Parimine Denizen/Ziiiiimm
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Husband, father, son, uncle, vet carpenter, roofer, welder, mason aspiring-writer, novice-coder, indie-game-dev jack-of-all-trades/master-of-[few] co-founder of Rolly Dino Studios, LLC
Arthadian Anthologies
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Arthadian Anthologies is a Creative Venture established to immerse YOU into a New Expanding Universe! ... #Season3 of Arthadian Anthologies has Entries released every Thursday at 10 PM PST! You also will get bonus episodes releasing on Tuesday's! Join me as we explore the CORE Realms, expanding this universe further each day! With #ReborninPowerRPG story arcs featured and #PodcastGuests from our very own #MindsCommunity, you can immerse yourself into the CORE Realms! And finally, if you wish to unlock access to more content, you can join as a member and check out the #exclusive #TabletopRPG series, Charactermancy! The more time passes, the more this universe will expand. And soon, you can expand it as well... ⬇️Links found down below⬇️ ... ARTHADIAN ANTHOLOGIES PODCAST: PODCAST LISTENERS GROUP (PLG): Vote on new Podcast episodes, listen to a new series called Charactermancy, and join in the community to expand this Universe even further! Realm of ART: Check out all the #artists that have been expanded the CORE Realms with their skills over the years! CARGO BAY: Support the Anthology and share your enthusiasm about this New Expanding Universe! Check out the wears and supplies today!

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Friendly neighborhood unspeakable terror from space. Random SciFi text generator. Artist, illustrator, designer. @spacekraken Parler | Gab | Minds

Matt Dawson
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Author and Game Dev of Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi/Fantasy series Machined Hearts. Truth-seeker.

Cryptocurrencies Agency ✅
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Latest News and Updates about the most important Cryptocurrencies

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Law of One☯️ Follow 4 Follow☝️ Follow My Other Account 👉@MemeIt👈 🥇All Token Wires/Tips Get a Shoutout🗣🎙 Master of All 5 Elements 🌊🪨🔥💨🌀

Blanca Art
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Artist from Spain, mom and wife, I do watercolor and cute stuff that makes me happy ❤️ You can support me/buy my art here:

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Like to read, like to write, like to aquascape. Also into weird 80's music (DEVO and Oingo Boingo especially). Currently querying agents for a 78k word sci-fi novel. You can find me on Parler and Sharfly, and my website is

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Jan 2021
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