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If you are an electronic music lover who is a fan of Electronica with subgenres such as Trance, ProgressiveHouse and Ethnic Fusion with #European style instruments, music & culture! My name is Sonya Marlene, and I am a GenX/Millennial who loves #EDM. It has been my lifelong dream to create my own songs and music since youth. I have been singing since childhood and started writing my own songs since early teen years. Today, I plan to publish my first 10 songs I have written for my first music album "God's Hands". I have written my own lyrics and composed the music as well. Check them all out at If you love the style of #VictorianElectronica, subscribe to this channel to get continuous updates on the latest electronic music releases including my upcoming albums!
Weekend musician.. I make melodic electronic stuff. currently on hiatus
Hello and welcome! This channel is your source for Electronic Opera, Cigar Box Guitars, Music Technology & More! [ ] . . -Dr. Liza Seigido: composer, multimedia artists, music technologist, maker
Husband, father, son, uncle, vet carpenter, roofer, welder, mason aspiring-writer, novice-coder, indie-game-dev jack-of-all-trades/master-of-[few] co-founder of Rolly Dino Studios, LLC
Patriotic gear made by an artist sister team! Proudly redpilled and conservative. #stopthesteal WWW.REDPILL45.COM
Just here to say stupid crap. I've lived all over the West, now in the mid-west. I'm kinda a geek, work in IT and play with radio comms. I follow Yeshua the way taught by Paul. If it's mainstream, I'm not involved. I tend to take a metered approach to most things. I certainly don't like the way things are headed, but when you filter the world through the biblical text you see how things are simply unfolding as prophesized.
Ancora Imparo Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered. Proverbs 28:26
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"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.”
"Half as long. Twice as bright." (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ ~ • 23-year-old concept artist • 3D animator & modeler • Coder in JavaScript & C++ • Writer of mostly fantasy & adventure • Retro gaming enthusiast • Nintendo Nerd (Zelda & Fire Emblem) ~ I stream retro games in my free time on the weekends! Now playing: Octopath Traveler
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