Discount Tactical Supply is a Veteran owned and operated pro Second Amendment business dedicated to offering our clients outstanding values on the products we carry. We specialize in personal service, fast shipping and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are a Texas based FFL and NFA/Class 3 Dealer.

New high energy video channel focusing on firearms and preparedness lifestyle. Our crew are professional firearms instructors, who also work in the film industry. I reside in Canada, Central America and Southern Africa depending on the time of year. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE #guns #pewpew #2a #libertarian #rifles #handguns #shotguns #training #canada #nicaragua #namibia #ipsc #3gun #arms #idpa #maga #weapons #pistols #war

Linux enthusiast with a insane love for guns, Japanese art and Vocaloids

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I'm just an old country boy. I try to avoid town as much as possible. Directions to my house include "turn off the dirt road, and it's another half mile up the driveway". 

"The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds. the highest morale, and the lowest morales of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!" -Eleanor Roosevelt I am a Marine Corps Veteran,Constitutionalist, Nationalist, Proud Lover of all things American

For right now, this profile will feature random shit I thought cool enough to make the effort share. And, just for shits and giggles, you get, for the low, low price of fucking free, my Metal Video of the Day pick. Basically whatever the fuck I feel like posting that day. Hell, it doesn't even have to be "metal", per se. Use #MVotD to find them.

US Air Force News dot com ( - coming soon ) For Amn, by a veteran Amn. Definitely not a U.S. government publication.

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American Kulak. Not gonna go gently into that good night. Retired commercial fisherman, USN Sailor, proofreader/editor, subterranean bivalve mollusk excavator, and custom gunsmith. I can cook, build a timber framed structure by hand from standing trees without power, catch or kill most anything we need for protein, grow my own vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. I've fought, fucked, surfed, sailed and drank my way around the world. A couple of times. Been on nearly every continent, many countries, most oceans, seas and gulfs. Now I take care of the farm. I am a peaceful man and do not believe that we should trespass on each other's rights. If someone does then they need to be punished for their trespass, legally, financially or militarily. ATTENTION Flat Earthers: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The spheroid shape of the earth has been proven by science and mathematics. Before you continue to subscribe and get blocked, please acquaint yourself and then disprove the mathematical formulas at the following link that are used to navigate the GLOBE every day: If you can disprove that (and you cannot) then send me a sub. Until then just leave me alone. My back hurts, and I don't have patience for trifling motherfuckers.

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Here to make gun owners fun again. Will be posting my work as a gunsmith. Feel free to ask questions    

I love playing and making music and riding my bike! I love old cars, trucks, bikes and good art! I'm for Values the Constitution the 2nd amendment and Freedom for all! I'm not here for points or money! Just here to post and have good conversation with good people! Also have the Going Mobile Group in case you want to relax and get away from the worlds BS for a bit!

I love ghosts UFOS the strange and the Paranormal (including politics) If you sub to me?. I will sub to you. Up vote my post? I will Up vote one of yours! Remind my post? I will remind one of yours! Like for like my friends. Xin chào! Tên tôi là Bram Michaelson. Tôi là một kỹ sư. Tôi sống ở Việt Nam ở Hà Nội khoảng 1,5 năm. Tôi yêu Việt Nam! Welcome!

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