaine Maxwell is free.

Epstein preferred to get little girls at 13 or 14, discarded them at 17. Note that she's on tiptoe. Note also the "Stop me if you can" defiance.            


Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at a party in New York in 2005,

The rapes apparently started as a form of shared pleasure, though when or if Epstein developed this savage taste separately is so far unknown. Alleged attacks on children by Epstein and Maxwell as a team date as far back as the mid- 1990s.The first reported is in 1996, when 26-year-old Maria Farmer, an art school grad student in New York, got a commission to do two large-scale paintings for a Jack Nicholson film, As Good As it Gets. 

The large art works were hard for Maria to accomplish in her two-room Greenwich Village walk-up, but she was at the time employed part-time as a greeter at the door of the 26-room mansion of billionaire art patron Epstein.  Epstein invited Maria to complete her art projects on the estate of multi-billionaire Leslie Wexler and his wife Abigail, where Epstein had a guest cottage for his own use. Epstein allowed Maria to take her two younger brothers with her, all at his expense. 

Epstein and Maxwell meanwhile took Maria's 15-year old sister Annie to Thailand for the summer, promising her parents that they would chaperone her every minute. Wealthy people often take other wealthy people's kids along with their own children to wonderful places, taking turns. Epstein and Maxwell however had no kids. On the way to Thailand, according to then 15-year-old Annie, they stopped at Epstein's ranch in New Mexico, where they sexually assaulted her, then continued flying to Thailand with her, where she says they again assaulted her. 

Annie Farmer, 15, and Maria Farmer, 26, in 1996

Fifteen-year-old Annie may have been the main target all along but according to Maria, Epstein and Maxwell returned to the United States and sexually assaulted her as well, at multi-billionaire Wexler's place. 

Maria says that she ran from them, but Wexler's armed guards prevented her from leaving. The local sheriff's office, employed by Wexler, allegedly did nothing in response to her pleas for help. Finally Maria got through to her father in Kentucky, who rescued her. When she got back to New York, she called the police. They told her to contact the FBI. Maria did. She says that there was no response from the FBI for another 12 years. [The Farmer family, and friends to whom the sisters confided back then, confirm this. The Wexlers and their guards deny all knowledge; the local Ohio sheriff's office told The Washington Post that it has no records.]  

So no authorities who were willing to act became aware of Epstein and Maxwell's alleged predation -- which is not to say that no child cried out for help -- until 2005. Even then, when part of the story came out, the whole focus was on Epstein, not on Maxwell. Certainly cheerful intelligence, couturier clothes, expensive perfumes and a clipped British accent would throw people off her scent. Folks perhaps expect monsters to look and even smell the part. 

What else though was at work?

                                                  3. PALM BEACH

Between Maria and Annie, who are the first known victims, not necessarily the first, and the point when a police investigation began in Palm Beach, in 2005, nine years intervene. During that time however there is information. 

Virginia Roberts, working in a spa at Mar-a-Lago, for example had been acquired, raped, trained and extensively trafficked, and allegedly been home delivered to Prince Andrew and had escaped. The operation by the time Virginia knew it in the 2000--2004s, had apparently expanded to a highly-organized, international child trafficking ring. 

That situation first came to light though in 2005 when middle-schoolers in a West Palm Beach school cafeteria discovered that Mary, a thirteen-year-old girl in their midst, had $300. They called her a whore and she went ballistic.  Her step-mother, overhearing her whispered conversations about a rich Palm Beach pedophile, contacted the Palm Beach island police. When the police questioned the girl, she broke down sobbing, gradually telling them about other girls telling her that "Jeff", a man on Palm Beach island, who was offering $200 to any girl her age who would give him a back rub. 

Although only one canal away from wealthy Palm Beach society, the sweltering interior of Florida is an impoverished area; $200 was to her an astronomical sum. Mary said that she went to "Jeff's" house on a dead end street on the canal side of Palm Beach island. There she was let in through the kitchen, given something to eat and taken up a spiral stairs by "Sarah" to a big bathroom with a pink and green couch and a massage table. Jeff came in with a towel around his waist, but took it off. 

When she began rubbing Jeff's back, he said that he'd pay her an extra $100 if she took off her shirt. So she had, and he paid. Then he had said that he'd add another $100 if she took off her underpants. She ran. 

Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter and Detective Joe Recarey, men of skill and integrity, quickly figured out which Palm Beach "Jeff" that probably was, and ordered a check on Epstein's trash, finding an appointment note, proof that the underage girl Mary had indeed been at Epstein's house. 

Officers staking out the house to their shock and anger watched kids coming and going at all hours, as Detective Recarey found more high school and middle school girls who were willing to talk about it. Meanwhile Recarey was painstaking cross-checking every detail of the story that each kid told. The girls' accounts were solid down to descriptions of the women on Epstein's staff and the strange interior decor of his house, the physical details of the man's body -- such as his "grey hair", "ripped body" and "egg-shaped penis" -- and the rituals that he followed in grooming and sexually assaulting a child.

Although it takes courage for a working class cop to give a billionaire a parking ticket, the Palm Beach police in December, 2007 arrested billionaire Jeffrey Epstein for multiple child rapes. 


Police said that many of the girls had been assaulted and raped over 100 times each. Yet powerful outside pressure was instant and immense. The Florida State Attorney’s Office immediately caved -- trying to free Epstein on a misdemeanor!  

Palm Beach Police Chief Reiter though had seen that one coming and had endrun it, calling in the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI], handing over jurisdiction to them. The investigation by 2008 therefore was already both interstate and international.That is when Maria Farmer was at last contacted, after 12 years, by the FBI. Telling them what Epstein and Maxwell had done to her and to her then-15-year-old sister Annie back in 1996, she said that she had had been moving constantly for a decade, terrified of the reach of Epstein and Maxwell's power. The FBI also found survivor Virginia Roberts, a goldmine of information, who like Maria spoke of Epstein and Maxwell's worldwide reach, her terror of them. 

With the Palm Beach police's detailed files,  in a short period, the FBI identified 104 girls and women who had been underage during their time with Epstein and were willing to speak of it. Most said that they had been coaxed into Epstein's Palm Beach house from “across the bridge”, the mainland area where according to wealthy Palm Beach residents, “the white servant class lives".  It wasn't however just Palm Beach, either. 

Some said that they had been Midwestern runaways, scared children from Iowa or Ohio getting off a Greyhound bus in New York City, spotted by an Epstein procurer only slightly older, and lured to Epstein's Manhattan mansion. They all said they had been lured by food, money, promises of education, career help. Their impoverished parents had believed that the important men involved were genuinely going to give their exceptionally beautiful daughters "a chance in life". 

Girls from South America, Western Europe or the former Soviet republics said they had been sucked in through a "modeling agency", Jean-Luc Brunel's MC2. 

Virginia Roberts [who uses her married name Virginia Roberts Giufree in all legal documents in the case], testified in Guifree v Maxwell that in 2002, Brunel gave Epstein three blond 12-year-old triplet sisters, to rape -- as a birthday present. Brunel allegedly flew the little girls back to France the next day, but Virginia testified that Epstein "was so excited about the entire event; [he] replayed over and over again over the next course of weeks how cute they were and how you could tell they were really young. He went on to tell me how Brunel in his view "bought them" in Paris from their parents, offering them "the usual sums of money, visas, and modeling career prospects". 

For most children, sexual assault allegedly only began with Epstein, wbo then then invited six-foot Nadia Marcinkova [far right, below] to join in. "Acquired" by Epstein at age 14 through Brunel's modeling agency, allegedly serving at the time of the 2005-2008 case as Epstein's "live-in sex slave", she reportedly used a strap-on dildo on even small kids, as Epstein's directed her every move.

However when later sued by Virginia Roberts, Epstein would settle without a fight and Maxwell would go to court, arguably admit it on the stand, then settle.] 

In 2008, the evidence was overwhelming, painstakingly documented. Girls and their families were willing to testify....

...but Epstein and Maxwell and their co-alleged conspirators slicked out of it. How did they get free?

                                        4. ACOSTA AND DERSHOWITZ

That should have been it. As noted, however, outside pressure was immense. The Florida State Attorney’s Office had immediately caved -- trying to free Epstein on a misdemeanor. 

Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter though had seen that one coming and had endrun it, calling in the FBI, handing over jurisdiction to them. The FBI wrote up a 56-page report on Epstein's alleged rapes and trafficking. With 36 credible young girls willing to testify, the 56-year-old Epstein had in 2008 been looking at 45 years -- life -- in prison. 

Suddenly, however, South Florida Federal Prosecutor Alexander Acosta sprung Jeffrey Epstein and everyone connected to him. The simplest explanation is that Epstein's startlingly high-powered legal team, comparable in prowess to OJ's, ate federal prosecutor Acosta for lunch. That's only partly true. 

Granted, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz was known for his unparalleled ferocity in freeing often seemingly patently guilty clients; he had for example formerly been on the OJ Simpson team. Dershowitz pulled in others to defend Epstein, like Ken Starr, who had with great moral umbrage brought about Bill Clinton's impeachment, but thought nothing of defending Epstein. 

With the Epstein defense team, moreover, no punch was too low. Families reported being constantly followed, harassed and threatened on the phone, even run off the road. When police checked the license plates they traced to area private detectives which local police detectives felt sure had been hired by Epstein's lawyers. Dershowitz proudly states that he is the one who ordered a thorough examination of the girls social media pages, exposing the teenage girls allegedly raped by Epstein as smoking pot and dating boys [surprize!], using that to smear them as "prostitutes".

Prosecutor Acosta however was also a Harvard Law School graduate, and before becoming a federal prosecutor had belonged to same law firm, Kirkland & Ellis LLP, as the head of the Epstein team, Jay Lefkowitz. 

Acosta's job moreover was to prosecute a case that the police and FBI had brought him heaped on a silver platter. Instead, Acosta took a dive. He suddenly okayed an outrageous plea deal and (illegally) promised not to let the victims know about it until after it was made permanent by a judge.  Thanks to Acosta, moreover, Epstein pled guilty only to "soliciting sex from a minor" and that from only one of the hundreds of underage girls: Mary

That charge made Mary, the youngster who had refused Epstein when he ordered her to take her underpants off, the one who had run, the one whose stepmother had called the police, starting the entire investigation, look not like one if countless child victims of Epstein, a serial child predator, but like a prostitute who had propositioned Epstein. Her life spiraled down.

Epstein received a tap on the wrist. Without admission of guilt, he was ordered to pay out-of-court settlements to those 36 survivors who had exceptionally strong cases, chump change to a man with endless supplies of money.  Technically, Epstein also got 15 months in jail. Housed in an empty wing of the laid back Palm Beach Stockade, Epstein was actually given three months off for good behavior, daily work releases, etc. and in essence served only 54 days. Paying a salary to the tax-paid police officers assigned to watch him, he had a steady stream of visitors whom he met behind two sets of closed doors.Then Epstein, arguably the worst child sexual predator in US history, was set free to prey on little girls, three a day, for yet another decade....

                                                   5. DERSHOWITZ

Thanks to federal prosecutor Acosta, without having to provide any information, Epstein's named co-conspirators like Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Kellen, Nadia Marcinkova and even as yet unknown co-conspirators (!!!!!) were also protected from prosecution.

Thanks to Acosta, all of Epstein's police-documented prominent guests at his homes and documented in his flight logs over the previous three years were also protected from federal prosecution, even from being questioned about the period of the case. That "non-prosecution" agreement covered Epstein's frequent guest, Alan Dershowitz, the lawyer who had created and was on the team that negotiated the deal. Dershowitz is therefore worth looking into....

Alan Dershowitz

In 1996, on Martha's Vineyard, business executive Lynn Forester introduced Dershowitz to Epstein. Forester had not yet married into the Rothschilds. Typically when Dershowitz tells the story, however, he says, "Lady de Rothschild begged me to meet Jeffrey Epstein. She told me, ‘Here’s this smart academic.’” In fact, Epstein has a high school education. Epstein however excelled in inflating inflated egos. A few days later, Epstein invited Dershowitz to multi-billionaire Les Wexner’s 59th birthday party in New Albany, Ohio. Dershowitz gushes, "It’s a tradition that Jeff invited the smartest person he met that year. He told them I was the smartest.'” 

Dershowitz has said that he later really wanted no part of the later Epstein child rape case in Palm Beach but that Epstein "prevailed upon him" to take it.
How though did Epstein "prevail upon him"?  

In answering that, a key voice may again be that of Virginia Roberts. She was 16 in the early 2000s when she says Maxwell procured her and Maxwell and Epstein constantly sexually attacked her, with friends. At 19, she had escaped to Australia and married. In her late twenties, Virginia with her husband Robert and their two kids had moved back to the United States to fight Epstein, Maxwell, and the important people to whom she says Epstein had trafficked her and other girls. The Daily Mail had reported in 2011 Virginia's claim that one of the men to whom Epstein and Maxwell loaned her, as an underage "sex slave", was Epstein's lawyer, Dershowitz.  

In testimony in Giufree v Maxwell, Virginia later stated that Epstein gave her to Dershowitz six times and that the last time it was an orgy with 11 girls, with Epstein orchestrating their every move. She says that additionally, Dershowitz, chatting unconcernedly, watched her under Epstein's orders giving oral sex to Epstein outdoors on Little St. James. That if true would mean that Dershowitz, a prominent attorney and Harvard Law professor, is a eubophile voyeur, watching criminal child rape and trafficking, and/or is himself a child rapist. If so, it would further mean that, always videotaping, Epstein had a choke hold on Dershowitz. 

In towering wrath, in great detail, categorically and on every talk show available, Dershowitz has denied all of it, a brilliant 80-year-old lawyer, famed for his acumen and ferocity, fighting for his legacy. Dershowitz has explained that he and Epstein were strong financial supporters of Israel. Epstein, although not a Harvard alum was also a massive contributor to Harvard where Dershowitz was a professor; so they "merely traveled in the same circles". 

Pre-2008, Dershowitz said that he trusted no one outside his own family except Epstein to read his latest book in draft form, and that they talked constantly. Recently, Dershowitz seems to be rewriting most of that, portraying instead a very distant relationship with Epstein. Police for example reported that Dershowitz had once with his wife stayed in Epstein's Palm Beach house as guests when Epstein was away. Dershowitz agreed, emphasizing "with my wife",  stressing that his wife and he are monogamous and that she goes everywhere with him. Others took exception to that....

                                            6. THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK

In 2015, reporter Nick Bryant discovered in the court records the flight logs of The Lolita Express, the Boeing jumbo jet that Epstein owned. Survivors say that the plane was used for sex parties, featuring the rape of underage girls, although not exclusively for that. 

By Epstein custom, the underage girls on each flight were designated by first name only [Virginia, Tatianna], and those people later designated as co-conspirators like Ghislaine Maxwell flew with them, their presence like Epstein's recorded by their initials [GM, JE], while guests were indicated by full name. Bryant looked into it, first checking out Bill Clinton then Alan Dershowitz. On Gawker, where he published the logs, he noted, “According to the flight logs, Dershowitz was close enough to Epstein to have accompanied him on a flight from Palm Beach to New Jersey's Teterboro Airport as early as December 1997. "On that flight, the pair was accompanied by a number of people, including one unidentified ‘female,’ a ‘Hazel,’ a ‘Claire,’ and [alleged co-conspirator, child procurer, child rapist and child trafficker] Ghislaine Maxwell. The logs also show Dershowitz on a flight with Epstein from Bedford, Mass., to Teterboro in October 1998, and a flight from Teterboro to Martha's Vineyard in 1999. And a 2005 trip from Massachusetts to Montreal shows him traveling with Epstein, ‘Tatianna,’ and others. 

"One thing the logs don't show: Dershowitz's wife traveling with him.”

In response, Dershowitz and staff have prepared a huge spreadsheet showing where he was and with whom at all times, saying that it disproves all these allegations. He has gone so far as to say that Virginia has him confused with Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold, thus implicating Myhrvold. 

Meanwhile, Dershowitz has been arguing to get the law changed, so that it isn't illegal for a middle-aged man to have sex with a 12-17 year-old-girl. Calling Virginia a "liar", saying he’s never seen her, Dershowitz moreover dared her through Twitter to sue for defamation "so the facts will come out". 

Virginia is represented by David Boies, in demeanor one of the great gentlemen of the bar, but in a clinch arguably as much of a street fighter as Dershowitz. Antlers clashed. Challenged by Dershowitz to sue for defamation, Virginia Roberts with attorney Boies did. During that the case, Maria Farmer (the young artist who at 26 had been a door greeter at the Epstein mansion in Manhattan before allegedly Epstein and Maxwell sexually assaulted Maria and separately her 15-year-old sister Annie) testified that Dershowitz was constantly at Epstein's New York mansion in the mid-nineties. During that time, parades of little girls in school uniforms constantly streamed upstairs to where Epstein was, the kids telling her that he was offering "modeling jobs". Maria testifies that Dershowitz's visits up stairs often coincided. Another survivor has like Virginia named Dershowitz as her rapist. Dershowitz responded by putting up defenses against fact-finding. 

Opinion by learned attorneys has piled up on every side. Hollywood blogger Eriq Gardner, disgusted that TV anchors are "buying into Dershowitz' posturing" is refreshingly curt: "The famed lawyer invited a defamation suit over 'the truth.' He got one. Now, he looks to sidestep a battle over whether he really raped a child."


The "survivors", the 36 victims identified by the police and FBI in 2008 whose cases were so strong that Epstein settled with each of them out of court,  testify that sometimes, Epstein and Maxwell flew his Boeing 727 jumbo jet across the Atlantic or Pacific with his guests allegedly left free to rape little girls at their leisure. Where could a girl -- in a metal container thousands of feet above the ocean, with Epstein, guests and one or two trainers present -- run? 

Survivors say that a trainer like Maxwell and/or Kellen were always travelling with them, although (except on planes) usually not in the room. There to keep the girls in line, they reportedly did not protect the girls from guests' kinks and violence. Sometimes, survivors say, Epstein would clear his island, Little St. James, of all but vital employees and leave some bigshot alone with a little girl for the weekend. This was particularly terrifying. No matter the set-up or the outcome, there were secret video-recording devices everywhere.

As Virginia Roberts puts it, Ghislaine Maxwell told them to "smile, smile, smile" no matter what the man did to them and to gather information on the sexual preferences of the important men to whom they were lent, Virginia presumes for blackmail. Virginia adds that Epstein never charged the men. That too would have kept socially-powerful people in his debt. 

She and other survivors say that with Ghislaine Maxwell's (in the survivors' view Epstein's co-conspirator, child procurer, rapist and trafficker's), "training" involved everything from school work, etiquette classes, healthy food and new clothes to beatings and brutal enforced daily sex of every kind with Maxwell, Epstein and his guests. Gang rape. 

Sunny and poised, Maxwell denies all of it. Survivors also say that at Epstein's constant parties, he passed the underage girls out to important people. For very important people, Epstein allegedly offered home delivery. 

Virginia Roberts for example recounts flying with Epstein and Maxwell on The Lolita Express, Epstein's huge Boeing 727 passenger jet, across the Atlantic, to various places in North Africa, landing in a British military base to the British newspapers' great consternation, then onto a strip at Sandringham Castle -- as flight logs show. Virginia was introduced to already middle-aged Prince Andrew in Maxwell's upscale flat. He took Virginia dancing, Virginia testifies, then Maxwell and Epstein gave her to him for sex. Virginia says that Guislane assured Andrew, 45, that Virginia was 15. Virginia, however was actually 17, and getting savvy. Telling Andrew that it was for her grandmother, Virginia got a photo of herself with Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell in the background. Evidence....

Although Virginia says that Ghislaine Maxwell assured Prince Andrew of Great Britain, then 4th in line for the throne, that Virginia was 15, Virginia was actually 17, getting savvy. Telling Andrew that it was for her grandmother, Virginia got a photo. That's Ghislaine in the background. On the right, Andrew walks in Central Park with Jeffrey Epstein after the 2008 case and the court declaration that Epstein was "Schedule III', an obsessive extremely dangerous sexual predator on young teens. Thanks to federal prosecutor Acosta, Epstein was free.


Andrew was at the time fourth in line to the British throne. Buckingham Palace denied everything vehemently. Like Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell has denied all this categorically and publicly, and Maxwell called Virginia a "liar".Virginia's topflight lawyers promptly sued for defamation. After 2,500 pages of proofs and testimony, Maxwell backed down, settling out of court in Virginia's favor for reportedly "millions", but sealing the records. Those sealed records are being opened; 2000 pages so far are public as I write.) Yet as late as December 2018, the US people still did not know any of this [see Pt.2]. 

For over two decades, as evidence of the horrendous story kept popping into view, there was almost no  U.S. mainstream news coverage of the apparently huge international child rape network of prominent men reportedly supplied with little US girls by Epstein. He and his identified co-conspirators and guests perhaps felt safe. 

During that decade-long US mainstream media blackout, however, independent reporters forced to publish through society rags and tiny publications were on the story and did not let go. The first to catch onto Epstein, Vicky Ward, was working for Vanity Fair, a society magazine, and perfectly positioned to see the well-dressed little girls always with billionaire Epstein, their eyes downcast, their chins tucked, until Epstein wanted something, then anxiously springing to please. Ward met and interviewed the Farmer sisters and their parents, on the record, and had the story nailed in 2002. Her editor, Graydon Carter. would not publish, as he acknowledges. 

Ward met and interviewed the Farmer sisters and their parents, on the record, and had the story nailed in 2002. Her editor, Graydon Carter. would not publish, as he acknowledges. 

With much more willing editors after Epstein's re-arrest in 2019, Vanity Fair though put reporters back on the story, for example interviewing men in the airport tower on St. Thomas, the nearest island to Epstein's island, Little St. James, that has an airstrip. The air traffic controllers said that as late as July 2019, when he was arrested in New Jersey, Epstein was still collecting underage girls.  Reporter Holly Aguirre quotes a tower employee as saying, “One incident in particular really stands out in my mind, because the girls were just so young. They couldn’t have been over 16. Epstein looked very angry and hurled his jacket at one of them." 

Another employee at the airstrip was quoted as saying that Epstein landed at St. Thomas twice a month on average. "There’d be girls that look like they could be in high school. They looked very young. They were always wearing college sweatshirts. It seemed like camouflage, that’s the best way to put it....Epstein would be dressed in a tracksuit, but the girls carried shopping bags from designer labels: Gucci, Dior." The employee added that he and his co-workers joked about it. "Every time he landed or took off, it was always brought up. We’d always be joking, ‘How many kids are on board this time?’ But the employee also said that he felt "'pure disgust,' calling it 'absolutely insane' that a convicted sex offender was able to move around so openly....'I could see him with my own eyes. I compared it to seeing a serial killer in broad daylight. I called it the face of evil.'” 

Therefore the world applauded when on July 6, 2019, as Jeffrey Epstein deplaned in the New -York-area night from his blue Gulfstream jet, and his feet hit US tarmac, he was arrested by the FBI-NYPD Crimes Against Children Task Force, on two new sex trafficking charges. Stemming from activities alleged to have occurred in 2002–2005, so they were not covered by Acosta's 2005-2007 federal non-prosecution agreement. Whatever new evidence was turned up in Epstein's six houses, and whatever hitherto unknown survivors might say, could lead to extra charges.

Soon a task force member was therefore working with a metal pry bar, cracking open the magnificent 15' tall front doors of the great stone fortress that is Epstein's Manhattan mansion, finding a treasure trove of photos and videotapes. Epstein's operation had since 2008 obviously expanded. Photos on the wall of his Manhattan mansion were of Bill Clinton, Woody Allen and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. Flight logs showed that his private jets had in 2019 been setting down not only in London and Paris but in Mexico, Slovakia and Morocco, staying for only a few hours, then flying off. To Epstein's visible distress, the NYC judge refused his offer to put up $10 million in bail. To the FBI's silent shock, Trump administration attorney general William Barr refused to let them open up Epstein's other five houses!!!

                                        9. "EPSTEIN WAS SUICIDED"

Ex-cop and accused murderer Nicholas Tartarglione [left] cellmate of Jeffrey Epstein [right].

Perhaps expecting a country club detention center, the very wealthy Epstein was meanwhile pushed into a filthy, brain-shatteringly loud, overcrowded, stinking, rat-infested hellhole of a jail in Manhattan where the inmates hate -- as inmates everywhere hate -- child rapists. His lawyer demanded his release from the general population. Obliged, Epstein was put in an isolation unit. Thing is, within it, he was put in a cell with Nicholas Tartarglione, a mammoth ex-cop charged with four murders. This time the federal-state taskforce was not only loaded for bear; with dozens of credible witnesses and mountain of evidence; as indeed the 2005-08 operation had been, it was also forewarned by the 2008 debacle and determined that nothing would stop it. 

Tartarglione, who as an ex- cop would understand Epstein's high value as a witness, was to that extent protection. At the same time, Epstein, experiencing life in a helhole with Tartarglione looming over him instead of living in luxury, himself looming over several terrified new "fresh faces" a day, might have broken. 

Could have happened.The raid on his Manhattan home had uncovered huge caches of new information. Another credible survivor came forward. 

Jeffrey Epstein however was found by Tartarglione unconscious in the fetal position with marks on his neck. The Guardian claims to have it on solid but unnamed authority that it was not a suicide attempt; that Epstein was attacked, whether by an inmate who hates child rapists or by someone paid by a powerful person afraid of disclosure, while the guards turned a blind eye. 

Not badly hurt, Epstein was put on suicide watch. The release of much of the sealed 2,500 pages of Virginia Roberts' suit against Ghislaine Maxwell, naming many prominent names, seemed imminent. Indeed 850 pages came out on August 9, 2019. Oddly, however, Epstein was taken off suicide watch and put in a cell alone, without Tartarglione. We are told that the guards fell asleep for two hours on watch. One of three things occurred next on August 10, 2019:

1) Jeffrey Epstein strangled himself. Deliberately kept terrified, he was put on Suicide Watch, then taken off, left in a cell alone with means to strangle himself, and no one was watching for hours.

2) He was murdered. Since other prisoners claimed to have heard shrieks and screams from his cell, and the hyoid bone in his neck was broken, strangulation or blunt force trauma is a possibility.

3) Jeffrey Epstein escaped. His body was identified by Epstein's brother Mark, not by DNA analysis. The brothers were very close; Mark had offered to put up his house for bail; he could have misidentified him. Afraid that Epstein had "dead man's switches" -- information stored the release of which would be triggered by his death or disappearance -- the high-ranking people whom he supplied or the intelligence group that Acosta said Epstein "belonged to" could have spirited him out of there.

All three explanations are scarcely plausible. Therefore all are possible.  The coroner, although noting the broken hyoid bone, and hesitating for days, pronounced Epstein's death a suicide. A pathologist hired by Jeffrey Epstein's brother Mark insisted that Jeffrey was "stangulated". Skeptical, the FBI is investigating.

                                      10. THE GUESTS, THE RING

Under US law, there is no such thing as a child prostitute, only trafficked and raped children. Especially middle-aged adults -- regardless of gender and no matter how respected, how adored by their own children or followers, or how terribly, terribly British -- who have sex with 13-16 year-old kids, whether the kids are forced to seem willing or not, are by definition child molesters. Not only Epstein, Maxwell, Marcinkova, Kellen, etc. but also the eubophiles among the guests all were. One of Virginia Roberts' attorneys, William Boies, claims that there are "hundreds" of important names buried in still sealed records that he has seen -- including princes like Andrew, prime ministers like Ehud Barack of Israel and Tony Blair of Britain, and two US presidents, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, the latter back then a wealthy developer. 

The certainty is that if guilty, these are among the least powerful people involved, or their names would not have leaked. 


Before looking at the separate sets of circumstances casting suspicion on Bill Clinton [Pt. 3] and Donald Trump [Pt. 4], it's important first to see the media coverage itself more clearly. Having rarely touched the constantly breaking story for ten years 2008-2019, the corporate "mainstreams" after 2019 Epstein's arrest routinely distorted the public's perception of it, and after Epstein's death, have gone unaccountably silent once more. Yet Maxwell is still out there as are the "hundreds" Boies says are in the ring. Why are the corporate mainstreams quiet? Finally, Epstein on paper had perhaps half a billion dollars, but said he was a billionaire, and spent like a trillionaire, so a key question is where Epstein's endless supply of money was coming from [see pt. 4] and how much blackmailing wealthy pedophiles with the reportedly trafficked little blond girls might have to do with it. 

South Florida federal prosecutor Acosta, who approved the infamous 2008 plea deal that freed Epstein without consulting the victims, which is illegal, had said that he had to because Epstein "belonged to intelligence". 

On May 31, 2019, dozens of heavily redacted, decade-old Epstein case memos were unexpectedly posted on the FBI website known as “The Vault”. One noted that in September 2008, "Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon." The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been out to expose, arrest and forever jail Jeffrey Epstein. Was he also its asset? 

The FBI? Probably not. Although some have suggested that Bear Stearns where Epstein had worked was under investigation, it was a minor case and the FBI had not been assigned to it yet. Acosta's remark instead raises the specter that some other aspect of the world intelligence community was using Epstein's "honeypots" of little girls to attract powerful men, videotaping them, and that Epstein and Maxwell were the gruesome assets making that possible. 

For what spy agency then? Ghislaine Maxwell's dad Robert Maxwell, a story in himself [see Pt. 5] , was a famed Mossad asset who also worked at time for the British MI-6 the US CIA and the Soviet KGB. Ghislaine, sweet society belle that she seems, arguably ran Epstein's operation. If she did so, that does not mean that she ran it for the Mossad. If she did run it for Mossad, that does not mean that she was not like her father an asset for other intelligence operations as well. What's the evidence? 

This is part of a full-length book. You just read Part I, the overview, of I Did Not Have Sex With Those Children!  Going up on Amazon in February, it's free here on Minds, where I'm writing it. Please continue to....