Andy and The Soul Machine

Official band page for - Andy and The Soul Machine - A Dallas based psychedelic rock group, rooted in Deep Ellum, Texas. Soundcloud: @andyandthesoulmachine IG: @andyceeandthesoulmahine FB(ew): @andyandthesoulmachine
If we have time , then it shall be that I try my hand and leading a hand to my people on this earth. Live in the thought of love and all will fall in line even happiness.
Posting today's news and related spicy memes. Always open to discussion with liberals. Just come prepared. I am not a Russian bot My groups: Cord Cutters MAGA MEMES Breaking 911 Not Tired of Winning Drain the Swamp
Just another writer who plays D&D, struggles against the tepid Canadian weather, and writes stuff. Go Bug me on Works In Progress: Horseshoes, Andoletroy, a bitter traveling merchant and centaur is saved from a bad deal by a young woman. Now he must put up with her, and get his money back. Every damn penny. Part 1 Human Reclamation, Mankind became monsters, and now their imitators are trying to save humanity. With the help of bio-engineered armor, they just might succeed. Part 1 Scales, Fire, and Pointy Sticks, In a world without people, a small tribe of intelligent reptiles will take their first tiny steps towards civilization. Will they survive the stone age, when they are the smallest and weakest in the whole forest? Part 1 Blatant Self Shill below. Like my work? Then please consider tossing a dollar my way either here or on my MakerSupport or Patreon.
A free thinker with an attitude!
Defending the culture and traditions of the west with equal parts righteous indignation and love in my heart, trying to remain focused on the latter. Attempting to find and speak truth and clarity in a degenerate world. A poor conduit for a message greater than myself, doing my level best to do it justice. I'd love nothing more than to devote myself to thinking and creating full-time, and eventually creating platforms to highlight other creators/thinkers. Any help towards that end is genuinely appreciated. Bitcoin - 33g89gnpwUqDCRGWjZ5NRYtPsN SHZ9SkDM ETH - 0x95123555F696c6ad49ba7c9147c5707abaaC22Bb
Foul-mouthed defender of every day logic. Says "fuck" a lot.
Sep 2017
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