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07. The Grand Conclusion

Formula LymphateraNov 20, 2018, 1:07:51 PM

Chapter VII

Wrapping it all up

Now for the Grand Finale:

I shall try to put it all into ten points, even though there is this strangely circular character about the whole thing.

Once you have seen it, any - literally any - question concerning this world can ultimately be answered by "gravity!" in just a few steps.

Here goes...

Adding the fourth dimension

To the concepts of thermodynamics, entropy and energy  first we add the concept of gravity, which, in one fell swoop, provides for the ultimate thermodynamic source and sink, as well as material & energy resources of low entropy, and possibly quite incidentally solve an old economic mystery:

What is the value of labour?

Is there a surplus value of labour?

Without gravity, the world would not exist

So what are the consequences?

How do these four concepts come together?

1.    The laws of thermodynamics rule everywhere, but not everything in the universe.

There is a second system in place, ruled by the laws of gravity, which envelopes the first. Planets express no exception in this dual system.

Movement within or without can be driven by energy, or by gravity - or both.

The results may appear to be the same, but instead are complementary and slightly asymmetric.

2.    Movement induced and governed by the laws of thermodynamics
degrades and decreases the amount of energy potential and physical order, decreases differences, and thereby decelerates over time, depleting
it's own source.

This movement is driven by external forces and conditions.

3.    Movement induced and governed by the laws of gravity instead
grades and increases the amount of energy potential and physical order, increases differences, and thereby accelerates over time, enhancing
it's own source.

This movement is driven by the internal forces and conditions of mass attraction, and therewhile creating the potential for secondary movement then governed by the laws of thermodynamics.

4.    While movement ruled by the laws of gravity has no precondition other than the existence of matter, movement ruled by the laws of thermodynamics requires an external source and an external sink for every subsystem that is governed by it even to come into being.

This cannot be provided for or short - circuited by the subsystem itself -
Dante's Hell - a.k.a. the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics.

5.    All sources of graded energy potential and order in the universe, as well as all sinks for degraded energy potential and order, are conditioned and provided for by gravity concentrating matter, thereby emptying space in complement, simply by subtracting that matter from it.

[Notwithstanding the expansion or contraction of the universe as a whole, this does not change the amount of matter and non-matter, or space.]

6.    This gravitational effect is ongoing, always and everywhere, including outside and inside of planets, as well as on their surface.

At the same time, even planets - independent of life - are thermodynamic entities; if they receive external energy, matter on their surface is being moved according to the laws of thermodynamics and according to the laws of gravity.

7.    Life on Earth began by degrading chemicals (indirectly) composed by the gravity of the planet, then those (indirectly) composed by the gravity of the sun. Humans, animals, and machines (i. e. combustion engines), all constitute thermodynamic entities, and therefore are ruled by its laws.

As everything turning over energy is, plants are as well, one step ahead in the chain of energy conversion. One and all, they require an external source and sink they themselves cannot provide or short - circuit.

8.    Gravity, by the process of matter attracting matter, creates both positive energy and negative entropy (physical order) - both of which are assets, and remain so (not only human wealth is defined by the access to energy potential and physical order, the difference between food and manure).

Humans do not order their surroundings; they consume the order provided by their surroundings - which gravity creates free of charge, while simultaneously countermanding any thermodynamic action.

9.    All human activity, as is necessary for all thermodynamic entities, creates a net loss, which has to be compensated for, from the outside of any human activity - and at least as fast as this loss is being generated.

Humans nevertheless calculate an - imagined - economic gain, all the while by thermodynamic necessity turning physical assets created by the force of gravity (which they cannot control) into physical liabilities of waste and entropy.

10.    Roughly once a human lifetime, when a running generation tries to access the mountain of profit but encounters an abyss of debt instead, human economic systems regularly collapse - unless loss and debt can be transferred to an external economic sink in some other county or country, where the economic collapse then occurs in proxy.

As the economic system does not mirror the physical one, real physical wealth is not touched by this, but has to be physically destroyed. If it is of thermodynamic origin, then over time, gravity will see to that.

- - -

Count the last two points as a calculating error - a sign error so to speak.

C'est la.

Ah, yes - the value of labour is negative.

And I do say that the force of gravity, or rather the mutual attraction of matter, decreases entropy (as the measure of even distribution of matter and energy).

That's it in a rather large nutshell.

.                                               ... if you need him or not ...

There may be no atheists in the trenches, but don't use the concept of a divine God as a scapegoat for earthly failure.

Heisenberg, one of those favorite scientists of mine … that funky uncertainty principle, prime theme of the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and / or universe

… the closer you get, the more it eludes you.

So step back.

You're messing things up

- - - -

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